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I sent this to Hubert Joly, but no response.

Postby best.buy2013 » Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:40 am

Best Buy,

Over the years, I have always believed that Best Buy was a great place to work. Several of my family members, including myself, have worked for Best Buy in the past and are still stockholders. Best Buy was a place full of positive energy, and all the employees knew that the company cared about them. This drove all of us to work harder, knowing the company was not just concerned about money, but the people that strive everyday to help make Best Buy a leading electronic retailer. Coincidentally, having happy, loyal employees, encourages them to drive sales; therefore, increasing profits. As most know, this also helps with turnover, training, theft, and not to mention a better morale in the store increases the morale of the customer. Happy customers spend more money, and are less likely to get upset when something goes wrong with their order.

Due to all the positive effects that happy employees can have on the bottom line and the overall image of Best Buy, I am confused and disappointed to see that Best Buy is opening at 6:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day. Not only are you taking them away from their families, but one of their days off is being taken away, seeing as how their shift won’t end until Friday. I think it is a shame to open before midnight; however, if the decision is made, then the employees should be justly compensated for their sacrifice and hard work. They should receive an extra PAID day off, that they can use to see their families. Instead of time and a half, they should receive double time.

Loyalty is the best way to beat the competition, and not by trying to open up earlier and earlier. Loyal employees will help increase sales and help reduce bad debt. If Best Buy looks after the best interest of their employees, then the employees will work that much harder to make Best Buy successful. Customers value family, and they enjoy shopping in a place where the employees are obviously happy to be there. The company’s image will affect how the public feels about the company, but on a whole, it is the employees at the store level that promote loyalty with customers. Loyal customers will make a point to shop at Best Buy, even if the doors open later than the competition. They will want to use their Best Buy Credit Cards to take advantage of the financing options; they will want to use their reward zone certificates and get more reward zone points; and these customers will come back and shop even after Black Friday is over.

Please take care of your employees, and show them they are appreciated.


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Visit to sign Petition: Best Buy: Do Not Open at 6 PM on Thanksgiving Day

Best Buy: Do not open at 6 PM on Thanksgiving Day, or at the very least compensate the employees...
I am disappointed to see that Best Buy is opening at 6:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day. Not only are they taking employees away from their families, but...

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Re: Best Buy

Postby JrdnJstn » Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:45 pm

As long as people go stores will continue to open earlier and earlier. Few stores actually care that some people actually want to spend time with their families enjoying a great meal and for some a day off.
I work in retail. I am glad that my employer won't be opening until 4am on the actually Friday of Black Friday and since I work nights we have a choice of coming in that Wed into Thurs morning or Thurs night into Fri. Most likely I will go to the stores Friday morning for items that aren't what everyone wants
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Re: Best Buy

Postby teknoge3k » Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:40 pm

According to USAToday, sales were up 23% last year from the year before, and I believe 57% from the year before that.. Money talks!
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Re: Best Buy

Postby cmac1337 » Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:51 pm

teknoge3k wrote:According to USAToday, sales were up 23% last year from the year before, and I believe 57% from the year before that.. Money talks!

Until numbers like this petition, regardless of signature count, will matter.

Money > Everything
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