The iPad: A Look at Apple's Newest Product

Apple iPad Overview

With so many portable computers currently available, it seems a little harder every year to choose the right one. Last Christmas, we saw a big jump in sales on netbooks, which led to a tough decision between normal, full-sized laptops and their lightweight, lower-cost cousins.

This year, Apple new contender into the mix: the iPad, a touch screen device roughly the size of a standard piece of paper.

Specifications and Features
The iPad is essentially a big iPhone with extra features whose physical dimensions are about the same as an Amazon Kindle DX: roughly 10 x 8 inches, half an inch thick with a vivid 9.7-inch color display, like a small netbook. It runs on the same software, accesses the same App Store, and operate very similarly to the iPhone. If you own an iPhone or other touchscreen device, you'll feel right at home.

Applications and Features:
Because the iPhone and iPad share most of the same applications and functions, the iPad's best feature is its larger screen size, which makes watching videos, playing games, browsing websites, and (in general) running applications a better experience than one gets from the iPhone's smaller screen. To appeal those considering a Kindle or similar e-reader, the iPad also boasts apps that allow you to download and read ebooks.

Battery Life:
Much like the Kindle, the iPad claims to have an exceptionally long battery life -- Apple's assertion is that it has a life of 10 hours when used to browse the Internet, listen to music, or watch a movie. While a few test have reported as few as six hours of battery life, several others actually report a battery life that exceeds Apple's estimates. Once again, it seems that one of Apple's main concerns was considerable battery life.


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November 8, 2010
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