Amazon Black Friday deals start tomorrow! (11.21)

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Re: Amazon Black Friday deals start tomorrow! (11.21)

Postby carmenslackey » Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:00 am

inthedark wrote:
carmenslackey wrote:I wasn't impressed overall with Amazon this year either. I thought they'd have a chart as they did in previous years so I could get a general idea of when to get online to get things I wanted, but nope. I can't sit around all day on the internet so I missed some things. I only bought 4 things on their deals this year, and only one of those things was an actual present. I was also disappointed that they never came out with the monthly Prime service like they were supposed to. I refuse to pay $80 for something I only use 2 months out of the entire year. It's cheaper for me to just pay for shipping.

Its now $100 a year

Well, then I know exactly where they can stick their Prime memberships... :mrgreen: :lol:

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Re: Amazon Black Friday deals start tomorrow! (11.21)

Postby jeanerz13 » Sun Nov 30, 2014 7:26 pm

Well, I almost got a lightning deal on amazon... I've never used Amazon I signed up and all that and wanted to use the $50 gift card I won to buy stuff... but it was more than $ I figured I'd split it with my regular card... didn't seem to be an option for that... Maybe if it was an actual amazon gift card instead of a pre-paid amex it would have worked better... They had a separate section for "gift cards and promotions"... *sigh*

I guess I need to use the Amex to buy an Amazon gift card?

Any other suggestions from the Amazon regulars?

Edit: Well, I tried something and I think I made a big mess of things... Talked to customer support and they said I could put another card on file and it would use that as a backup when it sees the prepaid AmEx doesn't have enough...we'll see... gah... maybe I should just cancel the order and give up...

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