2018 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

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2018 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Postby teknoge3k » Fri Oct 19, 2018 10:03 am

276 page book scan: https://www.bfads.net/stores/neiman-mar ... -book/2018

Like a luxury gift delivered on a red velvet pillow by the butler every year at this time, Neiman Marcus has once again served up a big glossy Christmas Book full of all things we could never-ever afford...or possibly need!

We've already picked out the items we want from their "Fantasy Gifts" line; that is, if money were no object and Rockefeller or Buffett was our last name. Neiman Marcus calls these "the world's most extraordinary and exclusive gifts." We're pretty sure they're right!

A few of our favorites (just in case you need to quickly add them to your shopping cart) are the Italian Riviera Trip w/ Custom Candy Bar + One Million Pieces Of Sugarfina Candy for $325,000 and the $7.1 million 74-ft. Serenity Solar Yacht, because why would your new yacht be anything but solar-powered? And, if you're lounging on your yacht with a sugar high, wouldn't that be the perfect time to have Neiman Marcus swoop in and fulfill your fantasy to become an undercover secret agent? Why not? It will only run you another $315,000!

As we scrape our collective jaws off the floor, we'd like to also point out that they DO carry a few gifts for under $100, like the set of 5 different loose leaf tea blends for $40 that you can serve in your set of 4 porcelain tea mugs with 22K gold detail for $60.
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