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2015 Black Friday news articles

Postby Shopper X » Wed Nov 04, 2015 7:16 am

(This is the 2015 version of the 2014, 2013, and 2012 news articles topic! Once again, I'll be using this topic to post interesting and/or amusing Black Friday-related news articles I happen to find. Feel free to post other news articles you wish to share.)

In Michigan, there will be a brewery tour on Black Friday. Participants will visit three breweries and sample beer.
http://www.broadwayworld.com/detroit/ar ... h-20151103

"Dear Prudence, ... My husband is an atheist. Last year, to everyone’s shock, he volunteered to give the blessing at Thanksgiving. However, instead of a prayer he took us all by surprise with a two-minute rant about 'the myth of God.' ... Last night he just informed me he plans to wear a T-shirt to Thanksgiving this year with a dead frog nailed to a cross with the words 'He died for you.'"
http://www.slate.com/articles/life/dear ... grace.html

According to TripAdvisor, the most popular places to rent a vacation home for Thanksgiving are, in order: Florida, Tennessee, California, and Hawaii. I'm not sure why so many people are vacationing in Tennessee.
http://www.bizjournals.com/pacific/news ... iving.html

According to one marketing survey, only 35% of those surveyed plan to shop on Black Friday, compared to 57% who plan to shop on Cyber Monday. Only 23% of Black Friday shoppers will be brick-and-mortar-only shoppers. Instead, 55% will be shopping both in retail stores and online.
http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases ... 67695.html

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Re: 2015 Black Friday news articles

Postby inthedark » Wed Nov 04, 2015 5:21 pm

I might have to check out the Brewery tour :D

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Re: 2015 Black Friday news articles

Postby Shopper X » Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:35 pm

Black Friday in the United Kingdom first started only 5 years ago, but it has quickly gained popularity and surpassed Boxing Day as the biggest shopping day of the year. This year's Black Friday is expected to be even bigger.
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/news ... deals.html

Last year a motion was introduced in British Parliament to ban Black Friday altogether! “That this House criticises large retailers who chose to adopt the American retail custom of Black Friday on the day after the American Thanksgiving holiday and at the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season; notes that the huge discounts led to scenes of disorder in some stores as many police had to attend to prevent or break up fights in stores, whilst other stores were forced to close; further notes with concern the safety risk that this custom poses; further notes that many shoppers suffered injuries due to the level of public disorder caused by this event; … and calls on all UK retailers not to mark this event in 2015 or again.”

A year ago on Black Friday, a gunman shot out the windows of the Austin Police Department building. It has taken them a year to replace the bullethole-ridden windows. The work will be done by November 20.
http://kxan.com/2015/11/05/apd-finally- ... ing-spree/

"Be aware that the [Costa Rica] National Customs Service will be on the lookout for purchases made online on Black Friday and will be reviewing packages entering the country. They have the power to hold items up to a year if there is suspicion of tax evasion."
http://www.costaricantimes.com/costa-ri ... them/41995

"Donate jars of peanut butter to the East Texas Food Bank and join us for a feast of great snacks to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with the Charlie Brown gang! Jelly beans, pretzels, popcorn, toast, ice cream and drinks will all be served along with a special presentation of the movie A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving."

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Re: 2015 Black Friday news articles

Postby Shopper X » Sat Nov 07, 2015 3:31 pm

"In the new JDA 2015 Consumer Survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers conducted by JDA Software Group, Inc., 50 percent of consumers indicate that they will be unforgiving of retailers who provided less than satisfactory online home delivery experiences, landing some businesses on the ‘do not shop, naughty list’ this holiday season"

There’s an interesting film coming out next week titled “Black Friday: What Legacy Will You Leave?" It’s not about the Black Friday holiday, but instead it is about financial literacy, spending habits, economics, and personal finance of Black consumers. The film asks, "When you die, what will you leave behind: bills or benefits?"
http://www.indianapolisrecorder.com/art ... a1484.html

The state of Washington is releasing 125,000 trout into lakes. The fish are 11 to 13 inches long, with some even larger. Fishing season begins on Black Friday.
http://www.dispatchnews.com/2015/11/06/ ... ck-friday/

Even an online store in Nigeria will be having Black Friday sales. "It is now or never! It is going to be an epic battle of the fastest fingers! Are you ready for the Black Friday Tsunami?" (Someone tell the Prince!)
https://www.naij.com/629375-jumia-black ... count.html

Because of the improved economy and low fuel prices, more people will be traveling by air this Thanksgiving. That’s 25.3 million passengers, 3% greater than last year and the highest number since the 2008 recession.
http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/USA-Update ... ort-crowds
http://airlines.org/news/a4a-projects-t ... ght-years/

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Re: 2015 Black Friday news articles

Postby Shopper X » Tue Nov 10, 2015 8:38 am

An assortment of Black Friday-related videos I found while searching Youtube, some from previous years.

A cheesy/funny 2015 Black Friday ad from Motor City Fireworks:

Two bizarro Ashley Furniture 2015 Black Friday ads:

An inspiring, "This is Target!" pep talk given by a Target employee to his co-workers just before opening, from a past Black Friday sale:

A comparison of Black Friday in 1983 vs. 2013, "People vs. Animals", showing how society has gone downhill. The video was made by a doomsday preparation web site which takes this as a sign of the imminent collapse of civilization.

A minute-sitcom where Pittsburgh Dad gives a monologue complaining about Black Friday:
And, Pittsburgh Dad complaining about Thanksgiving:

A humorous story about spending a past Black Friday shopping with Grandpa (R-rated language):

Sketch comedy about the different types of Black Friday shoppers (R-rated language):

In Bulgaria, apparently "Black Friday" was October 30, 2015, the day before Halloween. A mall had a big sale that day, along with a flash mob performing a choreographed dance for entertainment. The 30-second ad:
The full flash mob dance routine:

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Re: 2015 Black Friday news articles

Postby Shopper X » Sat Nov 14, 2015 7:57 am

In the UK, Asda, the supermarket/department store chain owned by Walmart that introduced Black Friday to the country in 2013, will not be having any Black Friday sales this year. The feeling is that having discounted sales distorted the shopping season and did not actually help overall holiday spending.

"According to a Nov. 4 Fox News article, fans of the 'Hunger Games' will soon be able to travel Bartow County, Georgia, and experience the 'Hunger Games' theme park. However, Lionsgate Entertainment, the company that owns the rights to the film series, has made a huge miscalculation. I do not know who would ever want to spend the money at these parks when they could recreate the 'Hunger Games' experience during Black Friday sales across the U.S. for free."
http://www.dailytoreador.com/opinion/op ... d2a5b.html

All Minnesota state parks and recreation areas will be free on Black Friday. Usually they charge a $5 daily vehicle permit. "On Thanksgiving Day, the average American consumes around 4,500 calories. A brisk walk can burn about 300 calories in one hour."
http://news.dnr.state.mn.us/2015/11/13/ ... ck-friday/

American Express is no longer subsidizing Small Business Saturday. In past years they gave consumers a $10-$25 credit for using an AmEx card at a small business on the Saturday after Black Friday.
http://time.com/money/4110506/amex-cred ... rday-2015/

A supply chain company commissioned a survey about bad behavior during holiday shopping. For parents with children under age 18, in order to get the last holiday gift at a retail store:
  • 17% would be willing to lie to other shoppers
  • 16% would be willing to cut in line
  • 8% would be willing to knock an adult down
  • 8% would be willing to push over a child
http://www.fusionops.com/fusionops-surv ... -shortage/

An article about the dangers of Thanksgiving food to pets, dogs and cats. The list of dangerous, potentially deadly food items include: garlic and onions, sugar-free foods with Xylitol, alcohol, nuts, chocolate, grapes and raisins, and cooking debris (turkey bones, discarded fat, cooking twine, etc.).
http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/Why- ... 55661.html

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Re: 2015 Black Friday news articles

Postby Shopper X » Mon Nov 16, 2015 7:04 pm

A mall in New Jersey was planning to charge kids $35 to visit Santa, as part of a Dreamworks-themed "Adventure to Santa" program, including a 4D virtual sleigh ride. In previous years, kids were able to visit Santa for free. Due to customer complaints, the mall changed their mind and got rid of the admission fee.
http://www.phillyvoice.com/cherry-hill- ... -35-santa/
http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20151 ... Santa.html
https://www.dreamplaceexperience.com/lo ... hill/#info

"According to a survey done by retail research firm Conlumino, 45% of shoppers said they planned to spend less on Black Friday this year than last year. Another 24% said they would spend about the same amount while only 18% said they would spend more."
http://money.cnn.com/2015/11/15/investi ... rt-target/

UK supermarket Tesco changed their Black Friday opening time from midnight to 5 am. They made the change to try to avoid the type of chaos they experienced last year.
http://www.theguardian.com/business/201 ... -last-year

According to a survey of holiday shoppers, 41% plan to go out shopping on Black Friday. Only 12% plan to shop on Thanksgiving Thursday. 71% of Americans will shop sometime during the Thanksgiving weekend, spending an average of $259. Interestingly, 29% of people who plan to go out shopping on Thanksgiving Day plan to go to the movies.
http://www.thecenterofshopping.com/news ... pectations
http://www.thecenterofshopping.com/news ... ack-friday

A recent survey of millennials, 93% plan to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Of the 7% who don't plan to shop, 58% say it is because they don't like shopping in stores on Black Friday. 28% say they don't have the budget to shop. However, 9% of millennial shoppers plan to spend $501-$1,000.
http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising- ... ing-168106

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Re: 2015 Black Friday news articles

Postby jeanerz13 » Wed Nov 25, 2015 8:43 pm

Newspaper says there are too many black Friday ads: article

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Re: 2015 Black Friday news articles

Postby Shopper X » Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:13 am

A compilation of 2015 Black Friday store fight videos, including a possibly-fake video of women fighting over vegetable steamers.
http://www.nj.com/entertainment/index.s ... y_but.html

Black Friday is the biggest day for thefts, 28% higher than other days for thefts outside the home. Most are items stolen from vehicles while their owners shop.
http://fortune.com/2015/11/25/black-fri ... travelers/

A marketing expert discusses the shift from Black Friday to Thanksgiving shopping, the trend of stores closing on Thanksgiving day, and the shift to online shopping. "[Q:] Aren't people in the future just going to get on their computers and order everything and be done? [A:] Absolutely not. You can't replace the excitement of that treasure hunt and that Turkish-bazaar feel and the immediate gratification."
http://www.motherjones.com/politics/201 ... opping-rei

A new National Retail Foundation survey showed that slightly more people shopped online versus going to stores for this year's Black Friday weekend. The average shopper spent $300.
http://www.cnbc.com/2015/11/29/black-fr ... urvey.html

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