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-=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2008 EXPERIENCE!=-=-=-

Postby killasnake » Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:30 am

Hi everyone

The day has almost arrived! We would love to know how your Black Friday experience was this year. Please share pictures, audio, video clips here.

Did you get the item you were looking for?
How was the Line?
What number were you in line?
Friendly experience?
Any Fights?! :twisted:
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Postby killasnake » Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:01 pm


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Postby Kento87 » Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:23 pm

BF 2008 Prolog: Got up this wonderful thanksgiving day at 5:50am to get ready and make it to Kmart in time for their T-Day sale. The adventure has begun!!! Hunting for the elusive deals admin the frantic shoppers and resellers of the lost cost TV, GPS, and Limited Quantity Gaming Consoles! Up, dressed, and ready to go, well sorta! with a 2 year old in tow you sorta have to go with the flow and adjust. Finally at 6:15 everyone was loaded in the card and mental check list to make sure we have everything. Key's Check, Cell Phon, Damn Dead!, Wallet Check, Morgan, Damn forgot the child. back into the house and grab child :) OK Arrive at the Kmart at 6:30 and this is what awaits me:


27 people in line, I start getting really excited knowing with that short of a line I am guarantied what I am after! I jump out of the car and run to line stopping only briefly to take the picture! The wife decides to stay in the car with Morgan as it is too cold for her to be out for the next 30 min. I secure my place in line and then offer to get coffee for those right in front and behind me. They decline and I say I will be right back. I meaner to the front of the line where a security guard is standing next to the table with complimentary coffee!!! WOW FREE COFEE I lik it, While geting my drink I notice they have flyers will all the hot doorbusters: Game Consoles, TV's, GPS, and Blu-Ray Players. Also listed is the total # they have in stock and a note telling people they will begin giving out tickets at 10 min till 7. Then my wife and daughter join me. HEre we are standing in line!


As we are going into the store when they open the doors I run ahead while wife gets a shopping cart. I run back to electronics and Spot my prey! I brush aside all those hunting TV's, GPS's, and Consoles to snare my prize!! SCORE I got my 2 pack of 2g Flash Drives and 2 pack of 2g SD card's! :) We then ended up wandering around the store and picking up some presents for the little one and a few things we wanted for around the house. All in all it was a very good morning. Now we are just lying around waiting for the turkey to get finished so we can eat and put the little one down for a nap :P

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Postby Lkr » Thu Nov 27, 2008 1:06 pm

Last night, I waited for Best Buy online sale to start - it never did. I was able to order a 360 arcade with Rock Band 2 from Dell for $200. Earlier in the day I had picked up the CT100 at Best Buy for $257 so I wouldn't have to waste time tomorrow. This morning I woke up and went to bestbuy.com and immediately ordered Transformers on Blu Ray for $10. I then went to Circuitcity.com and ordered 2 Guitar Hero controllers for $10 each and Flags of Our Fathers on Blu Ray for $10. Overall I have scored so far, and can't wait to go out tomorrow :)

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Postby steffj89 » Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:39 pm

our k mart was a mad house and they didnt have ANY of the CDs or DVDs advertised.
only 6 of the 1 g mp3 players

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Postby roycereece » Fri Nov 28, 2008 6:23 am

Got back from Meijer a few minutes ago. Got one of the 42" plasmas, very nice. I showed up at 2AM and was third in line, most of the people didn't show up until 4:30ish. Much less people than expected is the sign of the times i suppose.

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not slow at walmart

Postby shadyfet » Fri Nov 28, 2008 6:33 am

was at Walmart at 4:40 am for the sale that was supposed to start at 5 am...already out of everything nearly. no tvs, no trampolines, no dvds, no comforter sets. This is what pisses me off. If the sale is advertised from 5to 11, then it should start at 5 am. The checkers were pulled at 4 and wouldn't start checking again until 5 so why didn't they just lock the doors until 5 also.

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Back From My First Round of BF Shopping For The Day

Postby PokerDad » Fri Nov 28, 2008 6:45 am

Went to Walmart and Circuit City. Arrived at Walmart at about 3:30 this morning. Was a Super Walmart so they had been open all night. Employees weren't helpful about determining what palates were where, but after walking around and thanks to maps posted here and at SD it was easy.

Was able to line up along the side of the palate for the Samsung 10.2 MP camera, just one person back from the palate. Eventually as people shifted ended up at palate on the corner. There was a girl in her late teens or early 20's who was at the end of the palate 1-2 people back, who somehow ended up moving to the end of the palate in the front and right next to where I was. Everyone realized about 4:30 that the boxes on the end of the palate closest to us were the cases and the cameras were on the other end of the palate. With palates being small I wasn't worried, just needed to have three or four people get theirs and then I'd get mine. The girl though started trying to push forward knowing she would have an issue. Then she raised her voice saying "I keep getting pushed, you better move out of my way and stop pushing me". I told her I wasn't pushing her and had been standing exactly where I was the whole time (didn't bother pointing out she was the one trying to squeeze between people to get past those of us that had been there). Her boyfried then goes "what did he say", she said "he thinks he's been there the whole time and thinks he isn't going to get out of my way". I glared at him and said "she's right, partially, I have been here the whole time and I'm not moving just to make her happy, it's not just something I "think". He backed down quick.

Employee arrived 5 minutes till 5 and said that when she cut open the wrapping everyone would have to step at least five feet away and they were going to move the palate five feet back. Some standing there argued with her. Next thing we knew all the palates started being cut open in the store, nobody in front of ours backed up, since people just started diving for the cameras. I got mine and my case and got out of there. On the way away I heard the girl from earlier whine to her boyfriend "this sucks, I only got one and I wanted 20, I'm not doing this ever again, it's not fair". LOL. There were probably between 50 and 75 total cameras on the palate.

I checked out at 5:11 (just 11 minutes from cutting the plastic to clearing checkout was great). Went to Circuit City which was already open. Got the cheap 1 GB MP3 player with FM tuner as a stocking stuffer. Only issue was took 45 minutes in line due to issues they were having with their computers. Oh well, just over an hour and most of my Black Friday Shopping is done. Overall a good experience

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Postby killasnake » Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:28 am

ahhh!!! i'm so tired!!! I'm standing in line right now for checkout at Walmart. I'll Update you with pics of all the madness tomorrow.... well... later today.

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Postby edeab220 » Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:50 am

Wow, this was one different black friday.

All previous years at 6:30AM, the line for the register at BB in my area would be around the store. This year, I went straight to the register - no line! They even closed off that maze through the washing machines that they usually have. I didn't actually plan to buy anything this year at BB until I saw they put the wrong tag for the LG 16x Blue-ray drives - the tags said it was $34.99, not $99.99 (tag was actually for the LG DVD-Burner). Of course, the drive still came up as $99 at the register, but after talking to the manager, they let me take it for $34.99 + tax :D.

CC at 6AM - same story. No lines at the registers - I got what I "needed" and was out in 30mins.

Man, I have NEVER seen so many TVs available on the floor. The $399 32in LCDs at BB were still on the floor, about 30+ TVs. They would have been gone last year.

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Postby Cold_In_Pa » Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:00 am

Did you get the item you were looking for?
How was the Line?
Walmart was INSANE, I got to target just in time for a good spot
What number were you in line?
50 maybe? Target
Friendly experience?
Walmart, NO! Yelling, pushing, throwing things. Everyone was mad because they didn't have most of the doorbusters in stock. It took my friend almost an hour just to get out of the electronics dept! Target was fine. I did bump into a lady on accident and I said "excuse me" and she turned around and yelled at me and said she couldnt' move any faster! :roll: Umm,, I was just being polite becasue I bumped you.
Any Fights?!
See answer above. Walmart :roll:

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Postby cupcakeninja » Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:46 am

Did you get the item you were looking for? Yep
How was the Line? Non existent
What number were you in line? 1
Friendly experience? yep
Any Fights?! nope

I sent someone to Macy's to grab a couple of things for me. When he came home less than 10 minutes later, I thought for sure he'd come home empty handed. Instead, he got exactly what I asked for, no lines, employee greeted him at the door, showed him to what he was looking for, in and out in under 5 minutes. It's actually somewhat depressing. Signs of the economic times I guess.

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Postby PiNoYeBoY85 » Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:46 am

My turn! My experience takes place in a Suburb of Chicago, IL called Skokie. I went out to BB at 8:00am Thursday. I was first in line, and I was sitting (yep, I'm all by myself, have to manage the bathroom and food without support) by myself seeing various cars and police officers until the second person arrived at around 2:00pm. What a waste of time to be out there for so long. Afterwards, the next group of people to arrive after there were at 5:00pm! Geez. It was a group of them that I camped out with last year a another BB (in which that one, all hell broke loose). We basically tried as much as we could to keep warm, and busy. Nothing really interesting happened. The line never got really that long, even as the voucher release came near. They released the vouchers at 4:00am and everything went smoothly- no yelling, punching, or rioting.

At 4:55am, they let everyone into the store. I had 3 laptops that I wanted to buy, and so I ran to what I thought was the laptop line, but ended up being the desktop line. I lost half an hour just going back and waiting in the right line. I got my laptops, and put them in my van. I went back and almost bought a TV, but decided against it and instead bought the featured GPS, which I ended up returning because the coupon I had with it wasn't being honored.

Total including taxes: $1507.39
Items walked away with: 2x $349 HP laptop (all in one printed included), 1x $379.99 Toshiba laptop (all in one printed included), 1x 479.99 Toshiba Laptop with garbage accessories you don't need
Items considered sold already:
2x $349.99 HP Laptop (keeping only one printer). Profit margin $0.
1x $379.99 Toshiba Laptop. Profit margin $0

I basically stayed in line for the experience to say I was first in line again. I shopped for all my friends, and kept only one thing for myself. Isn't that the meaning of Thanksgiving? I coulda added like 10% fee for my trouble, but I didn't like doing that for my friends.

Boring this year, but went off without a hitch. BB never got too packed when it opened either.

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Postby lil_Jean » Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:50 am

On Turkey day, we went to Kmart. Drove 45 miles to the wrong city. Apparently that Kmart merged into Sears or something. So we drove back only to drive another 45 minutes the other direction to get to Kmart. We were an hour late. No Wii games on the shelves, but we filtered through the DVDs and toy section. I got what I went for. As we were walking out, one of the Wii double packs was put back on the shelf, so I even got that too! :D

Midnight BF, I started checking Walmart.com hourly. You guys were right. They went live at 2 am here. I got my Xbox 360 with Guitar Hero and all the toys I wanted. Then I was too pumped to go to bed!!! So I got up and we went to Kohls. We got there at 3 am. The line was pretty short. It tripled in the next 30 minutes however. So 4 comes and they open the doors. A bunch of jerks tried butting. We pulled out a can of kick ass and they went to the end of the line or at least behind us. Anyways, I got the GPS I wanted. Along with my bro's christmas gift and two picture frames I wanted. I rule!

We were back in the car by 4:15.

Then we went Walmart where we mapped out where everything we wanted was. Then off to Best Buy. The line was wrapped around the building but I got a free donut so I don't care. I got all the Wii games I wanted there plus all the DVDs I wanted and Entourage seasons 1-3. :D

Then we went back to Walmart. I did NOT get the Cars bean bag chair I wanted, but considering it was the only thing I didn't get, I'm okay with it. I did get more movies and some clothes.

I had to grab diapers so we stopped at Target. I stole someone's parking spot. I feel so bad, but road rage got the best of me. :( I hope I don't end up in hell for it.

Then we went to Sears to get a price adjustment on the 42" Sylvania (doorbuster). Yeah they gave me the run around.. We don't do that... Then called the manager. He says, "I remember her. Just do it." So I got the $300 back on my card and we left. Now I am home and done for the year.

I'm gonna feel like a real jackass when I end up returning the Sylvania for doorbuster prices... I bought the Sharp off Dell though and plan on keeping that one. That was always the plan. I just wanted to see if Sears would adjust it or not. :twisted:

All in all it was great! Met tons of cool people. Plugged bfads.net to everyone. It was a ton of fun even if the sales weren't stellar!

Pictures to come soon, but I need to unravel from the past 5 hours of shopping! I'll be back though. Promise.
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Postby KristopherWindsor » Fri Nov 28, 2008 9:52 am

I left for BB yesterday at 7:00AM, and just got back at 6:30AM.
I got the Toshiba laptops for $380 and $480, and a desktop for $600.

The line was calm, and I probably could have got there around 4PM and still got the deals.
The only people ahead of me were a group of 11, but typically only a few of them were there at any one time.

It was very tiring.
The only annoying part (besides the people smoking in line) was Best Buy recruiting customers for its credit card and cell phone subscriptions before giving the tickets.
...And at the cash register, the worker was like, "oh BTW, that $380 laptop has to be bundled with $80 of some software." I didn't get out of that with one of those "you are so dead when you get a virus" implications.

Something I learned for next time: multiple employees were passing out the tickets, and they would sort of skim down the line asking every fifth person what they wanted.
So unless you stop every employee and ask if they have the ticket you want, you might miss it.
I'm not sure if that one laptop was $280, $300, or $350, but I forgot to ask for it. :twisted:

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