Praise or Complain about your prior Black Friday Experiences

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby BF364 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:16 am

Well as I woke up late, I think I'm blowing off the one local discount bookseller's sale (they operate like Tuesday Morning and are open six or eight times a year for 2/3 weeks at a time).

You have to go in person, there's no web ordering, you never know what is going to be on the shelves and frankly I'm just not that energetic to deal with all of the people today who are going to be clueless about how they operate and are likely to whine about how they do things there and how they can't camp out in a comfy chair with a latte like they do at the chain stores (where they wreck the book shopping for the rest of us who just want to look at and buy good books although the books they damage at B&N & BAM etc end up cheap at this clearance book sellers place). The selection has been getting less interesting there as more and more people do their reading on eReaders.

I did get some good online deals...the Barnes & Noble 30% off one item coupon got me a Criteriion box set (Criterion puts out quality arthouse and foreign films on DVD & Blu-Ray) I've had my eye on ($30 shipped instead of the usual $80 retail and Amazon's everyday price of $55). I could go to the store for another 30% off one item but again I'm feeling lazy today so I'll be doing good to make it out for lunch.

I ordered from some smaller sellers websites who decided to put out coupons for today/this weekend (I posted them in the online section of this website). Half price on my cats pet food supplement that I would have ordered soon anyway (they're running low on it) was a very nice surprise!

I think I might pick up a few more items from some overseas sites I like, but that would be for stuff for me and not for presents for others.

If you're out there, stay safe & sane and I wish nothing but bountiful bargain scoring for you all!

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby newkirk32 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:27 am

Ordered everything I wanted from Kohls on Wednesday and used all my $30 Kohls Cash my Mother in Law gave me, so i got to avoid the crowds there.

Yesterday went to Wal Mart at 6pm to scope everything out. Everyone had already started opening everything so I got some jeans and underwear, exciting, I know. They brought the blu rays and DVDs out at 7:30 and abou 15 mins later everyone started grabbing for them. They didn't have the Brave Blu Ray, but I did find Rise of the Planet of the Apes for $4. Got a pile of the cheap Blu Rays for my husband and then checked out in about 15 mins. However, most the Blu Rays they featured in the ad weren't there, no Avengers, Iron Man or Brave which was bummer. There was a huge crowd for the Blu Rays and games and after 15 mins every last one of the Blu Rays DVDs and games were gone at the first WM i went too.

Also, went back after checking out at 8:30 and stood in line for the 38.00 blu ray player as a gift for my parents. About 100 people in line and they had over 250 on a couple of pallets. After they handed them out checked out in about 5 mins and then went to bed for the night.

Got up about 5:30 to get in line at World Market for the free ornaments and movie tickets, exactly 100 people in line so they gave all the freebies away in about 5 mins.

Then to Belk to look for the mitted ice scraper, was told they usually get a couple of hundred, but never received a shipment this year, which sucked because it was in the ad.

Then went to Petsmart for the 50% off toys, and $9 cat litter. The litter included a $5 coupon so got 3 - 35 lb tubs for $4, which is usually $12. Also picked up about 10 cases of cat food which was .10 off.

Then went to the other Wal mart and finally found Brave for $9, apparently they had them all in the back and didn't put them out at 8pm like they were supposed to. Also got the Pirates of the Carribean trilogy for $24 on Blu Ray.

Ran by the mall and to check the other Belk and they had tons of the ice scrapper mitts which was awesome.
Then came home, so all in all a successful day!

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby Logan » Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:20 am

Wow! I can't believe your World Market had 100 people in line- mine had 15...which was 8 more then last year.

I started at my local mall which opened at 12. They were giving away tote bags with gifts inside to the first 500 people, so we (foolishly) got in line for that. 12 came and the 2 DJ's started playing music yet they didn't start handing out giftbags till 12:05 and they were VERY slow to hand them out. FInally got a bag and hit up every store I needed to at the mall. Body Shop ran out of my cologne, so I ordered it online with free shipping. The mall didn't seem as crowded this year. Longest line was Gap and Bath and Body Works.

At Macy's I got sheets and a $400 bedroom set for $119. I'm very excited for that.

Came home, ate some leftovers, and then went out to World Market. The manager let me extend their 50% off framed art deal to ANY art, so I got this huge unframed piece for half off, which was great.

Good Black Friday. Now I'm off to sleep.

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby sewitgoes123 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 2:04 pm

I did my annual trip to our local Meijer store on Thanksgiving for socks for everyone (yes, I'm practical: )...almost all included a free pair so it was bonus time:sock it to me :wink:
Then I came home and shopped online. I got all of the deals I was looking for plus I stumbled upon a lightening deal at Amazon for an item I'd been looking for online earlier. The Camp Chef Explorer double burner camp stove for only $79 and shipped free.
Today, I managed to help my son out with his shopping for some Lego sets at Walmart for my grandsons.
Everything I bought qualified for free shipping to the house, so I don't have to go to any store for pick up.
I'm happy I stayed out of the stores. I'll finish up shopping locally on Saturday with Small Business Saturday deals.
After that I just need to find a birthdat gift for my SO who's birthday is on Christmas.

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby dkst0426 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:39 pm

Tuesday: Bought a couple of BF items off walmart.com at regular price that I verified with the local manager could be returned for a refund if I didn't get them in hand on Friday.
Wednesday: Shopped online at Kohls.com
Thursday: Headed to Walmart at 6:30. Full account of my time in there is here.
Friday: Wife left house at 4 and hit Kmart, Kohl's, Target, JCP. She came home and I took our daughter with me to Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Lowe's. By that point, after a really productive outing at Walmart the night before, I was just kinda walking around seeing what was left. With much joy, I found one of the Walmart crayola wheels in one of the return carts in the morning. The trick was getting my daughter to keep her eyes closed while I picked it up and put it under my jacket and then doing it again while we were checking out. Also managed to get an 8 gig memory card and a 16 gig memory stick.

Because I wasn't really looking for anything at Target or Best Buy, I can't tell you too much about what was left. Crowds were pretty small, though. I will say that Best Buy was laid out horribly. Everything was a tight squeeze right off the bat once you walked in the front door and hit the DVDs. Lowes had plenty of the 30-packs of no-name battery sets. No-name brand is exactly why I bought 5 of them. Also had tons of the storage tubs that were going for $3.24 each. Best part of Lowes was the free coffee, though.

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby bfaddict » Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:26 pm

great year this year!!

started about 6 at walmart. picked up the ottoman and sewing machine. out of walmart by 8:15.
over to target, stood in line for a bit. in the store at 9:05 - got my lime green crock pot, oversized throw, bridesmaids DVD and spiderman hoodie for my nephew (ordered bigger items online). out of walmart by 9:15-9:20.

took a dinner break

went to kmart to waste some time..... didnt' buy anything. went back to target to hang uot with friend's sis-in-law and cousin that had gotten there after us and were currently in the check out line. go out of there about 11:30 and went over to the mall.

mall opened at midnight. SUPER disappointed that JC Penny did not open with the mall. they ALWAYS do. really bummed about that. only disappointing black friday thing this year.

went to younkers.. picked up some sheets, a scale, mini sauce pan, pyrex bowl set- i think that's it. ordered some other stuff online.
then to bath and body works. stocked up on peppermint twist body wash and some other hand washes
checked out some other stores.... got a few items at GAP. most of the store was 40-60% off.

then went to best buy... it was about 2. got a dvd and camera memory card. line was pretty short but still stood in line for about an hour. can't imagine hanging out in that line shortly after they open.

home about 4:00 am!

woke up at 10 cause someone was knocking on my door. around 11 went out for round two to see if i could find leftovers. didn't find anything. but that's ok. but stopped at a local sports clothing store and able to get some good deals on xmas presents.

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby pandagirl » Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:40 pm

So we went back out today around 7 am. Started at jcpenny and got shirts and ties for my husband. We went to breakfast after that and then hit 5 below. On to Macy's and toys r us after that! Our local groupon deal is a toys r us groupon and I got all of my family to buy some, so I'm going back after 5 tonight (when they're active) to rake in any last minute deals I can find!

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby kenziekinz09 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:37 pm

Was at Kmart 4am Thursday (that was a joke), Walmart 9pm Thursday (got what I wanted), and just came back from Target/Costco/the mall where I gleaned for leftovers.

My heart really wasn't in it this year :/
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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby gigoypotpot » Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:59 pm

Thursday 9am went to frys.com a d ordered the $30 bluray player, $278 fujitsu, 50" coby and some hdmi cables. At around 11:30pm we headed out to Target, still a lot of big ticket items leftover such as the 50" westinghouse and 40" element tvs. Disn't really buy anything except for the $38 sonicare toothbrush and some pajama sets for $10. At around 1:30am we lined up at Old Navy and scored some cheap jeans, henleys and sweaters. Got home around 4:30am on friday.

Woke up earlier sround 8:30am for round two. Hit up staples where i got the $79 canon powershot with sd card. Then we hit up office depot and office max for leftovers -- nothing exciting. Went to Walmart around 10am, nothing spectacular. Picked up a few blu rays nothing else. Then we finally went to Frys to pick up my items that i ordered on TG day. Found nothing else spectacular other than a refurb kinect sensor fpr $70 so i picked that up as well.

Overall, pretty happy with what i got this year. Definitely a lot more than last year :)

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby thejoseph5 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 6:05 pm

Headed out to Target about 11:30pm. Ordered a game system online but forgot the extra controllers (duh!) well Target was dead. More sales staff on the floor than people, so I got a hair straightener that came with a gift card and used that to buy additional controllers. Only thing that was gone, that I wanted, were the sheet sets. They still had about 6 of the Westinghouse TVs left and plenty of the blu-ray players. They also had staff roaming around with popular games in hand so you could just get them from the sales associate. That was nice. It was almost weird, didn't feel like a Black Friday, it felt like I was shopping at 8am on a Wednesday.

Next went to Kohl's just needed one little kitchen thing for a gift. There was no parking and it was super crazy. The lines at Kohl's are always the worst! I decided to spend a little more and went to the jewelry counter vs standing in the line that went around the entire store.

Tried Old Navy just to get some Tshirts and kids t's. Same line all the way to the back of the store and it just wasn't worth it to me to wait in that super long line to get $5 ts. I know that the price on those will come down to close to that again. Again this was my personal preference.

Headed to Macy's to get some dishes. I know, weird thing, but I need them and with the coupons it turned out to be a screaming good deal. Also had a coupon for Bath & Body works and well, we always need soap :) The mall that these stores were in was completely dead. Even inside the department stores, it wasn't that busy.

Really wanted to try and get a TV, but I just couldn't committ to the line. Only regret I have, but I'm optimistic about Cyber Monday.

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby mechimpaired » Fri Nov 23, 2012 7:00 pm

Wednesday-Ordered Lowes 10" saw online for pickup Friday.
Thursday-Meijers at opening before I started cooking for Angry Birds games.
Cook/Eat/Power Nap
-Husband and I headed to Walmart at 530. He got in line for basketball goal and air hockey table. He was 3rd. I hung around different areas and gave him breaks. They were super strict Walmart employee monitoring our line said as of 630 15 people had been kicked out for getting stuff out of the pallets. They had over 30 cops as extra security. They were super organized. NOTHING was opened until exactly 8! I got toys/games/tupperware/shark mop. Most pleasant BF at Walmart ever. When we were checking out we even got the sheets that were going to be put back by our cashier. I got my white whale! By pure chance! We had to pull around back to get air hockey table and basketball goal to pass through 2 different cops checking our tickets!

Dropped husband off.
Picked up friend.
-Went to TRU got the 4 things I went for. However, the employee told me they were out of something but a random guy shook his head at me and showed me where there were still a box of them! Awesome. Friendly experience! Unhelpful employees this year tho :(

-Next, Target got most of what I went for. Was hoping they had plenty of doorbusters to get in laws a new tv but the line to electronics was not worth it without knowing if they were even in stock!

THE Screwup
-Two words. Old Navy. My friend and I went shopped a little got in line and OMG it was so long the WORST I have ever seen even with years past. I tried numerous times to try to convince my friend for us to leave and move on but she really wanted the stuff in her hands. 2 hours 45 minutes later from entering the LINE we exited the hell hole. Never again. I luv her but that will not happen again. Online only for me here on out.

-Meijers at opening. Got Just dance 4 for wii by the hair of my head they had 3 left after I went through. Got some other toys.
-JCPenney was bad. It rivaled friggin Old Navy. Those cheap appliances brought the crowd I guess. They were gone. I got a few things but not much.
-Nap until noon.
-Back to Walmart for 2 things I forgot (not christmas birthday presents) Not much left electronic/big wise there pretty much a good toy and dvd selection left though.
-Another nap small one. Husband and best friend went to UK game so I have to be a little lucid to mind my kiddos!

Still will be checking weekly sales for things I didn't see that great of a price on BF>

****Missed sears gearwrench set husband wanted*** wouldn't let me try to ship when I got online. Wondering if it will be on sale before christmas again.

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby barbd00 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 7:29 pm

Side note: Forgive any spelling errors I don't catch, I'm functioning on 5 hours of sleep since Wednesday. My baby's had a nasty cold on top of BF sales.

Started online Sears Wednesday night. Nothing I wanted was up at almost midnight Eastern. So, I hit the hay and got up 2 hours later to head to Kmart. My shopping pals thought I was nuts. Years ago, we could show up at 4:30-5 and be within the first 10-20. Last year, we showed up at 4 and were about 30th or so. This year, I really wanted a tablet deal for my kids so I wanted to be there by 3. Got there at 3:10 or so and was 50-60th or so. When they handed out tickets I was pleasantly surprised to find out my group snagged the last of the tablets and they still had everything BUT TVs. Other than very slow registers, it was a great start. My shopping pals left some stuff because the registers were slow though.

Got to Boscov's at 7:02 and managed to be 248 of 300 but only got a $10 gift certificate (Hey, free $10!).

Headed back down near my house and hit Dollar General and Walgreens and was home to do cook dinner by 11.

Cooked, ate visited with family till 6-ish, had a couple false starts but managed to be at the safest Walmart before 7. Staked out what we wanted and grabbed everything on my list. Almost didn't get the $10 Little Tikes trucks because I couldn't find them, but my shopping pal found them way out in the Garden Section by the ride ons. There were 2 mass fights over the video games and Garmins, but we weren't involved just nearby. Police were in and escorted SEVERAL people out. Sadly, they should have set up something different knowing the Garmins caused a fight last year and with the fight at the 8pm sale. But, it's still safer and saner than the other two Walmart's near here. :roll:

We discussed Walmart 10pm vs. Target opening and decided to stick Walmart out. I'm glad because I grabbed the last of my "must haves" and Target had everything but the towels left. Actually, they had white towels, but with a mechanic husband and 4 kids, I'm not doing white. Even bleach doesn't get grease and oil out!

Finished Target, stopped at Kohls', decided against that and headed to the mall. Got a few things, got another $10 free gift certificate at Boscov's, and lingered till JCP opened.

JCP was like Walmart all over, except there were no employees to try to regulate. People were hitting people with small appliances, throwing the ones they didn't want so they didn't get squished. Oh, did I mention the $8 appliances were in the back corner? Poor first people. I wouldn't have wanted to be up there even if I had gotten the blenders. :roll:

Left the mall, hit Kohl's then ate breakfast and then Walmart.

The 5am sale was such a bust, there were still pallets WRAPPED with no holes in them. Lots of 8, 10 and 5 am sale stuff left, so we wandered around and picked up a few extra things. Managed to get all of Harry Potter for my tween who's just now into him for $1.96 each. (Score I didn't even know I was gonna get).

Managed to get everything I wanted and then some with the exception of the $8 blenders.

It was, however, only a "MEH" Black Friday because the only thing I really wanted was the tablets. There wasn't any minute-by-minute plan required to make sure I got all my deals. Was actually a bit bummed about that part. I like the strategy almost as much as I like the deals. :lol:

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby mommybambi » Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:02 pm

Have not been on the forums this year due to low enthusiasm for BF. It is just that what my kids want aren't really popular items that would be on sale. Actually what I mostly concentrated on was clothes for hubby and I since we have both lost a bunch of weight and need stuff that fits.

We actually started earlier this week when hubby ordered the Harry Potter Book of secrets with the Move for PS3 for my son online at Best Buy. I was thinking of going to Kmart on Thanksgiving but then realized I could order everything I wanted online. Got a $5 toaster for camping, a camp chair, $2.50 headphones, some curtains and a Mp3 player. I also orderd a coat I really wanted from Kohl's. I went and tried it on earlier in the week at the store but ordered it online to avoid going in the store today. My son wanted to go to Gamestop but opted to order some used games online instead since there wasn't any must have items on sale.
I didn't go out until midnight. Started at Kmart. It was very calm with extremely short lines. Got B1G1 shoes and socks. Got some shirts for hubby and slippers for daughter. I picked up Hunger Games Blu-Ray. I knew it wasn't on sale until 5am but thought I saw a sign that it was only a few dollars more if I bought it earlier. After I checked out, I realized I paid $27.99. Also the radio I wanted wasn't on sale until 5 so I skipped it.
Went to Target by 1am. Also very calm there. I was used to fighting crowds there and barely being able to walk. Very different experience. Picked up some $5 lounge pants. There was only 1 left in the bin but later saw them laying tossed all over the place. Got the Brave DVD and a hat I wanted. Got the Monoploy Millionaire for my son...there were tons of them. They seemed to have a bunch of everything in stock and most of the doorbusters were still there. Got my daughter a hoodie and pants. Line moved fast even though it was a good length. I have to say they have improved their line porcedure 150%. They have everyone weave in and out of aisles throughout the store. They used to have a huge line wrap around the perimeter of the store that nobody knew where it started. 2 years ago I had one of my worst BF experiences ever when I waited in that line for 3 hours and it got VERY ugly. Ever since then they changed the procedure and it has gone smoothly. I then headed to Bonton. The 19.97 boots I had wanted there were not to my liking so I skipped them. I wanted a pair of running shoes that were 50% off but couldn't find them. Salesperson helped me and then we both realized they were only online. I only got a shirt for hubby and some gloves using the $10 off coupon. Then went to Sears. Got clothes for family and used the $10 off coupon, another $10 coupon I got in email from my birthday a few weeks ago, and then a $10 gift card I had still from a promotion during school shopping. A total of $30 off. I walked thru Best Buy but didn't see anything that caught my eye. By then it was about 4am and I was getting tired. I ran over to Gamestop, not a soul was in the store except for the employees. Couldn't find 3 used games my kids really wanted. The couple of new games they want weren't on sale anywhere. Left without getting anything. I went back in the mall and went to Spencers to get a few Sonic themed items for the kids. I wandered for a short time (Old Navy, Payless, Barnes and Noble) but didn't buy anything else. I wanted to go in JCpenney but didn't want to wait for it to open. Went home then and ordered the running shoes online from Bonton with free shipping. Fell asleep for about an hour because I couldn't function. Got back up and went back out around 8am. Went to Walgreens to get wrapping paper and supplies. Grabbed something to eat at Tim Horton's. Then I decided to go back Kmart. Got a price adjustemnt on the Hunger Games Blu Ray. Then decided to pick up the radio since I was there and ended up buying more stuff since I was refreshed such as boots, belts, and a purse. Got back home around 10am. Went to sleep for 2-3 hours after lunch and I'm done.

Overall, a very different experience. No rushing crowds and even the employees seemed bored. Mind you I wasn't there at opening time but I didn't need to be. I don't know about Walmart...I refuse to go there on BF.

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby BFVet » Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:47 pm

Strangest.Black.Friday.Ever No one was shopping....

  • Picked up a few odds & ends early online from Kohl's & Target.
  • Woke up around 3:45am Thursday morning. Decided to drive up to Kmart and check the line for the $97 32" and $188 42" TVs. 2 hours before opening, there was an easy 200 people in line. I was shocked, but drove back up and went back to bed.
  • Checked online sales about every hour as I woke up. Realized that, once again, none of best deals would be available online.
  • Bought the $250 39" internet-only Insignia from Best Buy as a back up if I didn't get anything better
  • Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner, ate with family, headed out around 10:00pm. With the exception of hoping for a 40"-ish TV for under $200, everything on my list was crap that I figured wouldn't be in big demand.
  • Started at Kmart, got some $1.00 socks and $5.00 sleep pants. Place was pretty empty 2 hours after opening.
  • Went to Target. They were still pretty slammed around 11:00. Very different from Kmart. Got some more sleep pants
  • Went to Kohl's about 11:00. Line was about half what I was expecting. Maybe 150 or so. It doubled by opening, but still a tiny line compared to what I've seen in prior years. Grabbed the 10" Polaroid tablet and a couple other things that relatives wanted. Got to use my $10 off $10 coupon that couldn't be used online.
  • Went over to the WalMart that shares Kohl's parking lot. Grabbed some Martha Stewart crafting kit. WalMart was deserted. It looked like there was still a lot of doorbuster clothing items left, but I couldn't tell if it was for prior sales or for the 5:00am event.
  • Headed to Sears about 1:00 to see what things looked like for the 4:00am TV I wanted. There were about 10 people in the electronics line. The store was deserted, so I wandered around a bought a few other things while checking the line. It hadn't grown by 2:00, so I got in line then. One other person showed up about 2:50 and they handed out tickets at 3:00. Everyone in line got either the $300 50" or $200 39" TV. So, again,.... I'm seeing this black Friday as basically dead. I've been shopping for 6 hours and hadn't see a big crowd yet; other than *arguably* Target, but even they were slower than prior years
  • By the time I finally paid for and picked up the TV at Sears, it was close to 5:00, so I headed to Kmart for one toy they had going on sale at 5:00. They had actually closed from 3:00 to 5:00, so there was a line outside... maybe 50 people.
  • Stopped at Staples and Home Depot for a couple things. In & out in 5 minutes at each.
  • Got to JC Penny about 5:50am. Again, much smaller lines than I was expecting. But... everyone headed directly to the $8 small appliances. I was too far back to get those (although I could've gotten them if I had gone in a different door, but would have felt guilty). No biggie
  • Stopped at Big Lots, no one there.
  • Stopped at Sports Authority, no one there.
  • Stopped at Office Max, there were a few people in the electronic lines, but the rest of the store was pretty empty. No checkout lines. This was 45 minutes after opening. Never seen it like this before.
  • Finished up with stops at Gander Mountain, PetCo and Pepboys.
  • Went home and slept for a couple hours, then went back out shopping with the family. Wife wanted to get one more thing at Kohl's. So now this is about 12:30. BIGGEST.CROWDS.I'VE.SEEN.YET! Parking lot was full, checkout lines stretched to the back of the store. So things were deserted all night and then got busy sometime before noon, I guess.
  • Had lunch, made a couple more stops. Wandered through the local mall. Hit Steak n Shake for happy hour. Called it a day.

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Re: -=-=-=SHARE YOUR BF 2012 EXPERIENCE! - OPEN=-=-=-

Postby lizisforlovers » Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:52 pm

Got to Walmart at 745, somehow got a front row parking space. Unfortunately, my Walmart did not believe in allowing us to get our stuff early. My mom and I divided up what we needed, she headed to the toys for my niece and I headed towards the video games for myself, my brother and my boyfriend.
8 o'clock hits and somehow, the people that were on the opposite side of the pallet ended up shoving into it and crushing it. And then, I'm still trying to figure out how, I ended up in the middle standing on top of the pallet with every possible XBox game at my feet. I got about $300 worth of games for $100 and I was thrilled. My mom found the baby doll we wanted for my niece and I grabbed a couple of the $5 CDs and a couple movies and got the heck out of there. Not too chaotic, but not exactly calm and collected either.
My mom and I drove an hour up north to Tennessee to the mall and got to Belk around 915, since there was already a line we got in line and waited until midnight for the gift cards. Around 11 they came out and handed tickets for the gift cards, making it a lot easier. The process of getting into Belk was awesome, no one could cut because of security, it was very nice. This is where the nice experience with Belk ends. All of those $20 boots they had on sale were right at the bottom of the escalator and people we're going absolutely CRAZY for them. I saw women with as many as 12 boxes stacked up. You could not move in that store because of everyone being around for the boots. I was going to get some, but it just wasn't worth it. Ended up just getting my mom two pairs of earrings with my $10 gift card, so it was alright. I went back through here on my way out of the mall after JC Penney and it still looked really bad. If you went down the escalator it kind of looked like a boot bomb exploded downstairs, there were boots everywhere.
At this point we got our first breakfast of some pretzels and then retired to our car for a 3 hour nap before JCP opened at 6.
Went back into the mall around 430, tried to take a nap inside like everyone else but security said no and made me sit up. Got my griddle, pillows, and shirts for my brother at JCP and was out of there by 700.
Got real breakfast (McDonald's) and then went back to Walmart because I wanted the Sims that Best Buy had for $7.99 and Walmart says they'll price match. I only had to fight a little bit to get them to do it and I picked up one of those $5 story books for kids they had for my niece that I forgot to get at 8. Went to JoAnn's to check out the fleece, but the selection was real bad at this point.
Stopped at Kohl's around 8 to see if any of the Rachael Ray pans were left and there were tons. I'm thinking that most people spent their time at the mall across the street and left these big box stores alone or something. Kohl's had tons of everything, I didn't see one door buster that was sold out.
Last stop of the morning was Target just to see if they had any of the $8 appliances left. Low and behold, they still had a ton of them! Got the little crock pot and the single cup coffee maker, didn't wait in line at all and was happier than I had been in forever.
Definitely a successful Black Friday. I am thrilled. And now, I am going to bed and sleeping until tomorrow afternoon.

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