2017 Black Friday- How do you do it?

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2017 Black Friday- How do you do it?

Postby blueredzone » Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:18 am

Recently stores went to Thursday openings. Many seemed to stay open all night. People could pull all nighters and get everything on their list.

Now with openings Thursday then a shutdown until Friday. Also with many doorbusters being online. How do you Black Friday? How has your strategies changed?

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Re: 2017 Black Friday- How do you do it?

Postby teknoge3k » Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:37 am

I always get what I can online on Thursday morning. Typically places like Lowe's, Tractor Supply, etc. Things I don't NEED but are on my list. Then Thursday about 2pm I head to Sheetz and grab me a burger and fries, then go to Walmart. I will set up shop in an isle somewhere then eat my lunch. Then once they start bringing pallets out into the store, I will see where everything is that I may want. (This year I have 3 things on my Walmart list, nothing major, no ticketed items). Then about 2-3 hours before their "start time" people start getting things slowly off of the pallets. I will then go around and get whatever is on my list and put in my buggy. Then I head to the front of the store and set up shop where I will be the first in one of the lines. Once they allow people to start checking out, I check out and head home. (I live 15 minutes from Walmart). I unload what I purchased, grab my wife then head an hour north to the city to go to our next store on the list.

I have a spreadsheet that's organized by store opening times, then item(s) of importance. We hit each store and grab what we want. Once we're done, we head home and sleep for an hour or 3. Then we head back to the city to be at the next store opening time, whatever time that may be. Once we're done hitting the Friday A.M. stores, we come home and sleep for a few hours before waking up and going to pick up our kids from her parents house.

With the way I organize my spreadsheet, we have always gotten every single item we've wanted on Black Friday and not missed on anything. We don't go into stores and browse or shop around. We run in, grab what's on our list and run out. No browsing, no shopping, etc. Once we're done and the list is complete, we may go back to a certain store and just browse around.

Even with the snow globes at JCP, we would pull up in front of the store in the fire lane, put the car in park and run inside, grab the snow globe and come right back out and go to the next store. 100% success rate for many many years in getting everything.
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Re: 2017 Black Friday- How do you do it?

Postby SantaShopper » Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:02 am

Tek, its funny to think of you parked in a Walmart aisle with your cart eating a burger! :lol:

Its a little different for me every year. We have two family Thanksgiving dinners on Thursday, so we almost always miss out on those deals. We stick to the BF is on Friday idea. This year we are starting at about 5-6am, depending on store opening times. We will most likely start at Walmart. Then we will hit Target, Kohls, Petsmart, Petco, and Big Lots. Depending on how much more we have to buy, we will stop at a couple other small places like the dollar store for wrapping supplies. Then we grab some fast food and head home to look online.

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Re: 2017 Black Friday- How do you do it?

Postby barbd00 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:50 pm

I've been BF shopping for years. Many people who don't typically shop on BF, have asked me for advice, including my children who are now grown.

But lately, I have a hard time giving good advice now, because I'm still trying to figure things out myself.

When the stores opened 9 - midnight, I could still go with my plans, they were just moved up several hours. However, now with stores opening at times that I refuse to go out, AND online offerings, I mostly do BF just for thrill of the hunt and deals I did not get online. However, most things I didn't get online, I also miss out on because I am still enjoying family & dinner around 4 - 5, so I don't get out until 7 or later.

Until the last couple of years with the crazy early opening times, I could honestly say I'd always gotten anything major and anything I didn't get was very low priority. Most times, I got everything on my list plus some.

This year, it's me & my daughter going. We'll head out around 7 - 8, maybe 9. I'll have already bought anything major online or made note so I can be on the lookout for it. We'll hit the stores in order of 1) Priority & 2) location. My stores are anywhere from 20 - 45 minutes away from each other - the one downfall to living rural.

One thing has changed - I never go to Walmart early. Once upon a time I hit Walmart first and was in and out within 20 minutes or so. However, with the new hours, there are people with carts, people with strollers, people standing around - and the place is a non-moving fight waiting to happen. Last year I think it was, they had to have police clearing out the Tupperware area - and there was STILL pallets when I went back around midnight! I hit Walmart on my way home, and grab whatever jammies, tupperware, etc. that I want.

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Re: 2017 Black Friday- How do you do it?

Postby Shopper X » Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:50 pm

I've started going to stores late, long after opening time. Specifically, I am trying to avoid lines and crowds. For stores like Target and Walmart, usually there are still plenty of doorbuster items that you can get hours after opening time.

I also find that stores that open Black Friday morning 7 pm or later don't have many crowds even at opening time, so I will visit those stores then.

For stores that open Thanksgiving late afternoon or evening, I assume those stores will be crazy crowded since the general population can easily go shopping then. For those stores that close late Thursday night or early Friday morning I think going late at night, perhaps 1 hour before closing time, might be manageable.

For stores that open Thanksgiving and stay open 24 hours through Friday, going anytime after midnight will be manageable and crowds will be sparse. (But, I don't think that I will do that. Instead, I will just sleep and get up early Friday morning.)

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