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Re: *** Share your Black Friday experience here ***

Postby NCBF » Fri Nov 28, 2014 11:04 am

Got everything I wanted except the $99 staples laptop (only doing light web surfing, so would have been great).

Holding out for a deal this weekend/cyber monday for a similar deal. If anyone comes across something, please let me know.

Got one of the toshiba and upstar($115) tv from amazon and some other assorted video games, board games.

Merry Christmas to All!

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Re: *** Share your Black Friday experience here ***

Postby BeachGirlShops » Fri Nov 28, 2014 11:45 am

Went back out this morning. Hit a different Walmart and got more video games and few other things. They still had piles of sheets sets and houseware items left over. May head back out after lunch to Kohls. I don't know why though, I got everyting I set out to get and then some. :) Another BF in the books. I came, I shopped, I survived.

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Re: *** Share your Black Friday experience here ***

Postby happyfan » Fri Nov 28, 2014 1:09 pm

I hate this town. Except during BF because that's when the real nuts roll out:

WM: Madhouse as usual. Everything is fine till around 5 minutes before zero hour. Then the pushing starts. Which leads to mouths running. Which in turn leads to more pushing. Eventually, another redneck fight over $4 DVD's erupts. Noticed one guy who looked all of 100 pounds soaking wet with boots on doing what I can only call a death stare finally gets tired of pushed around. Lands a haymaker on the guy and lays him out cold. Then proceeds to beat the buddy of the guy he just laid out. Gets up and keeps shopping. In the clothes section, pushing and shoving and tempers running high. Funny though, the video games and high end electronics are moving smoothly and nothing much ado about nothing is going on. People in the front offering to help others further back in line get games. Thought that was nice of them. Then the fight breaks out in the clothes. Lady beats another lady for the last pair of Wranglers. Then a fight over the shoes. Then a fight over the camo. Last count, the cops had 12 in zip tie cuffs for assault. All from the clothes section. There's more but at this point, it sounds like I'm babbling so I'll move on.

Again, three at a time for 15 minutes max. Doing the math, I realized, I'd be there till 4 just to get in. Then, in a moment of clarity, the line storms the doors. Manager goes off and the revolutionary figure in the front states either we get in now or we leave. Cheers erupt. Cops called. After a few anonymous calls to their DM from the neckbeards trying to spend money, the manager gets a very hardcore ass chewing phone call. People freely move about and buy. Manager looks defeated. It shall be called the Battle of the Neckbeards versus the Worthless Gamestop Manager. Neckbeards grandchildren will hear of its tale and wonder in awe of those on a brave, cold Turkey Day night.

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Re: *** Share your Black Friday experience here ***

Postby lwmjr » Fri Nov 28, 2014 1:20 pm

5:15am Home Depot, not too crowded, plenty of Krispy Kreme donuts, coffee/hot chocolate, got another pre lit tree, (its not like I have enough) batteries, more lights, couldn't pass up the 150 light stings, led, for $5.88,
6am Sears, store was empty, bought the Samsung led tv and sound bar, (not sure why, that makes 9 flat screens) looked around the store, home by 7
8:30 Pep Boys, 8, 5qt jugs of oil and filters, $10 each, couldn't pass that up. (after rebate)
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Re: *** Share your Black Friday experience here ***

Postby jeanerz13 » Fri Nov 28, 2014 1:36 pm

I looked a t a bunch of stuff but bought very little. Took me awhile to decide how to use the jcp 10 off 10 coupon. Ended up with 2 quick dry hand towels for just under $2 after tax.

Bought a fleece throw at kohls. Weren't many choices left by the time I got there (and I think maybe only 3 still rolled up)

Apparently bass pro sold out of the pj pants by the time I got there. There were a lot of people and everything else I might want there was 5 day sale so I moved on - plan to go back tomorrow (or tonight if I get bored)

Got a pair of pj pants at big lots but don't know if they'll fit.

Got about half pound of the 50% off treat bar treats at petco and an ornament. Let me know if you want the free ornament...

Couldn't find the DVD pallets at Walmart...all I saw were the usual $5 bins. Think they may have sold out.

So what I have left is another trip to bass pro and maybe a trip to staples. For staples, I'm thinking about getting the fitbit one (the little clip on one). Supposed to have a $25 visa gift card rebate. So that makes it like $75...and work would reimburse up to $60.

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Re: *** Share your Black Friday experience here ***

Postby jgc1986 » Fri Nov 28, 2014 1:57 pm

I ended up being able to get everything I wanted online Thanksgiving Day with a few clicks!

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Re: *** Share your Black Friday experience here ***

Postby bfaddict » Fri Nov 28, 2014 2:59 pm

Started last night at 4 at target. We were easily first 20 in line. We wanted those holiday crackers which they ended up only handing out to people who were using their red card. But they were lame. My coupon was buy one get one free Starbucks drink. My friend got 25% off a wreath.
In and out of target, over to jcp. Got the coupon, no snow globe, wandered around, ended up at Sephardi where the sephora girl told us we could check out in there and not stand in a long line.

Then went to Walmart. Madhouse. Checkout lines were semi-organized so it wasn't too bad

Then to kohls....7 checkouts, one giant line. I'm used to two lines. Probably stood in line for an hour.

Back to walmart about 9:00. Omggggggggg best time to go. So dead. No checkout lines. Got my batteries.

Over to outlet mall. Nearly dying at this point. Did a quick trip around. Then to best buy and mall. More quick trips. Feet killing me.

Done about 1 am. Wanted Perkins, not open. Found an IHOP. Yay!

Started again this morning at 8. Loaded up at petsmart, then to ikea, then lunch and petco. Tried petco first but they weren't opening until 10 am.

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Re: *** Share your Black Friday experience here ***

Postby josephfive » Fri Nov 28, 2014 3:53 pm

Went to Target about 730pm, parking lot was pretty full but not packed. Could easily move around store and heard people happily sighing that their doorbuster were still there. I mainly wanted PJs and sheets. Got the PJs and some clothes for the kids. No lines at registers. No problems. Target employees were plentiful and pleasant.

Went to Macy's because it was open and close. Their clothing deals were ok. The shoe department was an absolute zoo. The rest of the store was calm and just like any other Thursday night at a Macy's. You wouldn't really know it was a Black Friday sale, except for the shoe department.

I was home by 9:45pm

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Re: *** Share your Black Friday experience here ***

Postby bertaha » Fri Nov 28, 2014 3:58 pm

I have not been sleeping well for the last week and a half (corresponds with when the husband and I flipped and rotated our mattress), so I took advantage of that yesterday morning and did some online ordering.

WM: all with free shipping
3 pair of microfleece PJ pants for $4 a pair
2 $47 cameras (one for each of my kids)
$8 jeans (one for each of my kids)
$8.97 hoodie for my DD
$7.96 Hunger Games Catching Fire Combo pack for me
$4.50 PJ's for my DS

Amazon: all with free shipping with my Prime membership
$9.47 rotating tablet case for my niece
Diary of a Wimpy Kid books 3-7 and 9 for my DD
CD for my sister
$10.30 3 pack of Bill Murray movies for my DH
CD for my niece

Had 2 Thanksgiving meals, 1 at noon and 1 at 6:00 PM

Left for shopping around 7:45 with a friend's 13 year old daughter along for the ride. She had never been BF shopping before and wanted to get out of the house for a bit. I told her that since most of the stores had been open for a couple of hours already that we weren't going to see the normal "crazy" BF scene. I think that was probably better for her first time out.

We got to WM at about 8:15. I was looking for $4.50 PJ's that were sold out in my DD size online in the morning, 2 $5 camera cases to go with the cameras I ordered online (I hadn't thought to look for them), the $9.96 Planes Fire and Rescue Combo pack and a GC for my granddad. We looked for the movie first. Didn't find it with the sale movies. Looked in the regular movie section. Still didn't find it. Asked about 4 people where to find the camera cases, no one knew. Found the PJ's for my daughter. Got $5 camera cases that were not the ones in the ad and the GC for my granddad. My shopping buddy wanted to pick up some pencils and look for a Redskins shirt for one of her friends. Got the pencils, but being in Iowa Redskins shirts are not easy to come by. Check out was not overly busy and we walked right up to a register and got out quickly.

Went to Kohl's next. I just wanted a pair of earrings for my DD. Found those quickly as I had been in the store earlier in the week and luckily they had not moved them. We looked again for a Redskins shirt, but no luck. Since I had jewelry we were able to check out at the jewelry counter and avoid the 2 long check out lines. The earrings were normally $60 on sale for $11.99. I used the $10 of $10 purchase coupon and paid just over $2 for the earrings.

From there we went to Walgreen's. I told my shopping buddy that this is not a "normal" stop on BF, but I have a hard time passing on B1G2 laundry soap, B1G2 wrapping paper, B1G1 Kleenex, B1G1 dishwasher gel pacs and some other items. I got toothbrushes to put in all of our stockings, hair ties for my DD and my stockings, tubes of Carmex for all of our stockings and a couple of flash drives for DH and my stockings. I got $4.50 back in register rewards and $1 on my rewards card to use on a future purchase. I'm sure I can find something that I need at Walgreens before they expire on 12/11. The hiccup there was that I was charged for an extra bottle of detergent and had to back in to have it credited back to my card. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Next stop was to the WM across town to look for the movie I was not able to get at the first stop. We again checked in movies that were on sale and were not able to locate it. Went to the regular movies to look and was not seeing it there either. I was about to go with my back up plan when my companion spotted the Planes Fire and Rescue combo pack I was looking for. I did a little happy dance and thanked her many times for coming along and seeing the movie when I would have missed it.

Final stop for the night was K-Mart. I picked up a $14.99 helicopter for one of the names we got in the draw for our Christmas celebration with the neighbors across the street. I also picked up a Legos figure and a small Lego set for my DS. I had over $17 in Shop Your Way Rewards points and paid just over $6.00 for the items I purchased.

We were home by 11.

This morning I was back out by 8:00 on my way to Menard's. I knew it would be a madhouse at 6 when they opened, so I hoped the crowd would have thinned a bit by then. My DD had been asking if she could go out with me the night before, but it makes it kind of hard to purchase things for her when she is along for the ride. Since I had nothing to buy for her this morning I took her along. Again, I told her that it wouldn't be the normal "crazy" that she had heard about BF shopping. The parking lot was still pretty full, but plenty of people were leaving as we were getting there so we didn't have a problem getting a parking space. I was looking for the Lindor Truffles 2 bags for $5, fleece camo hats and hats with a pocket for putting a hand warmer in. Menard's by far has the most helpful employees and the nicest customers of my experience this year. We looked with the regular candy for the truffles, but didn't find them. We looked with the food items and still didn't find them. I asked an associate and he said he thought he knew where they were and as he was telling me another customer pointed me in the right direction. I picked those up and asked another associate about the hats. He directed me to the hunting section. On the way a 3rd associate asked if we were finding everything. I told him that we were so far. When the hats were not where I had expected them to be I asked the 3rd associate and he was able to point me in the right direction. All of the regular fleece hats were gone, but we were able to pick up a couple of the ones that take the hand warmers. DS will be giving DH one of those for Christmas along with a couple of other things. Check out was a breeze.

A quick stop at a grocery store for supplies for a gathering that my DH and DS will attend tonight while my DD and I are at pageant rehearsal.

Final stop of the day and my BF shopping for 2014 was another Walgreen's store. I had purchased batteries that I thought were B1G2 free last night, but I bought 8 packs of batteries when only the 4 packs were on sale. I returned the 8 packs, picked up the 4 packs, looked at Legos to see if I could find another small set that I could get for my son and use my Register Rewards on, but didn't really see anything that caught my eye. Again the associates were friendly and helpful.

All in all it was a good experience. I liked being able to get a lot of the WM items I wanted online and not have to deal with the crazy crowds. I am very close to being done with all of my shopping for the year. That's a good feeling!

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Re: *** Share your Black Friday experience here ***

Postby bfshoppermom » Fri Nov 28, 2014 4:16 pm

First stop Thanksgiving day: Walgreens for wrapping paper, laundry soap, and cookies (all b1g2.)

Then had Thanksgiving with family.

At 2, daughter and I got in line at Target. We were 10 and 11 in line. Friendly people...and we had wifi. :) We are Florida so no weather concerns. She was getting hydro phone and I got ticketed tv, towels, pajamas. Out of there before line became 2 hours long so we could cross to Wal-Mart.

6:20 parking took a bit...then headed in. Got $29 tablet, basketball, pajamas, bb gun. Checkout there took forever...and ours was overrun with misbehaving kids....so annoying!

Went back to family....then went back out at 9 to scavenge movies and some kids art stuff.

The "one that got away" this year was mossy oak hoodies....wanted one for my son but I heard they went fast.

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Re: *** Share your Black Friday experience here ***

Postby hiker » Fri Nov 28, 2014 6:03 pm

Well, while we wait for packages to show up, and hopefully for at least 1 more frozen dvd and $199 tv to come online, here's the family wearing our bfads shirts! :)


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Re: *** Share your Black Friday experience here ***

Postby TexasDealGirl » Fri Nov 28, 2014 6:56 pm

It all started a few days ago at TRU. I got two board games that my son has been begging for. Then four sets of Lego's for a grand total of lets here it...$57 with legos and games. I then price adjusted the tablet I bought at TRU for an extra 45 off which was in targets regular ad. So the legos and games were really $12 extra out of my pocket. At that point I had about $120 left to spend. Here's what I got.

2 mouthwashes
2 toothpastes
Minnie Mouse Band Set
Nerf Guns
2 pairs of house slippers
$30 worth of itunes with $10 gift card
A car that the doors/hood/trunk open up
2 packages of hair ties

Walmart (got there an hour + after it started due to T.G. being at my house this yr) The paramedics, police and firetrucks passed us on the way to w-m. And we even commented that hopefully they weren't going to w-m. Sure enough, they were. When we got inside it really wasn't that bad. We were expecting a mad house especially with whatever the units were there for.
A basketball
2 cheapo kids d.v.d.'s
A nine pack of hot wheels cars
The Game of Life (I can't remember if I got this at Target or WM)

Target (got there two hrs after starting). It was so much better than Walmart. Whew! What a breeze. Although I have to say I stood in a twenty five to thirty minute line just to get to the dvds and games. This was kind of annoying because I was only looking for two dvds and a certain game.
I ended up getting;
Grave Digger Remote Control
Razor Scooter where the wheels light up (took the last one in that color)
2 dvds
(And I still have eight dollars and some change left :D )

We were on the lookout for boots and jackets.

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Re: *** Share your Black Friday experience here ***

Postby dkst0426 » Fri Nov 28, 2014 8:49 pm

I guess I've had a Black Half-week, starting on Wednesday evening going into about 4 am Thursday morning:
dkst0426 wrote:Kohl's: Character slippers, Frozen washcloths, and an Anaheim Angels t-shirt and pair of boots for the wife.
Amazon: Barbie Secret Door Princess Alexa singing doll for $9 for the 5-yr old girl.
Walmart: socks, gloves, memory card, Mickey PJs for the wife. Justice League PJ set, long-sleeved Olaf shirt and pants for the boy, LS Elsa and Anna shirts for the girls. I actually had a pair of Batman PJ pants for the boy and 2-3 sets of superhero underwear for him, but they were out of stock online by the time I was ready to check out and my cart refreshed. Frozen underwear for the girls wasn't available.

None of the sale DVDs are available online, as usual.

Target: Frozen play-doh set, Giant Box of Color

Went to Office Depot/Max and Staples as well, but since I was only looking for 1-2 specific items and wasn't going to have enough to get free shipping, that ended those visits. I had some miniscule hope that there might be something more to Kmart/Sears that I might have missed, but those ended up being short visits to their websites, too.

Thursday afternoon: After a tip from this very thread, I headed out to WM at about 3:30 to see about picking some stuff up at the sale prices. Sure enough, everything was laid out already, and people were already picking at the boxes. Noticed a couple of employees not even bothering to stop anyone. I picked up some of the Frozen underwear ($3) and boy's socks ($4) and a pair of Batman PJs ($4.50), and went by the scanner for a price check, and sure enough, they were already on sale. After checking out with that, I was truly going to be able to do the 6:00 trip just for the people-watching and the sport of it all.

5:00 Pulled into the JCP parking lot. Ours is right next to Belk, and the line to get into Belk was already at least 100 long, if not closer to 150. My daughter and I get into JCP and get the little gift card box. I ask about the snow globes, and am told to get them at the register when I check out. I figured this was just a way to make sure people actually buy stuff after picking those up, and we pick out a pair of $9.99 PJs for my wife. At checkout, the PJs ring up at $9.99, so I get a little box of Gevalia chocolates to get me over $10 to use the gift card. Paid about $3 for that. Then I'm told they don't have the snow globes and was supposed to get them at the entrance. I tell them what I was told, and there's a bit of confusion behind the checkout counter for a bit, and a manager asks me to wait by the side, and she goes and gets me one. Crowd looked orderly and (most importantly) patient. Overheard a bit of grumbling about the small appliances requiring a rebate to get them at the sale price. I didn't really pay attention to the JCP flyer, but if they advertised it as $9.99 without any mention of a rebate, that's wrong of them IMO. Anyway, so we get out of JCP by 5:45.

From there, it's a short hop to Walmart. I pull into the parking lot at 5:50, and as expected, there's nowhere to park. I end up curb-jumping to park on the grass at the empty lot that used to be a Panda Express right in front of WM, and we walk in. With the kid, I pick up one of the bigger carts that has the kid's seats. Suffice to say that having that longer cart made steering a bit difficult as we slowly walked through the sale DVDs. Couple of people were giving me death stares because I wasn't moving fast enough for them, but (a) if I tried to go any faster, I would've been pushing people in front of me, and (b) I would've happily let them get around me if they had asked.

Picked up 2 Justice League animated feature DVDs, Barbie's Christmas Carol, and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2, which the kids will be thrilled with. Got another pack of the girl's underwear, too. As I expected, all the Frozen ones were gone. Checkout was orderly, if long. Kinda annoyed by the family that had one person stand in line with like 2 things and then all of a sudden, her family of 4-5 more shows up with armfuls of stuff, but whatever. They had 3 main lines running up through the middle of the store starting in the middle of the clothing section and when they all funneled up to the front, an associate pointed people to which lines were freeing up. Done and in the car by 7:15 to head home, just in time to catch the end of the Dallas/Philly game and wait for the start of Seattle/San Fran.

Friday: Head to Lowe's to pick up the Rayovac 30-packs I had ordered online just to be on the safe side. Saw plenty of them still on the floor, so I grabbed 2 more. Couldn't turn down the $1.79 strings of lights either. Saw a guy who had a cart full of those plus other strings of lights, and being a Clark Griswold wannabe myself, I strike up a conversation with him. Poor dude's lights all went out for some reason, so he's restocking. Conservatively, I'd say he had about 5000 bulbs in his cart. We trade addresses, so I'll be sure to drive by his place with my kids in a few days.

From there, we go to Target. It's busy, but not slam-packed, except in the electronics department. There are still plenty of TVs and movies left. I manage to find all 4 seasons of Downton Abbey for the missus, and I manage to place Eye Found It under my jacket in the bottom of the cart so that my son can't see it. Also got a $6.99 Barbie under my jacket out of sight of my daughter. The Atari plug-in consoles were on the same shelf as an endcap marked at 50% off, and for $20, I would definitely have picked that up, but I see the label for $40, and go to the electronics desk to check. The guy walks with me to see where they were, and he says "Hmm, that is pretty confusing. Go up to Customer Service and tell them you found this on the 50% off endcap, and see if they ring it up. Alas, they didn't do it up front. I hit checkout at a good time, as I can hear a manager pretty frantically calling for more help with registers at the front as I head into a line.

Walmart one more time? Sure, why not. Actually needed a few groceries anyway. Electronics have been cleared out, there are about 3 racks of DVDs/BRs still available, and all the small appliances are gone. Only doorbusters I see left are shoes, PJ sets, and the children's storybooks. I had told myself that if the $29 RCA tablets were still available, I'd get one, but no biggie.

Pretty happy. I liked being able to get my stuff online, and then just going out for the heck of it later.

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Mid missouri Day 2

Postby midmofan » Fri Nov 28, 2014 9:28 pm

First thing i did this morning was to log onto Best Buy to see if the reward zone was back up and running. I stiill wanted to get one of the Roku USB players with my rewards certificates. Not only was reward zone ("My Best Buy" now) not working, the entire BB web site was down. Saw later this made the national news. Pretty bad PR and no excuse.

Did not rush out for any of the door-openings. First stop was Menards. Still very crowded but rapidly thinning out. Menards did not have any single big item this year but picked up the cheap bluetooth speakers and kitchen ware for gifts. Grabbed the batteries and a few other items. Good price on some bird seed and suet. Even a couple hours after opening they still had a few of just about all to featured items left although with some it was just a few. The last of the cheap shop vac's were already gone when i arrived and the last heater special was grabbed right around 9am. Talked to one of the workers and the heaters and the shop vac the big item this year people were waiting in line for, Said it was very busy not too crazy this year. They thought the store did very well. Like last year, I think opening Friday was a big positive for Menards and Lowe's in our area. Took my time looking at other things and needed to get a rebate form for a purchase last week. By the time i was ready to check out, there was no waiting at all for a register, walked right up and out.

Lowe's was similar. What I wanted there was these attachments to my Black and Decker drill that turn it into a saw. Were only $19 here while they were $29 elsewhere. This is where we always buy our Christmas tree and got a very nice one and run it home.

Best Buy web site is now up! OK I head over there and got lucky. There is one, and only one, Roku USB player left in the whole store! SOMEBODY had set it behind the Avengers DVD in the DVD aisle. Gosh, I guess somebody had placed there the night before. Also picked up some DVD's and a few other odds and ends there. Still had a lot of the cheap quality doorbuster stuff left. Found what will be the perfect gift for my son. The complete set of Futurama. Checked the web first and this was $20 cheaper than Amazon and still had rewards certificates to use so worked out well.

Braved WalMart to actually return something! Actually was no problem. Not all that crowded by now and in and out pretty quickly, the workers looked exhausted and there was packing material all over from the am sales

Well, that's pretty much it for 2014. my prediction of last year that i reposed in the "Death of BF" thread looking pretty accurate. No reason to get up early am anymore and head out with the thermos of hot coffee. The great deals that applied to me I was able to get before BF or later in the day. ah well...

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Re: *** Share your Black Friday experience here ***

Postby cmac1337 » Sat Nov 29, 2014 2:18 am

Tek, don't hate me, but I posted a new post with our "experience" lol.

<3 You. :lol:
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