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Postby barnold441354 » Fri Nov 28, 2008 9:56 am

Went to my local Walmart,arrived at @3:45am not too bad,however by 4:30 the place was packed and people were starting to push and shove and tear open the plastic on the crates,at 4:45 the employees gave up and chaos reigned. I was by the hoodies and within 5 minutes they were all gone. My wife was in the electronic dept. she said even the uniform police officers in the store were shoving their way to the front trying to buy items. I saw one elderly lady in a motorized cart get shoved onto the ground as people were packed shoulder to shoulder unable to move. I eventually made my way to a clear isle in the grocery section where a lady with a cart full of gps's offered to sell one to me for ten bucks, actually scalping inside the store ! After @45 minutes in the checkout lane the girl at the check out counter said that she was 30 minutes late for work because there were no parking spots available and she was even unable to leave the parking lot because of the gridlock, she said she eventually was able to get out of the parking lot and parked at a nearby hotel lot and had to walk about a quarter mile to work. She said she saw numerous arguments among people fighting for parking spots. Based upon this experience I shudder to think how people would act in a real emergency, especially after the behavior of the local police. I've always got a thrill out of the excitement of BF,but after this I think I will buy online.

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My BF Experience!

Postby Justin11 » Fri Nov 28, 2008 10:03 am

We got to Wal-Mart at 12:30am and it took until almost 1 to find out where we were supposed to be. Every employee said something different, but eventually we found our line and waited from 1-3. While standing in line though, we notice that a bunch of people have the doorbusters in their carts! Apparently they were ripping open the pallets and helping themselves. Wal-Mart finally sent out alot of associates to guard the pallets but whoever wasn't caught with what they took got to keep it. :-/ Unfair to us who are waiting in line!

So hours pass and at 3am a guy we are waiting with finds out that the line we are in is for laptops, MP3 players, and GPS's only (previously said to be ALL computers) and tells us knowing my friend wants the desktop. So he went off to stand by the pallet of desktops and my friend went with him, while I stayed in the laptop line until 5. From what my friend told me there were plenty of desktops and everyone had already claimed their own before 5 anyway. Meanwhile I was maybe 20 people back in the laptop line and slowly people kept leaving one by one as they found out they were in the wrong line, so in the end at 4:45am I was only 7 people back!

As the line progressed to the desk after the clock hit 5, people were trying to sneak in from everywhere and they had to call in the managers and other associates to stand and block off the openings and with only a small fight (although in TV's there was a huge fight I was told) I got to the desk and got my laptop! Yay! :-D I was so lucky those people left though, if not I would have missed it. They said when I got to the desk that they only had 2 left after I got mine.

I tried to get the doorbuster camera too ($69 10.3MP Samsung), but the line was seriously out to the door and I knew if I waited a) they would run out of cameras before I got up there and b) I would miss out on other deals in other stores waiting in line. So I decided to forget about the camera. I'll look on Cyber Monday.

So then after Wal-Mart (we survived) we did Office Depot, Best Buy, Circuit City, Staples, & Office Max in that order. We decided to skip Target since there really was nothing of interest but DVD's.

Office Depot was THE MOST unorganized BF store I have ever walked into. And it turns out they did tickets so we left right away anyway. They said come back at 7 because whoever hasn't claimed their ticket loses it and the item goes back on the floor, but what are the chances of those people who waited all night not claiming their ticket? Best Buy was hardly crowded...we walked right in, got what we needed, and right back out. Same with Staples, Circuit City, & Office Max. The best part, almost all of it was still in-stock too...all the important things anyway. I got everything I *really* wanted (except for the camera).

BF started at midnight for us and after waiting in line at WalMart from 12:30/1ish to 5am we hit all the other stores and got home by 9am! Not bad at all, it feels so weird since I am used to the LONG LONG lines and BF taking up a whole day. I hoped to see more deals but can't complain. Looking forward to Black Friday 2009! I can't wait...I love the BF experience...it never gets old.

Edited to add that I was just able to order the doorbuster camera online for some reason! Which means now I really did get everything I really wanted. Now i'm done until Cyber Monday, and if I order anything at all it will be a flat-panel monitor.
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Postby app2shop » Fri Nov 28, 2008 10:14 am

Got to Wal-Mart at 2:30 only ones there so got online and read the forums ( Holiday Inn Next door with WiFi) another couple arrive at 2:50 so we get out to form our line next couple arrived at 3:15 and then the Manager showed up and opened the foyer and we got in out of the wind , next group showed up at about 3:40 then it was a slow build until about 4:15 then the line gets long. manager came out and talked with us for a bit and gave us a heads up about locations of things. Opened the doors at 4:59 and I went to the TV's right in the manin action Alley and told a associate what I wanted and he put it on a cart and wrote my name on it and said it would be at the service desk , they were doing ths for anyone theat asked, wife went after sheets ,towels and jeans I headed for electronics for camera , pic frame and mem cards and flash drives got every thing we wanted and a little more LOL was out of there at 5:35 and would have been sooner but we visited with friends ! I showed off my BFads shirt and promoted the site a bunch but forgot to take pics :( anyhow Thanks for a GREAT forum!

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Postby bertaha » Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:20 am

We went to Wal-Mart. Got there at 4 and there were hardly any cars there. We went inside and were offered ads and maps of where things were located. We started looking for the non door buster items ($10 fleece robe set and $5 Cars oversized vehicles). They didn't bring them out until close to 5 while most of the door buster items were already out. One of my friends happened to be near the robe sets when they were brought out and snagged one for me. I asked probably at least 5 associates about the Cars vehicles. No one could locate them. The last person I asked acutally said for me to stay there and he would go look for me and bring them back to me. Very awesome guy. Unfortulately when he came back they were not what I had expected when I read "oversized" in the ad. They were oversized for Hot Wheels, but not what I was looking for. I ended up not buying them.

In the way of doorbusters I was looking for the $5 barbies and $5 hot wheels. We found those without much problem. The associate working that area said that we were not supposed to take anything and put it in our carts until 5, but that she wasn't going to say anything if we did. OK, fine, I might as well get these and get out of the way. I went to look for the fleece lined clogs. Found those with the regular shoes and didn't have to wait for those either.

By the time 5 came around the only thing that I was left without was movies. I grabbed 3 $2 movies and then we had to wait 30 minutes or more to check out.

We went from Wal-Mart to Target. It was just after 6 when we drove by and the line to get in was still HUGE. I decided to skip that idea and we went to K-Mart instead. I got the outfits that I wanted there. Found a slightly more expensive Cars toy to replace the ones that I had decided against at Wal-Mart and Shrek. Yesterday I got Sherk 2 and PJ's for the kids at K-Mart. I love on the receipt where it shows how much you saved. Yesterday it was $23 at K-Mart and today it was $28.

After a drive thru breakfast at Burger King on the way out of town, I was at work by 8 and will be here all day.

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Postby azerigold » Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:23 am

I didn't plan on leaving until 5-5:30am for Walmart.
Well, my 2yo decided she wanted to wake up at 2:30am! With not going back to sleep any time soon in sight, I decided what the heck, so we got ready and headed out. We arrived at Walmart around 4:50am. We got inside, and the pallets had already been opened up. No biggie. But I couldn't find a shopping cart! I looked everywhere! I even checked cart racks outside, with my daughter in tow! Finally, I waited for the next person to come out and see if I could have their cart when they finished loading their car.
An older woman was next out, and she told me I could. I am glad I did, as she had a large tv, and there was no way she was loading that into her van by herself! In the meantime a man came over to help me with it. I felt bad though, because he thought I was with the woman and wanted my cart! Sorry dude, I needed my cart!
So we got back inside. The $29.99 MP3 players were gone, but no biggie, it wasn't a must have...
I searched for clothing first, knowing if I didn't I wouldn't get the sizes I needed.
It was a MADHOUSE! But, I remained as patient as a person can be :) Even with the store maps....nobody knew where some things were, I was told go here, and there for things that were on the other side of the store! So anyway, I got most all of the clothing deals I was after, EXCEPT the toddler jeans for $4.00 it's not a huge deal, but after 10 different employees it was evident that they didn't have the jeans or they couldn't find them in the back, because I searched every area and nowhere to be found.
I also could NOT find the Transformer dvd either, and I know it wasn't sold out, no way, they just didn't have it...

We spent about an hour and 5 minutes in Walmart total. It took us about 10 maybe 15 minutes to get checked out.

Went to Kmart, and thankfully the way I took traffic was not bad at all.
I arrived at Kmart at 6:30am, and thought oh no...not shopping cart drama again! I tried to seperate some carts outside, no good, they were glued together I am sure! I got inside, and THANKFULLY there was one cart left! WOOHOO!
Got what I needed there. I was going to check out electronics, but the line to even get near there was so ridiculously long that I said nothing in there was worth waiting in that line LOL
It's the only Kmart in Lexington, so that's why it was so bad.
I waited in line to check out for an hour! Thankfully my 2yo had been very good, I think she had a couple of fits up to that point, nothing too bad. She sat in the cart playing most of the time and checking out all the 'crazy' people LOL!

After that, I decided I was about ready to call it a day. I went to a different Walmart near that particular Kmart, to look for a few odds and ends. I got the Transformer dvd I was looking for. They had some toddler jeans but nothing in my daughters size, no biggie, but at least that Walmart had them!
I forgot to get a track suit set for my son, so I dug through the opened packages, and the 2nd time I came back to the cart, I was able to find a set. I got my wrapping paper, etc. for the gifts, a few new bulbs for the tree as well, forgot the candy canes!
On another note, I got my daughter a cd player/radio boombox for $20, instead of the MP3 player. She's young, so I figure if she does well with it, then maybe next year we'll do the MP3 player ;)

We left at nearly 10am, and here I am....while my daughter is napping! I should be sleeping too! before I fall over....!

Anyway, it wasn't so bad, there are always going to be little things that happen on a day like this, but I take the bad with the good :) It could have been worse.

I hope everyone else had a great time! I might go out tomorrow depending on the sales. I want to take my older kids with me. I never let them buy gifts, so this year I am going to give them each a little $$ to spend buying gifts for each other and their little sister :)

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Awesome day, and kudoos to Target

Postby pcgeekess1 » Fri Nov 28, 2008 12:07 pm

Was in line at Target at about 4, the store lost it's main power at 5:15 and it was dark in the lot! Emergancy store lights came on and they still opened on time but very dim lighting, which made it extra fun to find things! I heard they still don't have main power. The employees were Awesome, they came out 4 times between 4 and 6 to make announcements. Pretty much the same thing my preschooler hears in school about not pushing running or crying etc. and lets have a fun day. They handed out maps, stopped people from cutting when the doors opened and there were plenty of employees to point you in the right direction in the store. I got my Dyson no problem, since most of the line went to electronics, Leapster software and Airhogs and was 5 in line out the door. The only problem with power outage was that you couldn't apply for the red card to get the 10% but they told me I could come back for that.
6:45 - Sears 10.00 knives - fast
7:00 - Walmart - Most non electronic things were there, but you could tell it was chaos before, and cashiers were waiting for people to check out.
8:30 - Lowes - Heavy stock no lines
8:45 - Toys r us. Heavy stock of everything, Line long but faster than would have thought
10:00 - Radio shack - still had stock and okay line for the few people in there
10:30 - Walgreens. Still had webkinz
Home by 11:15 (2 hours less than last year)

Had a great time talking to people in line between 4-6 freezing our buns off. Lots of laughing and so different than normal on the east coast as far as friendliness. Local pizza place came with pizza to promote their new family fun center for free.
I LOVE Black Friday and can't wait until next year. And of course my little ones screams of glee at Christmas this year, or mine for that matter (but I get to use my stuff now ha ha)

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Postby stepheng » Fri Nov 28, 2008 12:20 pm

I've never liked Walmart, or Target for that matter so I always end up at Kmart. This year wasn't different. Got there at about 5:30 this morning with about 300 people in front of me in line. What's weird is that they had plenty of carts today and on normal days they seem to run out.. hmm. Ran down to electronics, and grabbed what I needed so that I could get in the electronics check out line. That one was about 25 minutes. After buying some toys and misc. products, I got in the 45 minute check- out line. It was a long visit but I got everything I needed and a few extras (Darn those displays right before the checkouts...).

I went to Dunkin Donuts drive- thru. I went to Circuit City and Best Buy- found nothing at either of them. I figured at Circuit City that Black Friday clearance + store closing clearance would at least get me somewhat of a deal but it didn't. I went to Macy's, Belk and Sears and all I bought was a vacuum from Sears.

Thank God for Kmart or this would have been one depressing black Friday.

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Postby LHaro » Fri Nov 28, 2008 12:28 pm

I arrived at 1:00 am at Walmart - 24 hour store. They let you in but didn't let you put anything in your cart. I walked around found where everything was and lined up for video chairs. About 3:30 am I realized they had changed their minds and allowed everyone electronics to put stuff in their carts... so I missed out on the sheets and comforters -- I was not happy.

I did get two video chairs, a digital photo frame, a stick vacuum, a mixer, lots of pjs for my son and husband, and a wallie bean bag and pillow and comforter set for my other son. I was happy that I got what I did -- but pretty mad about the sheets and comforter since I was one of the first in the store.

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Postby tibarbie » Fri Nov 28, 2008 1:21 pm

my black friday, i woke up at 6:45 am, got my 1 year old ready, we went to walgreens , there were like 5 cars in the parking lot, and it was 7:15.
So i take my baby out we walk in, i thought i would have to rush to the lil kinz that were 6.99 b1g1 free, but there they were in the front of the store, piled high, like no one cared, i guess everyone was after the potted evergreens for 19.99 b1g1 free.
Anyways, i got 7 lil kinz, and the guy said you can get one free, so i said, duh, and got 8 kinz for my daughter.
Then i casually drove to Target, since it was now 7:50 am, i wasn't expecting anything spectacular, well wouldnt you know, i overheard workers talking that they sent 5 cashiers home because it was slow.
So then, i walked around it was nice and quiet, not many people there, everyone polite, and i got the littlest pet shop, and hotwheels 4 race track, everything was in stock,
it was preety awesome. no rush, no fuss, no standing in the cold, got everything i wanted. even had time to go grocery shopping that was also like an desert wasteland.

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Postby zim05 » Fri Nov 28, 2008 1:49 pm

What a hectic day its been!!
At 3:50am dropped sister off at Target (we went to a smaller town this year) she was the first one there. Mom and aunt went to Herbergers.

Walmart :
I got to Walmart around 4am - not a 24hr Walmart like I'm used to so I had to stand outside! There was only one line formed in front of the doors by the garden-store area not by the other door (by the grocery area). I made nice with the lady behind me and she was saying her mom works there and that we should start a line by the grocery area cuz they usually open that first. At this time the one line was about 40-50 people. So basically I was second in the new line, which was let in about a half a minute before the other line! Not really any line cutters that I saw - again this is a smaller town - once the doors opened I would estimate around 150-200 people. All I got from walmart was a whole bunch of DVDs (about 35 some for me and some for gifts).

I got to Target about 5:25am, my sister was the first one and the line was about 30 deep. She made friends with those around who were amazed she was there for so long (even though it was only two hours) they let me cut up by her since they were getting different things and we knew there would be plenty of everything. My mom and aunt finally arrive from Herbergers (which was a bit hectic as well). Not really any line-cutters - they blocked areas off with carts and had a employee keeping guard in the last half hour. They also handed out maps while we were waiting to show exacly where everything was. Doors open and only a couple of us in the front ran everyone else walked in. Very different from the previous years that we've gone to a bigger city where everyone ran. We got the following:
- 2 Westinghouse TVs
- Bunch of DVDs and TV series
- 4 iPods
- Cordless Drill
- Indoor/outdoor temp
- Air Mattress
- iPod docking station
- A blue cozy blanket
- various other things I don't remember...

After that we went into a bigger town and went to Best Buy (DVDs, CD, Yamaha Keyboard, DS game), Bath and Body Works (got there at 8:40 and plenty of VIP bags left), Barnes and Nobles (not really anything on sale but got some calenders), Scheels (clothing), Lane Bryant (clothing) and finally Famous Footwear (shoes).

All in all it was a really good BF and we got home around 10:30am which is the latest we've stayed out!

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Got the TV and Kohls deals.. all and a whole nights sleep!~

Postby BFfreaks » Fri Nov 28, 2008 2:09 pm

:lol: After much debate over this years BF TV selection (and totally missing out on the pre-BF deals which ended up being fantastic) we narrowed down to two 42" 1080p's: Dell's Aqous for $779.00 and Walmarts Polaroid for $598.00. The Walmart's looked good, but after hearing about last years Walmart fiasco's....and a nice knock you down cold I caught...I pleaded for the Dell. So, bottom line, we got the Dell for $779, slept in, nursed my cold, then I was off to Kohls @ 10:30 a.m. NICE! Kohls was unreal~ People were SUPER NICE. Totally helpful to find all the deals I was looking for. AND, I got them at 10:30am! 7" digital photo frame with remote for $39.99 ($59.99-$20.00 mail in), King size down comforter for $24.99 out the door, LOTS of great deals! They even brought me a carriage, now hows that for service? I am so glad we opted for this. I did miss all the "waiting in line excitement", but after hearing that a poor Walmart employee DIED from being trampled, I am happy we chose to order online. So KUDOS to Kohls. Hopefully that poor mans death will be honored with some BF organization at Walmart... I dont know why they dont do tickets :(...so sad.

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Postby Lkr » Fri Nov 28, 2008 2:10 pm

Got in line at circuit city at 4 am and was able to get:
Guitar Hero Aerosmith bundle
Microsoft Optical Wireless Desktop 1000
D-Link Wireless N Router with N receiver
Printer/scanner/copier all in one

NCAA Football 09(didn't want to go to Wal Mart; I gladly paid $9 to not have to go there)

Office Depot:
2 Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Speakers
8GB Flash Drive

I did most of my shopping online this year, and this was all I needed in store. I still need to bust my PC open and install the N receiver. I did the router, but I'm sooooo tired right now.

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Postby killasnake » Fri Nov 28, 2008 2:52 pm

Photo I took this morning.


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Postby lil_Jean » Fri Nov 28, 2008 3:18 pm

Looks like our Walmart...
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Postby Fade2Pink » Fri Nov 28, 2008 5:12 pm

Some decent sales. The line was horrendous, took me about 30 minutes to shop, about 40 minutes to check out, and this was about 10:00 AM

Electronics and Toys were packed, couldn't even get up and down the aisle. Found some toddler clothing for decent prices, and an Elmo play toy for half price. Check out was very good.

parking lot about half full, the store didn't seem very busy, hardly ran into anyone until the check out. They had extra stacks of items in the aisles so moving around with a cart wasn't very easy, but doable. This was after 11:00 so their morning sales were not in session any longer. Check out went quickly.

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