Winners and Losers

Praise or Complain about your prior Black Friday Experiences

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby BeachGirlShops » Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:47 pm

I totally forgot to mention Lowes in my previous post. I orded online on Thanksgiving and got free shipping on everything and it was sitting on my front porch on Saturday! Wow. I could not be more pleased with them. Year after year they alway come through!

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby teknoge3k » Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:49 pm

Although I didn't get anything from Lowe's this year, they always seem to be the best and easiest to deal with on BF.

Especially 2 years ago when I got all of the 90% off stuff. :lol: :mrgreen: I wish they'd do that again!
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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby kowen » Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:59 pm

sportymonkey wrote:
kowen wrote:
sportymonkey wrote:Winners:
Under Armour. I scored a compression shirt that is regularly $80 for 20 bucks. Double points for them still honoring their 20% off store-wide flash sale an hour later. ( Didn't realize I was in the store for that long and had asked and they didn't even flinch when honoring it).
Lids: Yeah another silly one. Since my youngest son was so good walking around the outdoor outlet malls in 31 degree weather and behaving he got to get a hat that he liked. The hat was supposed to come up as 20 but they had a glitch in the computer. While standing there waiting the cashier just looked at him and said, " Since you are a patient little guy ( he's 7), I will just make it 5 bucks and it's yours." That made his and our day.

Toys R US half and half- We were 63rd in line. We got in and could not find some items but was no big deal. The one thing that makes it nay was that we got told yes that legos were 40% off and then no by other employees. None of the ones that I was going to purchase for a friend wrong up as 40% and really did not want to sit there and hassle with the already pissed off cashier. They do get huge brownie points for giving out a goodie bag and bottled water to the first 100 though. It had some really good stuff in it to my 4 kids' eyes. There were 2 motorized xiau xiau ( like littlest pet shop) pets, crayons and coloring book, star wars lego battlestar fighter plane, little collectible nicknacks, candy, and some coupons.

Looser: Old Navy again. We got there later after we went to Macy's. Getting into the store and moving around was great. However we stood in line to check out for just shy of 2hrs. I finally had seen the reason when we got up there. Not only were they asking if we wanted to open up 2 different things like cc and mailing lists but they had a pre stop where it took forever to just get the security tags off. I felt sorry for her bc she was probably new but geez it took forever.

Walmart- Not really bc of sales or anything of that nature. It was more due to the police officer whom thought he was tough shyt and just waiting to get the chance to pepper spray someone. We were waiting for the 8g sd cards at the 2nd wave. He kept yelling for everyone to squish closer as if we couldn't hear. Well some out of country peeps were trying to grab at the gps in the pallet. They finally made them stand 5 ft back. But after unwrapping them with only a minute to go all hell broke loose. He warned everyone that he would spray if anyone touched them until 10. One guy who didn't speak english ran through the aisle grabbed one and ran away. As the officer was yelling, cursing, squeaking his horn; the other non english speaking peeps crept up and started pulling them off. At that point all you could hear was him yelling " Get the F back" and alot of screaming. I just looked at my friend and said the H with this and took one of the cards and got away. The officer peppered a couple of ppl but we were out of that area by the time it started to get near us. Thankfully it wasn't too bad.

Which Wal-mart did you go to? I heard someone at the Southport Wal-mart was tazed near the GPS area.

LOL! Wow it gets twisted really quick. It was the southport Walmart on 31. But no one got tazered unless later on they did. The cop was looking for someone to go ape nuts on. He just pepper sprayed the whole gps pallet instead. I've not looked on youtube yet and wonder if out of all those hundreds of people recording if one of them decided to post it there. Hmm, on a mission.

Did you find anything on youtube? It was my boss who told me later that day when I went into work. She used to work at the Southport Wal-mart and was called by a friend who still works there. She was the one who said that someone was tazed. LOL I don't usually go BF shopping in the Greenwood/Southside area. I always drive down to Columbus to go shopping with my mom. I live in between Greenwood and Columbus, and therefore it doesn't matter where I go shopping. I work in Greenwood though at the mall.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby happyfan » Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:35 am

Stayed out of the bigger cities and stayed in my little po-dunk town full of racists, pillbillies, rednecks, corrupt policeman, drug dealers, and trailer trash. Sort of regret it but scored some deals.

Winners (while being a loser in certain areas):
Walmart. 8 out of 10.
Gave out maps that showed all the neat sales. Too bad the old hateful bag working the door didn't pass out the other page that actually listed what items matched with the number on the map she passed out. Throw in the incompetent employees who had zero idea what was going on (seasonals I assume) and you had people just lost and had no idea where what was located. Camped the PS3 games for an hour and come to find out, there was a whopping 4 of each game. I just headed over to the electronics area, got the guy to get my games from there, and waited till 8, and got all 5 of my games for the sale price without the hassle. Also got the $129 Wii bundle price matched with a Sears ad ($99) for the wifey. I got everything on my list and was enjoying a Coke and a smoke by 8:10 p.m. Event 2 brought us a verbal argument that broke out over the $40 cell phones and the local corrupt haters rolled up with hands on guns ready for the first person to flinch. But outside that one area, everybody else minded their manners and some even passed out the doorbusters to those trying to get up to the displays. So I would say the 10 p.m. sale went great. Got my mom her camera, the wife got her stuff, and everybody in other areas looked satisfied. Took an hour to check out but whatever. I expected that so can't complain.
Dunham's Sports. 9 out of 10.
Other than being slower than molasses in the winter, they had plenty of stuff in stock and organised layout with helpful employees. Found a nice pair of Puma's for $30 that had been $75. Wanted to pack home another Mosin but the wife wasn't having none of that.

Awesomeness winner:
Subway. 11 out of 10.
We have two in my little town. The one in WM is nice but the other one across town is owned by a local guy who has been here a lot longer. Gave free cups of coffee to people in line at GameStop and Hibbetts Sports. I still payed for mine and ordered a pizza sub with jalapenos (ever have one? just pure goodness, right????). But I thought it was a class act for him to do that.

Kmart. 1 out of 10 for the lack of product but 10 out of 10 for the possibility of a COPS episode being filmed here eventually.
Three fist fights broke out on Turkey day morning sale. One over a line cutter, another on somebody looking at somebody the wrong way, and the last over two trailer trash rednecks fighting over a pillbilly woman. Once they actually opened the doors, they had maybe 2 of each item for every sale, which caused some to trash the store (including throwing something through the jewelry case glass and another defecating in the middle of an aisle). Managers were worthless and actually told people to go to Walmart if they couldn't find what they wanted. Hate to say it, I'll be glad when the local store gets the big ax. The seasonal help they hired was awesome though.
GameStop. 0 out of 10.
I hate visiting there since the old manager quit a couple years ago and they hired a royal butthole to manage the store. Opened at 12:01 as advertised. I was maybe number 50 to 75 in line and just wanted to pick up some used games for my nephew and for the boys and girls club. They let 3 PEOPLE at a time in the store. Somebody in a group asked why and the manager said his store, his rules. Then proceeded to toss the group from the line. I finally got in the store at 1 a.m. and told him to go (insert vulgar verb here) himself and would just rather get my stuff off Amazon or Got tossed from the store myself but not before I got a few more shots in at him. Sent a complaint to the feedback address and heard back from the DM, who said he apologized for the actions of the manager and said I wasn't the first to complain nor was he expecting me to be the last. There is a "Now Hiring" sign in the window so I assume he got his. I may sound like a **** myself but meet this guy one time and you'll want to punch him square in his face and keep going till you collapse from exhaustion.
Radioshack. 0 out of 10.
Didn't honor their Black Friday ad what so ever. Said they have the right not to. Turned around and walked out.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby sportymonkey » Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:56 am

Kowen, I found one but looks like he was half done and didn't show them tearing into the pallets before and the cop going nuts.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby rogue » Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:16 am

Winners for pretty much matching or beating most prices on video games (still a few they didnt match or beat and there free super saver shipping for orders over 25 bucks. Man scored big on 360 games this year from them. And got 180 dollar cat tree condo thing for 56 shipped (my cats will be so happy) for having some excellent (read dirt cheap how are they making any money on them) prices on there 360 games which got amazon to bring down a few of there prices to for a while:) for having a few 360 games cheaper then everybody else also.

Walmart for not having there 1,600 count lego boxes this year for 30 bucks.

Gamestop for not having any good game sales this year, pretty much everybody smoked there new game prices, though they did have there normal buy 2 get 1 free deal for used games ( many which I got new cheaper on amazon and such then gamestop wanted for used)

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby drinkgreen » Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:18 am

Winner: Target. Even though I totally disagree with the 9pm opening, Target was once again the most organized when it came to crowd control and line speed. Although not the greatest deals, I did manage to skip the super long and slow Electronics line by asking a Target employee if they had enough DS holiday bundles to last until I made the end of the line. He said let me check, and then just handed me one. Thanks Target guy! Honorable mention: Amazon, Walmart (surprisingly)

Loser: Toys R Us. Not only did it have horrible crowd control but our local Toysrus did not post BF sale prices on the items. You had to KNOW the sales. Example: People kept walking past the Nerf Vortex Nitron gun that was marked at $50, but if you knew the ad by heart, you knew it was one of the best deals at $24.99. Dishonorable Mention: JCPenney for misleading deals and not having certain items in stock. IHOP, for serving horrible coffee and bacon that gave us painful gas for the rest of the night.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby kowen » Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:59 am

sportymonkey wrote:Kowen, I found one but looks like he was half done and didn't show them tearing into the pallets before and the cop going nuts.

Its so crowded in the video. The walmart I went to wasn't nearly that crowded.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby blueredzone » Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:52 am

Loser: Kmart, I got what I wanted but the line management was poor. I was probably 40th in line. They only had two registers in electronics open and you had to ring up there. They were allowing people to ring up everything in electronics which was a joke. I got my ticket at 5am. they opened electronics at 6am. Didn't leave until 8:30. 2 1/2 hours to ring up 40 people. What a joke.

Line jumping was a major issue too. I blame management at poor execution. They were also allowing people to buy multiples of stuff. Not cool at all.

Also if I was the manager I would have the bakery arrive early and sell donuts and coffee to people in line while they were waiting. I would also rope of the section of the line. Hand tickets out earlier and have everyone ring up the other stuff at the front of the store, and informing the line that is what is going to happen so everyone knows. If you don't like it you loose your doorbuster. Also the way people treat employees is insane. What happened to treating people with respect?

They are missing there thanksgiving to help assist you. I was the only one to thank them for putting up with this crap.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby Giraffe34 » Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:05 pm

Winners for me:
Office Depot- got all my office stuff that I wanted with no problems, not a long line at all, only negative was this drunk guy who was just foul- his wife was so nice, and I kept talking to her to about different sales because I know she was embarrassed, and he was making her feel uncomfortable- I also talked and joked with him to keep him from acting out, not to condone his behavior and to make sure other people standing in line didn't have to encounter him.

Walmart- my friend and I went to one that was not local, and it was great. They let everyone get things early (not so great for those arriving at 8 pm) and I was able to get all that I wanted except the memory foam pillows. My friend who is very tenacious got the trampoline for her daughter that she wanted. I grabbed a few other things for her while she stood in line. We were heading home by 9:15 pm.

Lowe's: Had that huge clock that I wanted and the site to store pick-up was a breeze. No problems there.

None for me really, but I saved Best Buy from being a loser, lol- I went to the store to get my $179.99 Galaxy Tab 2- the guy put it in my bag, and I didn't look at it, and just walked around the store to see if I could find other deals; I saw this employee with the white Tab 2 with $20 gift card, so I ask him if he is about to put in stock; he says yes, and so I ask if I can take that one for exchange for one online. I follow him up to CS for exchange. As I am standing there, I take out my Tab 2 only to find out that it was the $400 10" 16GB one; I am stunned and the guy behind me tells me that I should leave; I was so tempted, but I decide to to do the right thing, and once I get to the CS girl, she is stunned and immediately calls a manager over; she tells him what happens and then they start thanking me for giving it back, and I told them I almost had just decided to go straight home. They then start checking other orders from the site to store items to make sure no other $400 Tabs had gone out by mistake. I was happy to get the doorbuster one anyway and was able to get a nice cover for it with the gift card.
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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby john.daggett » Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:44 pm

Winners - Target/Home Depot/Staples/New Egg/Pandora/EXPRESS


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