Best Buy tried to restrict sales to one per family.

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Best Buy tried to restrict sales to one per family.

Postby raymacfla » Fri Dec 05, 2014 4:29 pm

Here it is 2014, and still the problems with Managers and staff who try to circumvent the corporate policy of one ticket per customer. The lesson learned is that you must always try to reach out to the manager first if they are new. This particular manager came from the Brunswick Georgia store and obviously brought his bad habit of breaking the rule to suit "fairness" with him. He waited until the tickets came out and tried to envoke the one ticket per family rule, by executive order. We broke it off in his backside with the printed ad on page 1 which clearly states otherwise. The store then tried another unlawful move and declared that all customers must pay with their own money. Again, another bold faced lie. To our astonishment, there were only 4 ticketed items in the Thursday sale! I am wondering if any other store did this, or was our store pulling a fast one? We observed associates trying to tell customers in the store that certain items, like the 29 inch crappy TV were door-busters and they could only buy one per customer, but that too was a lie. Only ticketed items by corporate policy are limited and tightly controlled. After I corrected the associate, the then happy customers snapped them all up. We decided to buy the maximum of the 50 inch TVs and leave early, since they did not deserve our patronage any longer. We had spent most of the morning buying things online in front of the store. I plan to have a long talk with this manager next year if he still has a job. You might be able to get away with that with any other group, but the vacationers have been well versed in corporate policy and will not be moved when it comes to what is actually in print, not in the fantasy-land of a bad managers mind.

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