Praise or Complain about your prior Black Friday Experiences

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby sajero2 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:55 pm

Didn't do a ton this year, but was most successful online and no place was packed.

Placed a large order online at Kohls on Weds. morning. Went to Kmart on Thursday around noon for one specific toy for my nephew but they didn't have it and I was reminded of why I hadn't been in a Kmart in a decade. As trashy as Walmart! Yuck.

Ordered something online from Overstock.com on Thursday as well.

Today I went out around 8:30 a.m. to Best Buy first where my mom and I were able to get the printer she wanted. Busy but not packed at all. Waited a minute or two to check out.

Following that went to Toys R Us and it was the least crowded TRU I've seen on a BF! Really easy to walk around and look at things, and they still had the doorbuster I wanted for my nephew at 10:00 a.m.-ish. I was asked probably 5 times by employees if they could help me find something. Checked out immediately.

Went to Target after that and was greeted with a couple bags of free samples, which was great (I looove samples). Go a couple toys and other small things and waited in no line to check out. At this point in the late morning they were refilling the emptier shelves of cheap movies and games.

My last store was Petco for a couple things for my dog and that was it for the stores! I did place an order from Express online this afternoon.

Easy in, easy out everywhere. I avoided malls this year and that helped a lot. But there were no crowds anywhere I went so it was great. Bought the bulk of things online but it is always fun to at least get a couple things on BF.

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby packers » Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:24 pm

Mine started earlier this week with the Best Buy Premier Silver sale. Ordered the $400 50" tv and Playstation 3 bundle for my daughter (with her money of course!). PS3 was delivered today and tv will be delivered next week. Also picked up a few games for $25.

Today I hit Sears for $20 boots. Picked up 3 pair. Then ran to Kohls for socks, clothes, and the LED candles. Most are gifts. I had the coupon for $10 off and 15% off. Then got $30 in Kohls cash to spend next week. I also went to Lowes for the $50 blender.

I started out not planning on shopping but was awake so ran up to the stores just to see what was going on. Ended up getting a few things for me and a few gifts. Very disappointed to see the stores empty.

I did have to go to Menards for something for our remodel and that place was a zoo. Glad I didn't see anything there I wanted. I can't imagine what that place was like earlier. :shock:

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby sportymonkey » Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:05 am

I think the best thing about this year was the things that I didn't expect. I didn't expect a gift bag full of goodies handed out at the door from TRU. My kids loved all the little things in the bag. Ironically, my 5yo had asked for a toy before I had went out. ( I fibbed and told them I was going grocery shopping). Funny how that worked out in her favor; little stinker. LOL

I didn't expect to get an awesome deal for work clothes either. I thought I was going to have to suffice with fleece pull overs and hope that I would stay warm ( work outdoors at night at fed ex). I couldn't believe I got to choose what color leapster or video games that I wanted without someone yanking them out of my friends hand.

And lastly; I can't believe that I still saved alot of money ($200) but haven't heard a groan or grumble about how much I spent from my grinchy husband. :lol:

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby SmashANDGrab » Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:01 am


We did Staples. Worst Black Friday experience ever. I can't believe this kind of savagery goes on in the name of commercialism.

We camped out starting Monday afternoon for the Omnitech shredder and the BOGO copy paper. We started out at fifth in line, and by yesterday afternoon the line was about 60 people. Everything seemed to be going fine all week, and folks were real kind and considerate to each other. We sang songs, did chants, and even had a few waves throughout the 3+ days in line. The whole group was a real pleasure and very considerate of each other.

Fast forward to this morning. Sometime around 4:30, a group of middle-aged men showed up and walked straight to the front door. They were all wearing black t-shirts with bright green letters reading "It's Black Friday...GO F*CK YOURSELF" on the back. The whole line began yelling "to the back!" and "there's a line!" The guys claimed to be checking the store hours, but they then conveniently "struck up a conversation" with the people in the front of the line. This "conversation" lasted long enough that when the store personnel came out at 4:50 to rope us all off, they assumed these idiots were first in line and left them there. Several of us in the next 10-20 people protested, but we were advised we could either "pipe down" or be removed by the hired security.

So now it's 4:58, and the crowd is getting very anxious. The guys in the front of the line, the jerkoff line jumpers, are looking in through the sliding glass door and doing a bit of pounding/knocking on the glass. Several of us were discussing the irony of the fact that the latest arrivals jumped the line and were now impatiently banging on the door. Further the irony with the fact that the employees and security were doing NOTHING about it.

As 4:59 hit, the jerks crossed the line and cost us all. Three of them apparently believed 5 a.m. had already come and gone, and were screaming through the glass for the personnel to "open this f*cking door!" Suddenly, they all seemed to act in concert, and they began slamming their full weight against the sliding glass doors with their shoulders.


The glass doors suddenly gave way and 2 of the guys went sprawling in through the doorway onto the floor. From my vantage point, I could see stunned employees trying to figure out how/if to react. Before they could, one of these guys suddenly hopped up off the glass shards all over the floor, ran toward a random employee and threw a haymaker, blasting this guy right in the beak. The Staples employee never knew what hit him, and crumpled to the ground immediately. The elated customer sprinted away back toward the area where one might find computers, printers, etc. Extremely bizarre.

We don't really know what happened next. The second of the two guys who went through the door was rounded up by security, and all the rest of us were forced to wait outside while the first guy was apparently apprehended and arrested. When they led him out, he was shirtless. He was snapping his teeth at his shoulders like some sort of a rabid animal. The rest of that group was finally escorted away and the rest of us, many of whom had literally waited in soiled Depends since Monday, were allowed to enter the store. We were disappointed to find the shredder required a MIR, and the paper was only 80 brightness copy paper and the BOGO deal was limited to 6 per customer. My friend and I were deemed "1 customer" by a smartass little college kid, who gave us a coy smirk and said we were welcome to wait in line again if we wanted more.

We left and got breakfast, and on our way back out of the area we saw workers replacing the front door. The word is the guy was actually there to get shredders to resell. Disgusting behavior, and he and his friends ruined it for all of us.

Never again at Staples on Black Friday.
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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby rogue » Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:31 am

Well have to amend my last post as I got 2 360 games form newegg that where cheaper then everybopdy else, Guitar Hero van halen for 7.99 (amazo) wanted 10.29 for it and kinect rise of nightmares for 14.99, amazon wanted 17.99 for it, and got the gunstringer for 9.99 from microsoftstore. Missed the kinect star wars for 9.99 they had at microsoftstore though as I was working. And got red dead redemption goty edition for 15 bucks and batman arkham asylum goty edition for 10 bucks form amazon for my 360. WOW this has been a great year for video games on sale.

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby Baker » Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:31 am

When I left for work today at 12:00 pm I thought it was a bad BF, having missed 2 lightning deals on Amazon and one good deal at Best Buy. But it turned out good.

I didn't get much but I wasn't planning on getting much either, here's what I got:

1 pair of Levis jeans @ 40% off + free shipping
1 Cannon all-in-one printer/copier/scanner for $19.99
1 Red Dead Redemption game of the year edition for PS3 for $15.00

Very good deals, in my opinion.

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby caroleena » Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:47 am

glad i didn't need a shredder from staples- that did NOT sound easy.....
i got to Target which was busy but not crowded. this woman snatched 2 christmas trees out from under my nose while i was checking to make sure they were the 30.00 ones. they were clear lights and i wanted multi. lo & behold! i walked futher down and there was a multi light one! the clouds parted and the angels sang!! got a couple baby shirts and socks for friend's baby and hit the checkout- no line. went to michaels, then hobby lobby, big lots, publix and dollar tree. a lady in line at BL said she had been to walmart first thing and got all the electronics she had on her list and that all the checkouts were open and she had no waiting. ironically, had to wait in line at BL where i stopped for dishwasher tabs. surprising amount of people in publix looking for toys and such. well stocked and, as always, the publix employees were gracious and pleasant. i think they all have a stash of cannabis brownies in the back. those are some mellow :wink: people. stopped at sonic for ice cream & they were PACKED! got home around 5 pm, ate Thanksgiving leftovers and was asleep by 8. i live in southeast alabama and i have to say that the shoppers on black friday are mostly happy and polite!

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby BF364 » Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:02 am

So I posted about being dragged out later on BF by my father elsewhere here (he is in the early stages of Alzheimers and BF is really no place for someone who is cognitively impaired, especially not the early birding and camping out on lines for days on end), but I agree with BFVet that I didn't see a lot of buying gifts going on in the big chain stores we went to (Costco & Lowes) with deals and doorbusters still available in the afternoon. Costco shoppers seemed to have more groceries in carts than cheap TVs, electronics, and warm stuff (PJs socks blankets...the stuff Costco has for BF weekend every year) and Lowes shoppers didn't seem to be buying cartloads of stuff either. Lowes had all their deals in the main aisles easy to get to so shoppers could get their shopping done fast and yes Dad even got his usual 10% off military discount at Lowes (even on the BF doorbuster priced items). But where I was and the time I was out was surprisingly low key & pleasant.

I am so glad I didn't see something like what SMASHAndGRAB saw at Staples...with Dad along that could have proven catastrophic...being ex-military and an officer he might have tried to intervene with the Staples hoodlums who broke the store window...definitely something best left to law enforcement officers. Still every one of these stories I hear drives me to shop more online and skip as much of BF as I can.

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby dkst0426 » Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:16 pm

SmashANDGrab wrote:Wow.

We did Staples. Worst Black Friday experience ever. I can't believe this kind of savagery goes on in the name of commercialism.

It's not savagery in the name of commercialism. What you saw was savagery in the name of greed, plain and simple.

Does your state have CCW laws? If it had happened with that one guy in San Antonio who pulled a gun on a line-jumper, that could've been ugly.

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby CrazyTrain » Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:51 pm

Well, every store was packed around here!
I was able to get 3 lightning deals from Amazon the past few days, easy peasy.

You may recall that I didn't have a plan, due to being out of town and not sure what stores were nearby. Didn't plan until Thanksgiving Day, made me nervous but it worked out fine!

My sister-in-law, my mom and I got to to Target at 7:40, after a quick stop for coffee. My mom stayed in the car and power napped. SIL and I got in a line that was halfway across the front of the building and about 3/4 of the way down the side. But by the time the doors opened, enough people had left the line so we were 1/2way up the side of the building. And the line was back up and then down the parking lot. It wasn't too cold, the people around us were nice, and the Target people gave out energy bars! They even filmed the people in front of us for the news. They let us in in groups - so wonderful. We got all we wanted and were out by 9:40.

Quick trip to the mall - Bath and Body Works had just opened up by the time we found it :lol: Got suckered into buying stuff, and my mom bought us both candles :o HARD SELL of those $20 bags... I usually get one, but the scents this year were not ones I liked. All of the employees were so annoying and in your face every 10 seconds. The place was PACKED.

Then onto Toys R Us - the only "must have" this year was the Little Tikes slide. And I got the last one, so happy!!! The line was crazy long, but it moved really quickly. And as it went through the aisles, there was something to look at. My SIL joined me eventually to keep me company (they were out of what she wanted to get) which helped. The employees were the best of the night, hands down.

Kohl's... what a nightmare!!! At home it it is usually crowded but not insane. And the lines are long but move quickly. We got there at 12:30. PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. Crazy crazy crowded. Half of the stuff I wanted was gone already, but i did get the Rachel Ray bubble and brown set for my Bro to give my SiL, and I got the night before Christmas book.plush, a where's my water plush and some dish towels... not even $50 worth, so sad. So by that time, I was with my mom and my SIL was somewhere in the store, her cell had died. My mom and i were standing chatting when suddenly the line started forming in front and behind us so we just got in line... Turns out some people created their OWN line and were being forced to join one of the two real lines. As we were in line, we passed SIL in the other line, so she joined us. We were in line from 1 until 2:30!!!

SIL and I wanted to go to Old Navy and CVS but my mom was wiped so we went home.

Went back out on Friday to the amazing mall... she checked TRU Express for the toys but they were out. Old Navy... I tried to shop online but the prices were more expensive on the web site. The place was a mess (I did see any employee trying to organize the chaos, poor girl), but the had everything i wanted (except toddler sweaters... none at all) AND the Pixar shirt/CD bundle was still on sale ($18 instead of $15), Checkout went quickly - they even had a little credit only checkstand set up.

CVS was last, and with the ECB I used and got back, I made $2.50 ... not bad!!!

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby debcom » Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:55 pm

Have you all seen this? It's a parody called "Sale Nights" set to the song "Some Nights" by the group Fun. There's an irritating commercial at the front and then it's totally worth it:

http://screen.yahoo.com/sketchy-sale-ni ... 00511.html

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby mckeymse » Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:12 pm

Best BF ever for me!!!!!

I totally scored big time and did all my shopping in person, except for Target.
Target W/red card got the lego black pearl weds @ $74.96 -5% free shipping came to $77.00
Walmart = got there @ 3pm for the 8pm sale, had to, our walmarts are just crazy. Anyway, was in the back w/electronics for the skylanders and epic micky2, store manager got me a compfy chair and table, had my lunch pail and ate, talked with employees, walked around. Things got major crazy at around 6. they had 2 lines going. 1 for skylanders and 1 for epic mickey2 that was in the case, while the other "HOT" video games were way on other side in food, 2 fights broke out over there. we had cops in and outside the store. Since I couldnt be in both lines, the kid(employee) that was opening the case, grabbed my epic mickey 2 for me @$25.00, I was 1st for skylanders @$38.96, plus we got them to price match BB skylanders figures @$2.99, yep got the giants figures/charactes at that price. Brave 5 pack collectors edition,blue ray/3d/dvd... manager gave me for the $8.96 price(they only had 10 of the other braves and someone grabbed them all, Cinderella diamond edition, price matchd TRUS @$11.99 and fleece pants gor GPA @$5.00., 2 pair of jeans @6.00 Did take me an hour to check out. Then down the street to other walmart and picked up more skylanders characters @$2.99 off to
TRUS- were manager was holding video games for me at buy 1 get 1 for $1 got Lord of Rings wii,pokemon black2 ds,pokemon conquest ds and plants vs zombies $80.00 for all 4
went to Denny's to eat and regroup, check my list lol then went to mall, next store was staples not open till 5am.
Staples got 4 32gb flash drives for $6.99 each, and 4 camera cards 8gb @ $4.99 each
Petco - hay for the guine pig, @$2.99 a bag, got 4 regular $7.99
got home stuck everything in hidding spot toook a valium and slept till 6pm
My total savings, besides the fact that I would not have bought the higher priced items for my son at all had I not scored.... total saved is $412.00 .

I am so thrilled you can't imagine, plus I got everything my son wanted and had alot of fun doing it.

Also want to take this chance to thank 2 very special pals who helped me alot:

Steffi, luv ya Hon and thx so much for all the hot tips
Carvagio, thanks again for your computer help and everything else, big hugs...

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby BFVet » Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:11 pm

teknoge3k wrote:Walmart was FANTASTIC!!!!

I got there at 4pm, stopped at Sheetz on my way and grabbed a burger. Got a front parking spot, ate my burger and went in. I scouted the score and found where everything was. At 6:15, I (along with everyone else) started loading our buggies with everything that we wanted. I ran around the store a few times getting everything, but then I went to stand in line for a trampoline ticket. I got my ticket, and ran up front. They let us check out at 7:10. I checked out, went around back and got my trampoline and then came home. I got home, ate a bowl of macaroni and cheese and was finished eating by 8:06. It was GREAT!!!

As I was leaving, there were a ton of people walking in, driving in. I heard them complaining as usual. I've learned you have to be there early if you want to get things. I got everything that I wanted except 2 video games which they just didn't have. It was fantabulous. I'll go sleep now for 3 hours then get up and head to Roanoke and hit Toys-R-Us and a few other places that are non-essential. Walmart gets 10 out of 5 stars from me this year!

Sounds like a good trip!

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby Rendi2 » Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:47 pm

Ok, ok....where to start?

Like 2 weeks ago I ordered those headphones from Kmart for my son. They were $18 and I had $13 or something on my rewards card lol.

Wednesday night I was able to help my mother in law order the $50 sears miter saw she wanted to get my husband.

Thursday morning before cooking, I ordered a bunch of clothes from jcp. Couldn't get the exact boots my daughter wanted but got choice 2. Also couldn't find that $40 luggage set online.

Thursday night I dropped my boys (20 and 15) off at Walmart and daughter (17) and I went to get in line at target. We really didn't want any big stuff just movies video games and some toys for the younger ones. Boys didn't get madden 13 or the cabelas game but did get some other good Xbox n wii games. Got a picture frame daughter wanted. Didn't get fact or crap board game, lol, couldn't find it.

Boys called at 840, they were done, so I zipped over and picked them up. Place was crazy! Anyway, we got back to target just before 9, got back in line with daughter and I already put in target thread how I screwed up and picked up the 3ds wreck it Ralph instead of regular one. So I didn't get that. But got the sheets, twistable crayon can, some board game, and other movies/video games.

Left there by 935 and went to bath and body works. Got the bag, buy three get three, and 6 soaps for $20. Was so happy they had twisted peppermint. Also had a coupon for a free item.

Got to inlaws house at 1045, napped until 230. Then we went to Walmart to look for leftovers. Didn't find any and the place was dead. Went to McDonald's for breakfast and over to menards. Waited in the car until they opened the doors because I didn't want anything huge. Waited 10 minutes for the line to get in, and then was able to get everything I wanted. Left there around 6. Went to target and looked around again. Also dead. But did find a cuter sheet set so exchanged the one I bought before, lol.

From there we went to Walgreens. Got my 2 sets of iTunes cards and my 2 $10 gift cards. With those, I got 9 rolls of wrapping paper, some chap stick (buy 1 get 2 free lol), 2 littlest pet shop sets, a spy gear set, and a tech deck set (mini skateboards with ramp).

Nothing too exciting, but I'm happy with it. (Except for that stupid DS game).

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby teknoge3k » Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:23 pm

Since I finally got some sleep and finished the Black Friday weekend, here goes my shopping..

I got up Thursday morning and went to Walgreens. Ours isn't 24x7 so I was there when they opened. I got a paper, some AAA batteries (we still have AA batteries from Home Depot from 3 years ago), and 12 bottles of detergent. I would have gotten more but that's all they had. As the guy was ringing me up, his colleague was whining that I could only get 6 (I think it was?) or maybe even 3. He just kept ringing me up and I paid, and left. Round one, bingo!

I then came home and ordered a paper shredder from Office Max, as well as the 64GB flash drive. That kept me from having to go there.

I laid on the couch and relaxed the rest of the day until around 3:30. I left then and went to Walmart to map everything out. It was still dead then, but everything was out. I scoped the store, then went to Sheetz to get a burger since I hadn't had lunch. I came back to Walmart and just walked around looking at stuff.

Then around 6:15, people had gotten there and things started to be taken off BF pallets. Primarily DVDs/ Xbox games. I went through all of the games and grabbed the ones that I wanted (got them all). Then I went and grabbed the recipe things they had for $3 for my wife. They had 4 different kind and I didn't know what she wanted so I just bought them all. Then I ran up to the Legos and grabbed the $10/$15 (whatever they were) Lego kits they had. I looked for the Duplo kits too but they didn't have them. I was disappointed. I then ran to the back isle and grabbed a craft lamp for my mother in-law, then went and grabbed 1 (of the SIX they had) of the Huffy bikes for $39. After that, I went and stood in line for the trampoline since it was a ticket item. I was second in line, and once I got my ticket I went and got an ant farm, and one of the coin banks for my son. I checked my list and once I was sure I had everything I went up to checkout. I planned on waiting until 8 until we could check out. Then a manager said everything was in the system, to go ahead and check out. I was second in line behind another couple who only had a few things. I paid for my things (receipt shows 7:15) and went around to the back of the store to get my trampoline. After I was loaded up, I went back in to see if I could find the Duplo blocks, which I couldn't. I then left and came home and ate some mac & chz and got my wife from her parents house which was 8:06. We came home for a little bit so I could sit down.

At midnight, we went to Roanoke to Toys-R-Us. I dreaded this I knew it would be hell. It was nice though, we parked up front since the initial surge was over. We went in and got 3 boxes of diapers, one of the couches, 4 of the Animal Planet playsets, and was ready to leave there. The only thing we didn't get that we wanted, was one of the Power Wheels. After we left TRU we went across the street to the mall. We didn't need anything, just went to watch. We walked around once and left.

After we left the mall, we went across the street to Walmart to kill time. At that Walmart, we found the Duplo blocks that our Walmart didn't have! We got those and a few other non-BF items my wife wanted, and left.

Then we went to another mall across town, and went in Belk so my wife could get a pair of shoes she wanted. We got her shoes, then went to Bath & Body Works where we needed some hand soap. We got a little over $80 in hand soap (we're going to have clean hands!!) and then she went into AC Moore and I ran into Staples. I was at the end of the line for Staples and I really didn't need anything there, I just didn't want to go to AC Moore. I went in and grabbed one of the microSD memory cards for our tablets. I was the first to check out, and then I went to the car and we left.

We then went to ANOTHER Walmart (The one that SoDangPretty went to) to meet a friend who got a DVD for me at Target) so I could get it, and give her some games I got for her at Walmart. There was a wreck so we sat in traffic a bit there.

After that, we went to Tractor Supply which was across town to get my father in-law a Carhardt jacket for Christmas. After that, we hit Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Once we left there, insomnia finally hit and we drove the hour and 20 minutes back home. I came inside, ordered some flood lights from Target online, then went to sleep until 1. Then I woke up, went and got my boys and went back to Walmart (LOL!). At Walmart I got one pair of the cheap jammies, and 2 pair of boxers for myself, along with a CD.

That was my extent of BF shopping, not including the tons of Lightning Deals I've gotten off of Amazon over the past few days. I think that's all I am going to buy this year. We were going to get 3 of the Samsung Galaxy 10" tablets from Sams, but ended up getting them from Amazon last week for the same price. cha-ching!!

This was a very successful Black Friday, I got everything on my list, and had no issues. I am looking forward to BF '13!
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