Group Texting ARGHHH

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Group Texting ARGHHH

Postby jeanerz13 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:46 pm

Not that anyone really cares, but I figured I'd give the people still hanging around something to read. And vent while I'm at it.

I think I've been added as a wrong number to someone's group texting conversation. About a month ago I got an MMS text from an unknown person saying "this is the verse I was thinking of" and shortly after an MMS text from someone else that said "thanks". The area codes were from the area where I grew up so I checked with my mom and sister if it was part of their church group. No it wasn't. I blocked auto-retrieval of MMS messages after that. Well in the last week or two I've been getting more of them. There are more phone numbers involved now but it seems to be messages from the same ones over and over (including those original two). The difference is now that it doesn't auto retrieve the MMS all I see is that I get a 1kb MMS from an unknown number and an option to download (which I don't). One day one of these phone numbers messaged me directly (SMS instead of MMS so it was a text I could read) - he asked who I was. I said that I was someone who was apparently added to their group text and I'd appreciate if they would remove me. Then he's like "what group text?" which was confusing since I assumed he saw my number in the to list and that was why he was asking. I asked if it said I sent him a message and he said no. Anyway. A while later I got one of those group texts from this same number and I asked him to remove me (not realizing it was the same one I had talked to before since I had deleted the messages). He said he hadn't texted me since the last time. I told him I assumed I was part of his group chat because I got the MMS from him and he asked what it said. I told him I didn't want to download an MMS from an unknown number. And that was that for that guy. Today I got a lot of texts while I was at work around 4pm. These guys were getting chatty. I messaged one of them (a different number than the other guy that I had talked to before) to ask to be removed. No answer from this one. Well, except another MMS (ie, group message)

I started blocking the contacts that these messages come from (on my phone, not through the I expected it to just silence/hide them from me). Apparently Android blocking doesn't really apply to text messages. Still got notifications from numbers on the block list.

I guess I could go to my carrier and have these numbers blocked. It's just I'll probably have to add new ones every week for awhile. And it doesn't solve the actual issue of my phone number being added to someone's group text. I wish group text wasn't a thing. Even when it works, you're sharing your contacts' numbers with people they don't know. I really don't want to change my phone number. That's way too much of a hassle.

I suppose it could be something spoofing these people's phone numbers, but based on that first exchange I saw (before I blocked auto retrieval) it seemed like people talking to each other. And the way it alternates back in forth among the same phone numbers. And it's such a small MMS (only 1 kb...). It's just really annoying.

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