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Shopko Toy Book

Postby teknoge3k » Thu Nov 05, 2015 3:48 pm

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The prices in this sale are live now, and you can shop in-store or online. Just like with all of our other Toy Books, these prices are not quite Black Friday doorbuster deals, but if you spot a must-buy, you can get a slight discount now instead of worrying about it later.

Right off the bat we noticed $8.99 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pop Figures and $3.99 Frozen Funko Pops, which are likely to be very popular this year. We also spotted $14.99 Dress-Up Outfits for a variety of different characters. There are a few notable offers peppered throughout this toy book for gifts with purchase, like a 12-pack of Nerf Darts with the purchase of select Nerf guns, or a free Holiday Sparkle! Barbie with a $50 Barbie purchase. Finally the $0.89 cans of Play-Doh will make for great stocking stuffers!
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