*2014 Black Friday from the Black Friday Tailgaters

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*2014 Black Friday from the Black Friday Tailgaters

Postby cmac1337 » Sat Nov 29, 2014 2:09 am

Another great year in the books. The ads were weak, but the experience was incredible. I hope some of you followed us on the social media sites and kept up. I know a few of you did.

*Side note: whoever runs the BFAds Twitter had to get a laugh out of our reply to them about the shirts*

Aight, so here's the media coverage that we were able to get BFAds.net!


ABC 33/40 in Birmingham

Fox 6 in Birmingham

Alabama's 13 (NBC Affiliate)

WIAT Web Blog (CBS Affiliate)

AL.com (Birmingham News. Primary Newspaper in the city)

Fox 8 in New Orleans

North Jefferson County News

Finally, one we're kinda proud of...nationally known website "MSN.com" ::


We were also Live with Alabama's 13, CBS/WIAT, and Fox 6 throughout the week. It was a great week for just putting BFAds all over the media.

Think I found it all. Gonna post a few pictures now to kind of get an idea of our general setup and just odds and ends.

Sleeping Arrangements, nice an cozy:

Thanksgiving Meal, the highlight of the week:

Giveaway Time for those in line!:

The media sort of invaded us a bit:

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!
We'll be back next year (though I'm always here...lol...just not the rest of the group)!

Special thanks to Michael for helping us make this year amazing once again!
We Call Ourselves the "Black Friday Tailgaters (BF Tailgaters)"

1st in Line at Best Buy Store #1446 in Fultondale, AL for 7 straight years.

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Re: *2014 Black Friday from the Black Friday Tailgaters

Postby lovebf » Tue Dec 02, 2014 4:32 am

Ahhhhh...so loved all the pics and update. Saw you on FB and watched your updates. Way to go!!! Nice jackets

Glad you all had a great time. Keep it up. See you next year :D
It just isn't Black Friday when it is Thursday.......

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Re: *2014 Black Friday from the Black Friday Tailgaters

Postby techgirlable » Tue Dec 02, 2014 7:07 pm

That tent looks like a pretty sweet setup. Looks like lots of fun!

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