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Random BF Questions

Postby Lionsgate » Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:35 am

Alright I have a few questions about black Friday this year. I hope someone reading this can answer one of all of them :)

I want to go to Walmart mainly for the killer deals on DVDs and Video Games. I also might be interested in the GPS. When should I go? Are these items all going on sale at 5am? I don't understand how this works if the store is going to be open all night. Will there be lines for these things too?

Will Old Navy have Lego Rockband for DS too?

How exactly does price matching work? Have to be the same exact item? I cant just go into K- Mart and demand them sell me their cheapest GPS for $60 right lol

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Postby redkel » Thu Nov 26, 2009 10:02 am

It depends on your area...I usually go to Wally World around 3am, get the stuff I am price matching and other items and more than likely -- some of the large quantity door buster deals (small toys, games, dvd's, sheets, pj's, etc.). Most of the items remain shrink wrapped until the dot of 5am, but a LOT of them are regular stock items and you can get them right off the shelf and be ready to check out.

That's just MY STRATEGY when it comes to my particular Wal-Mart, though -- standard disclaimers apply: your mileage may vary, just my 2 cents, batteries not included...

I'm 80% sure that K-Mart will NOT price match on Black Friday. Wal-Mart will price match any day of the year, but it has to be a listed price item (no % off or BOGO deals) and Wal-Mart has to stock the exact same item. They will price match ONLY during the hours the item is on sale at the other store.

Have no clue about ON -- they are an odd bird around here. I only shop their super sale items and clearance because IMO - the prices aren't phenomenal.

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Postby azerigold » Thu Nov 26, 2009 10:46 am

I typically go out around 5am, BUT last year I couldn't find a shopping cart at Walmart, so I am planning to go at 3am. And like the first poster said, I want to look for items I am hoping to price match. If not, then look for the things I am going to get anyway...LOL I believe they start bringing the stuff out onto the sales floor - all sale items WILL be on pallets, and wrapped so no one can get into them until 5am. If you want a popular ticket item get there EARLY.

As said, Walmart WILL price match any store ad as long as it has a price and the item is the exact same thing. No % off, no Buy 1 get 1 free/% off. So if you go in and want a dvd but it has a bonus dvd with it on sale at Target you CAN"T go to Walmart and get the dvd unless it has the same bonus dvd with it. Get what I mean? This is where BF ads can get you!

Kmart does NOT price match on BF
Kmart WILL do a price adjustment on anything you buy within 7 days of BF. So lets say you buy a pair of pants for $20 this past Saturday - you notice it's on sale tomorrow for $10 --- take receipt in and they will give you the $10 back making that item cost you only $10.
I just called and got this confirmed since I wanted to double check myself ;)

I don't know if Target does price matching or not?


Good luck and an important thing is - you may not get very single thing you want, so go in with that frame of mind. Get what you can get, try to have some fun - stay in a positive mood. I try to have fun on BF, and not stress about getting every single little thing I put on my list. I get the most important items and work my way down the list.

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