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Re: Target

Postby ameize » Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:35 pm

jt4703 wrote:Does anyone know if Targets 'Find in Store' function is kept up to date with current stock on hand? I'd like a Nook but I don't want to drive that far to Target only to find they are sold out and the online thing wasn't updated yet.

I asked my local store about this feature a couple weeks ago (after believing something was in stock) and he said that the online system, as well as their in store systems that tells you if another local store has something, update at 8AM (not sure which time zone - but we are on the east coast) - and it only updates once a day. So the longer in the day you check or go, the less accurate it will be.

I love our Target too. I bought $50 of apparel/home stuff to qualify for the $10 GC. But I did it at the 1AM opening, and the deal started at 4AM. I didn't even realize the time limit on it (not sure how I missed it - I blame sleep deprivation!). On my way home, I realized it I didn't get the GC (still not realizing the time issue), called the store at 1:45AM got transferred a few times and the manager told me to come back and they'd adjust it. I asked if I could come later (during the regular day) and she said yes. So when I went back the CS person point out the time difference but then just told me that they'd honor it anyway b/c someone else told me it was OK. I was shocked that they did that as I was willing to walk away from it, accepting my mistake. Reason #857 that I heart Target.

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