Why this was the best Black Friday EVER for me.

Praise or Complain about your prior Black Friday Experiences

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Re: Why this was the best Black Friday EVER for me.

Postby techgirlable » Tue Dec 02, 2014 7:05 pm

g-man430 wrote:So I went to Walmart and stood in line for 3 hours or so to get the Emerson 50 inch tv that was $218. They told the people in line they had 37 of these tv's. I was #27 in line so I figured I would get one. The first 37 people in line including myself got a special ticket separate from everybody else where they pay at check out for the tv and then drive their vehicle around to the back of the store to pick it up at the loading dock. I did this but when I got to the loading dock they said there was a mistake with the number of tv's they thought they had so they ran out. I was about to get pissed. Before I could though, rolling out of the loading dock to my truck was a brand new Vizio 50" Class Smart LED 4K Ultra HDTV that was $698 for Black Friday and normally $998. I didn't have to pay a penny more than what I did for what was supposed to be the $218 Emerson. I was shocked. :shock: THANK YOU WALMART. :D

What!?! That is the best BF story I have heard in a very long time! Nice job!

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Re: Why this was the best Black Friday EVER for me.

Postby blue3715 » Wed Dec 03, 2014 1:14 pm

wow.. that's probably the most amazing deal anyone will get all year. Kudos on the score.
Definitely uneducated workers who just grabbed a 50" tv.

I'll bet their manager will have a hell of a time figuring out why their inventory is missing 10 UHD tv's, or explaining it to corporate.

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