Having BFAds.net problems? Delete your cookies & clear cache

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Having BFAds.net problems? Delete your cookies & clear cache

Postby Shopper X » Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:30 am

If anyone is having problems with any part of the BFAds.net web site not working (the search function, etc.), I suggest that you delete your cookies, clear your cache, and then try again. Apparently, the BFAds.net web site got a major overhaul recently, and having stale cookies/cache caused problems for me where the search page and the search forms weren't working. Clearing cookies and cache fixed the problem.

There's still a minor bug, where if you are on the Search page, and you click on the left "Search" navigation link, the page somehow thinks that you want to search for all items in the database and then pulls up 200 or so items from AAFES.

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