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Postby bfaddict » Mon Nov 23, 2015 4:44 pm

angelmse wrote:
bfaddict wrote:
angelmse wrote:
Maybe I can help some. My son is 12 his friends are 11 &12.. Soooo the video games for the 12 yr old are: Madden 16 if into football, NBA16 basketball, Call of Duty black ops 3 or any black ops games depending on his video game console. The early versions of Assasains creed are also big hits with the boys, the Lego Jurassic world another big hit. OH and Minecraft huge hit. Mario kart is awesome, I know some adults who like that one. For the 7 yr old, you can never go wrong with any of the skylanders games and I would think the Disney infinity 3.0 star wars would also be awesome. ( I want it, LOL)
You just need to find out which gaming system they have. OH Also for 7 yr old... anything Pokémon, I know there are several Pokémon games for the DS systems.
Hope I was some help to you hon.

I have a feeling he'll get most of those games from his parents or either grandma and grandpa. That's another issue, there are WAY too many family members to go back and forth between to figure out what these kids don't have or they want lol So I leave the video games and that type of stuff to them.

Target has that electronic dinosaur for $50 that I thought would be good for one of them. Just not sure which one.
The 7 year old is SUPER into BayBlades but god knows he has more than enough and I would have no idea which ones of those he already has.

My original plan was to make them a gift card that says it's good for one free shopping trip with their aunt and then I could take them to walmart and they could pick out whatever they wanted (with a $$ limit) but even though we're celebrating xmas the weekend before and we will all be together for 4 days there unfortunately isn't time for that. When I was younger my grandma bought me something and for some reason we went to return it so my grandma let me pick out whatever I wanted and I thought it was the best thing ever! lol so I kinda wanted to give them at that experience.

My Gma would come to visit and do the same thing. She did something really cool, we had a gift under the tree that we could open, inside it said " I love you, this is good for 1 day of shooping and fun with GMA" It was awesome. She would spend 1 day with me, then next day with my brother. Made us feel extra special. When she stopped coming, we got gift cards, went shopping, then had to call her to tell her what we got.
I love the idea of gift cards, maybe you can get them GC's and tell them they HAVE to call you and tell you what they got. Make a game out of it?????? I am sure whatever you do will be awesome. good luck hon.

Yea that's exactly what I wanted to do!! Like a spend a day with your awesome aunt lol Because I really don't get to spend that much time with them. I only see them a couple times a year.
My brother emailed me today and told me the oldest wants xbox madden and hockey which they already got and he wants CLOTHES. I have such a weird nephew lol However I am the only person that can get them their specific team apparel cuz they live out of state so I will do that. The youngest wants beyblades lol
But I am determined to get that darn raptor for one of them! I'll probably buy it and decide who gets it later.

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