Air Purifier- Black Fri Deals

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Air Purifier- Black Fri Deals

Postby No15inLine » Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:30 pm

This is a product i've owned for a bit over a year and have been dragging it back and forth between home and the lake place to filter pollen and musty smells. I love it cause it works and its built like things used to be built- tough and rugged like the Tonka Trucks of the 70's.. I was thinking of buying an extra to save from taking up valuable space in my vehicle when i saw it offered as a BFD, thought i'd pass it on to fellow shoppers who might be interested in an air purifier:

I paid $495 for the Maxum unit last year. The manufacturer's BFD deal is $148.50 less 11/25-11/28 it looks like. Nice to find BFD's on products I've had good luck with : )

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