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Re: Walmart

Postby Kaelha » Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:02 pm

Second year in a row I missed out on the Sharpie Marker set.

In better news, my foster kitten was adopted at a Black Cat Friday event!

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Re: Walmart

Postby cinemike16 » Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:07 pm

teknoge3k wrote:
cinemike16 wrote:Ended up not getting to Walmart until after noon today, and unlike last year they were packed and nearly out of everything. I figured I'd call it a success if I could at least score Season 5 of TWD, season 8 of BBT, and The Heat on Blu-ray but unfortunately I couldn't find any of them. Still walked out with about $200 worth of DVDs, Blu-rays, and PS4 games however. Also picked up a couple pair of flannel pajama bottoms (TMNT for me, Frozen for the kiddo). Didn't get a blu-ray player, despite them having plenty of Sony S2500 units on the shelf, they were ringing up at $100 for some reason. A manager admitted that they were the same ones on sale for $45 and should have still rung up at that price, but didn't know why they weren't - he also refused to do an override (as soon as he confirmed the price, he had another associate pull every single one of them off the shelf). Not sure what that was about, but I guess with a PS3 I guess I don't really need a new, dedicated BD player.

Amazon had TWD5 earlier, I snagged it for my son. They'll likely have it again!

I ended up going to Walmart today for some groceries and on a whim I checked out the electronics dept to see what movies were left and whether they're still ringing up at sale prices, and snagged the very last copy of TWD season 5 for $9.96 (reg price was $40!) Same goes for The Big Bang Theory Season 8, regular price $35 paid $9.96. The $45 Sony S2500 players were sold out there as well, but I guess I don't really need a new player since I have a PS3.

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