Winners and Losers

Praise or Complain about your prior Black Friday Experiences

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Winners and Losers

Postby El Zorro » Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:21 am

So who would you say we're the winners and losers for this years Black Friday in terms of stores? Judging based upon: crowd control, deals, and checkout speed.

Winner:Wal-Mart in my town. They had decent deals, crowds were huge but they kept everyone moving and pretty orderly, and we were checked out in less than 10 minutes.

Loser: Sears. Didn't honor all the deals in their circulation and they were a complete mess. The one year I give them a shot and they blow it. I won't be giving them a look.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby Mom22 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:03 am

The losers in my area: The restaurants because they did not have the fore thought to be open, especially during the lull between midnight and 5am openings.

The winners in my area: Kmart and Menards had employees outside with the lines to prevent line jumpers; everything was orderly. Walmart hired "event security", temps from a security agency who stood by pallets and prevented people from ripping into anything before the established sale times. Shopko employees were great and knew exactly where every door buster was located in the store.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby BF364 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:17 am

I guess I have to do this from an online perspective as I decided not to go out today

Loser(s): Bath & Body Their coupon codes are not working for me worth a damn and holy cow when did shipping for just 2 items weighing less than 1 pound get to be $12?!?! Add in state sales tax and there goes the 'deal pricing'.

Winner(s): Barnes & Noble They have a great selection of Criterion (arthouse & foreign film) DVDs and BluRays at 50% off and I was able to stack a 30% off coupon code onto a box set and get it down to $30 shipped instead of $80 retail

Many of the small sellers I've been buying from in Japan via Rakuten. I've given up on buying Western clothing but have found some Japanese stuff very cheap. Despite the high yen exchange rate and high shipping, the Rakuten sellers are discounting their stuff and often throw in free gift wrapping and other freebies. It is so refreshing to deal with people who actually appreciate your business and even email you to check in to see if your stuff arrived (if it goes by EMS its delivered in 4 to 6 days!!!).

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby DarbyD53 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:05 pm


Winners: Best Buy and Kohls. Best Buy seemed to offer almost everything online in their BF ad, and they kept it stocked for awhile and still have some things in stock. The site also held up good. I was worried after early Silver shut it down monday mid-morning. Kohls did take about 50 minutes to get going, but loved the deals and using the 15% off code plus Kohls cash.

Losers: Walmart. Horrible sales. Wish they had did it like years before and offered items in ad. They usually get couple hundred from me but got $21 this year. I'm sure they'll be okay though lol


Winners:Home Depot: They had a nice line, had donuts and coffee for us. Handed out maps, and opened at the correct time. Tons of employees.

Losers: Well since someone mention resturants being losers for not being opened 12-5am, I will say mine were losers for BEING open. My 16 year old daughter had (or got fired) to leave Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at 5:30pm to be to work at 6pm and they had her work till 6am. So a 12 hour shift for a 16 year old at weird hours. Plus they have her going back in at 4 this evening. She's better worker than me. I'd quit before I left a holiday dinner with family.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby speedro1225 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:25 pm

Winners: wal mart, target
Losers: frys, toys r us
draw: best buy

both wal mart and target did well when it came to lines and convenience. I enjoyed that walmart lets you in but it does create a frenzy. Target opened an hour later than wal marts first sale event, but the line was completely in the store within 10 minutes. Wal mart had the edge though since they had the best deals, target didnt seem to have any really.
frys loses since they opened at 6, and by then i was in bed with no interest in waking up after being at all of the stores and getting everything. toys r us loses since their line was stupid long and they only allowed a few in at a time.
i call best buy a draw since they opened at 12, but it did seem like their line went down quicker than in years past with many good deals still to be had an hour after opening.

other stores to mention- gamestop, got what i wanted, but most of their ad was regular priced, very low line though
bath and body works- great deals with the buy 3 get 3, 20 dollars for a tote, and the lady sending me to the open register told me about an online coupon that save me an extra 10.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby teknoge3k » Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:22 pm

Winner - Walmart, for allowing us to get our things (including tickets) prior to 6:30pm and allowing us to checkout prior to 7:30pm. It was organized chaos and I got every single thing I wanted from Walmart!!

Loser- JCP for not having snow globes. We avoided that store like the plague this year.

Winner - Cracker Barrel for having the cinnamon and sugar french toast again (YAY!)

Loser - JCP for not having snow globes this year.
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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby hiker » Fri Nov 23, 2012 2:10 pm

Winner: Walmart, Best Buy, Office Max, Old Navy

Loser: Radio Shack for not honoring a coupon that wasn't expired because their system said it was. Home Depot and Kmart for not putting anything online that I wanted from those stores.

Winner: Old Navy

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby PokerDad » Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:05 pm

Maybe they decided that they didn't want to force their employees to cut Thanksgiving time with family short just because the stores decided to start their sales earlier this year? I actually give them credit for not forcing employees in during that time.

Mom22 wrote:The losers in my area: The restaurants because they did not have the fore thought to be open, especially during the lull between midnight and 5am openings.

The winners in my area: Kmart and Menards had employees outside with the lines to prevent line jumpers; everything was orderly. Walmart hired "event security", temps from a security agency who stood by pallets and prevented people from ripping into anything before the established sale times. Shopko employees were great and knew exactly where every door buster was located in the store.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby TexasDealGirl » Fri Nov 23, 2012 6:06 pm

Loser-Sears very chaotic I was able to get a nook and two pairs of boots but the crowds were insane. People kept cutting in line getting in front of the people that had been there 2+ hrs and nobody was inforcing the electronic line. I was told repeatedly that something was in stock then got to the front and was told that it had been gone since the opening of the store. The checkout line took a long time because they only had five registers open throughout the entire store. When we were finally getting to the front of the line (five people in front of us) they moved the location of the line and we had to stand in line all over again.

Winner- WalMart because they had multiple security gaurds, the local pd was there as well, the lines were amazingly organized. The item locations were clearly marked. I usually go BF by myself but this year my mother and I tag teamed it. It was great because I was able to get some games that people left at the registers. We were in and out of the line in under fifteen minutes.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby BF364 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 6:29 pm

So I ended up going out after all

Loser #1: Me. I was all psyched to stay home but I guess I still have time to some online browsing & shopping
Loser #2: A Wal-Mart in Luray VA. I didn't go there myself but everyone local had heard about a fist fight Thanksgiving evening in the store over some WM BF item (I heard conflicting stories as to whether it was a TV set or those sheet sets). Apparently the altercation made the TV news locally (Harrisonburg VA) this morning. I think Wal Mart keeping the stores open & letting the customers circle around those pallets of 'cheap' stuff for hours on end are just asking for this sort of thing. It brings out the 'ghetto'/'redneck' in too many people and I don't mean that in a good way. I'm sure the Luray/Page County cops were not thrilled to have to deal with this sort of unnecessary and preventable nonsense. I'd clear the store for some period of time to let the employees get the stuff off the pallets and into position and ready for the shoppers who could line up outside for a few hours outside just like they do outside so many other stores for BF deals and go after the merch in a more orderly fashion.
Loser(s) #3 (&4) The drivers of 2 cars who ran into one another on East Market Street in Harrisonburg VA very near the 247 A&B exits of I-81 at about 4pm this afternoon. The stuff they bought may have been cheap but there go their auto insurance premiums. Ouch!

Winner #1 Lowes The last place we went to (2 pm this afternoon) They still had most of their doorbusters in stock, the employees were well informed & helpful, and the customers were not at all stressed out. Also my dad got his usual 10% off military retiree discount which took another $20 off of our $200 bill for Christmas presents.
Winner #2 The Green Valley Book Fair They are a local closeout seller of books. They had some great cheap books in stock and their usual $4.00 2013 calendars and $5.00 local area themed T shirts are great buys

A draw: Costco: Crowded but gas was $3.02 a gallon today. They sold more groceries than coupon book deals (both the regular ones and the Black Friday specific ones) The deals mostly were still plentiful in store at 1pm, you had lots of options for discounted name brand TVs there.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby barbd00 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 6:52 pm

I've got a list of losers, but I'm not sure how many winners.

Walmart. While a lot of other stuff was well controlled, there were two fights/almost riots (one for video games & controllers and one for Garmin GPS). The worst part was they KNEW they had the mass fight at 8pm and KNEW the crowd was angry about the Garmins, yet still anticipated they could control with 2 men. :roll: And my shopping pal was right next to the one for the video games and I was right next to the one with the Garmins. And my daughter walked right through it. Was ready to roll heads if she got hurt and wring her neck for it.

JC Penney: With the latest start time, everyone was re-energized (our food court was opened & crazy busy) and waiting. There was a MAD rush and everyone wanted the $8 appliances. Which they had one the BACK shelves :roll: It was beyond chaos. People were hitting people (on purpose, mind you) with griddles, throwing appliances they didn't want just so they wouldn't be swamped if they were at the front. I said NO WAY, not worth it.

Sears: at least 1/4 of their stock didn't come in -- that's what I was looking for and specifically heard from shoppers, so who knows what else didn't come in.

Kmart (both a winner and a loser, but more of a winner): Did not have local ad in Sunday, Wednesday or Thanksgiving paper. :shock: Got an ad Thursday morning when I was there, but it was ONLY Thursday morning stuff. By the time I got back today, they had NO ads. Add in the registers are ancient and kept freezing. I had to move 3 times during a fairly small transaction (3 ticket items, 4 pepsi, and a handful of other things) because of the registers.

Winners: Kmart: Plenty of stock. I was 50th+, my group got the last of the tablets we wanted and they had everything BUT TVs beyond us, so they had nice stock with very orderly fashion.

Kohls: It was insane to start, but had plenty of stock when we got there (7ish) and with coupons, Kohls cash and prices, my friend got some great deals and we checked out in 2 minutes.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby mechimpaired » Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:58 pm

Winner-Walmart for being super organized. It was awesome.
Loser- Old Navy as usual but 10x worse. Toys R Us in a close second for their lack of knowledge and second their crappy sales this year.

Winner- Lowes for the send to store option of BF items.
Loser- Kmart/Sears Both sites would not let me order advertised Doorbusters with a ship looked available but it was not and unclickable.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby TheSingularity » Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:17 pm

Winner: Target (I didn't go but it was heard many times over last night). Very efficient checkout and sounded like a good experience.

Loser: Kohl's. Long line and they waited till the last possible minute to open at midnight, then it took us 2 hours to checkout; there was no line control and people were just making their own lines merging with the line that snaked around the store. I won't make this mistake again!

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby packers » Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:14 pm

Well I wasn't at any stores at opening time, but I got the few things I wanted.

Lowes had people greeting you at the door ready to point you to the thing you wanted. Too bad I went there for bathroom paint and my blender of course. :wink: Well, not my blender. I have a waring pro already. It is a gift for my mother in law.

Sears was still well stocked with the shoes and boots at 5 am that were on sale. Got all 3 I wanted.

Kohls was well stocked with what I wanted and there was nobody there. Then I was there for socks, LED candles, and baby clothes.

JC Penny. They didn't open until 6 am and I wasn't waiting around another 45 minutes for them to open so I went home.

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Re: Winners and Losers

Postby Suzapaloooza » Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:17 pm

Winners: Walmart, Old Navy, and Toys R Us
Losers: Kmart and Sears..they had practically no stock.

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