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Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 8:18 am
by wolvesgod
Wow its like you live in another country. Last two years we have had fights at my local CC. Last year it was because they had almost none of the stuff in the add and everything had a mail in rebate. I dint know if its a zoning thing here but there is no where to plug anything here in front of any store. My local BB is right near the local CC and we found this all out when a bunch of people showed up at BB after deciding to leave CC. At BB we have never had a problem and they feed us. Some people set up big tents and had heater and invited everybody else in. Nobody lost their place in line because we all marked our hands with our number in line. This guy came with his kids and we had a touch football game in the parking lot. Its was like a really cool party all night.

Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 4:04 pm
by DotCom
Best Buy has been my choice for years. The store I go to on Black Friday has restroom facilities. I don't care for Circuit City because their great deals are shadowed by Mail-in Rebates. Best Buy's are instant discounts. But it all really comes down to who has the best door-busters. I'll go where the jaw dropping bargains are.

Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 6:25 pm
by tobinsky
I like Best Buy because check ou tis super wuick and here in Kansas City i went around 4 last year and i was 23rd in line and could have gotten any doorbuster i awnteed. This year if the deals are better i'll probably have to go a lot earlier. (Oh and i meant 4PM not AM, but I think most people would know that!)

Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 8:47 pm
by mbutchg62
Hey, Tobinsky, I'm in KC too! We usually go up to Omaha, though. We've got family up there. Last year, we went to the Omaha BB and got everything we needed after hitting our other stores first! I waited in line at Nebraska Furniture Mart and got a GREAT laptop deal, more RAM than the on BB had, and less $. Getting out of the parking lot was terrible! We're gonna be up there again this year, but I'm steering clear of NFM!

Posted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:08 am
by JonIsOwns
Hey Russel, im sure you remember me, I was in the group that was first at Best Buy, I had a huge feeling it was you when I started reading the thread. Bringing your matress again this year?

Posted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 3:09 pm
by thenuke1
It just comes down the where you live I know in my area CC is the most crowded and they have the worst deals.

Posted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 3:17 pm
by thenuke1
That minimum 5 note on the ads also gets me wondering if they'll have enough of what I want but for the past 3 years I've gotten everything I've wanted put it this way if you the first 25-50 best bet is you'll get everything you want. 51-100 if you've got 10 things on you list u might get 7 outta ten or 5 outta 10. 100-200 might be able to get 1 or 2 things 200 and above should have gotteb in line earlier

Posted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 8:17 pm
by tobinsky
tobinsky wrote:I like Best Buy because check ou tis super wuick and here in Kansas City i went around 4 last year and i was 23rd in line and could have gotten any doorbuster i awnteed. This year if the deals are better i'll probably have to go a lot earlier. (Oh and i meant 4PM not AM, but I think most people would know that!)

Cool. We hit the Oak Park Mall BB and then dop our stuff off at home then go shopping at Oak Park for smaller ticket items. I guess the lines must be less in Omaha.

Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2008 4:31 am
by Russell Burrows
JonIsOwns wrote:Hey Russel, im sure you remember me, I was in the group that was first at Best Buy, I had a huge feeling it was you when I started reading the thread. Bringing your matress again this year?

Yep. its a folding seat but it works wonders when needing to crash for a bit.

Hey John glad to hear from you.

What about a battery charger at the CC external outlet so that way you can have a truck battery and an inverter for power over at BB?

The battery charger so that when the truck battery runs down it can be recharged without haveing to race a car engine for thirty minutes.

Got a question:
Are there any gun shops around in Brownsville or stores where they sell replica guns that shoot lead pellets?

To pass the time until BF hits:
I am tempted to bring one of my movie scripts (afternoon arms race) for a short comedy movie and do a location shoot to help pass the time.

I figure we can location( CC or BB parking lot) shoot my truck if you like the movie idea on thursday.

I figure daytime shooting to avoid the requirements for fill lights, main key lights and secondary key lights.

Props needed:

An empty cardboardbox for either a 32 inch or 42 inch HDTV.(I guess I can bum an empty box from either BB or CC?)

a .22 or .25, .38, .45 replica handguns, a replica shotgun.????

a soapbar, medium hand towel, short hunting/kitchen knife.(I guess I can buy these at K-Mart)

Just an idea to pass the time and to mess with those folks heads who just love to drive by and ask why we are there in line.

I figure it be worth it to see the reaction of those folks after we tell them we are filming a movie.


Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 12:01 am
by g-man430
I hate Circuit City due to stupid rebates. :x That's why I go to Best Buy instead.

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 8:24 am
by AshFrash
Bexx wrote:I hate CC becuase of the rebates.

The good thing is that a lot of stores are doing away with rebates now because of consumer complaints. I don't know if CC is one of them, but we can only hope! Lets see what it does to prices tho! Think the price will go up because there's less profit when there are no rebates involved? I'm a sucker for rebate items, and I NEVER remember to send in for them.. UGH!

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:35 pm
by cambo357
wow, I am shocked. saw a deal on something at CC, and decided to go over there for it. I went to the store nearest my work, had never been before. quite different from the other local CC stores I have been to. this one was twice the size of the "old" store in town, and 3 or 4 times as large as the brand new store near my house. I didnt peruse the entire place, but it sure seemed well stocked, clean and inviting. 3 or 4 people around willing to help out.

not sure about going there for BF (depends on the deals we have yet to see, of course), but this one store just put them back on my radar for some other stuff.

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:03 pm
by MikesTooLz
I hate stores that work on commission(like Circuit City). You ask for something simple like a battery or a cable and the employee's are basicaly like F U. But if you say you want a new big screen TV they jump through hoops to help sell you stuff.

But there has just been something about circuit city that I just hate ever since I was a little kid.

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 10:31 pm
by The Zach101
I went to there Fire Dog service for a simple problem on my laptop, and I couldnt remember how to access the Start up Programs (something easy just couldnt remember the specific one for my computer) and I wanted to ask them about upgradeing Ram. So i went in and they were all sitting around and doing nothing and I stood there for 5 min waiting. Finally one asks if i need help and i gave him my laptop told him everything that was going on and what ive tried. The problem was my computer screen wouldnt brighten or Dim and i had a feeling it had to do with one of the startup programs becuase when the computer first turned on it would work then when it was done booting up it would stop. I told him this and he opned it up and turned it off then turned it back on. He tried to brighten and dim the screen and and gestured to the screen like saying "um its working..." I said yeah I know it stops working after the computer is done booting up. So he waited, and this entire time I was sitting there 4 of them were just sitting and talking about how to up sale people to charge more for services. So I actually listend to all of CC ways to make us pay extra like: did you know that they try to push in home service becuase it has more hidden fees then in store service. But anyway the computer started up and he tried it and then explained to me that my computer was very slow I had to many porgrams on it and that I need to get a Tune up which is 59.99 and then he can diagnose my problem and then charge me for how to fix it. I said no thanks and left to Best Buy. Tune Ups are easy and I know i needed one just never had time to do it lately. When I got to Best Buy they had someone help me I explained everything like I did to the Fire Dog guy and he said let me see and fixed in 2 min and handed it back and it didint cost a thing. THIS is why I like Best Buy over CC.

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 11:41 pm
by Russell Burrows
Bestbuy extended warranties and salesfolks constant, continual and persistently informing me of this does drive me up the wall.

I guess next time a "helpfull" BB salesfolk tries to push an extended an experiment I am going to try a low growl just to see what reaction I get?

google beats any advice from any sales folks on any topic.

When I go into a store its to check price and if the item is in stock and thats all the sales help I want but then thats just me as I dislike saleshelp trying to help me as they try to sell me something.

Computer slow? right click taskbar and disable un-needed services like i.e. alg or advanced layer group, etc.

or google disable un-needed services on xp or vista.

good free anti-virus is avg free.

free registry cleaner is abexo.

best free media player is VLC

best freeware for hdtv programs on PS3 is mkv2vob

best freeware that beats office is open office

best free iso burner is imgburn

best freeware for info on media files is mediainfo

The point being that none of this info was obtained from a salesperson and when I go into a store to look over computers or high definition or ps3 the salespersons only know what price something is and maybe if its in stock.

When a salesperson tries to sell me something with vista I say linux, thanks.

And I love it when some salesperson tries to sell me a small home theater in a box and after I tell them I am used to something larger they try to sell me a ten inch subwoofer in a one cubic foot box.

Then I tell them a small system to me is a ten cubic foot box with a single 12 inch sub..................ohhhh.

Then I tell them my home DIY system is four of those subwoofer boxes and four 12 inch subwoofers with twenty 8 inch drivers for midrange-(seven Vifa tweeters) range 7.1 sound.

Then when they tell me thats a big system I say thanks but its not a big system when you compare it to my home theater DIY pals on avs forums that use four 18 inch subwoofers for home theater sound and twin four thousand watt continous power amps.

I guess it just comes down to camping out and haveing free power and free Wi-FI for Black Friday.

But then it all comes down to the deals and if this year online deals are comparable then I guess I will not be camping anyplace?