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not shopping?

Postby tmc8080 » Sun Oct 23, 2011 4:29 pm

Has this year's price increases from everything from gasoline to car insurance, food, shelter and even electricity rate increses busted your budget??
Last year saw a significiant drop in year over year sales.. if you're part of the 99% who saw their incomes stagnate while expenses ballooned, this is the thread to vent it at!!

About the only thing you can hope & take action on new year is an increase in wages, or looking for a higher paying job, not trying to bring back the trend of sales gains for brick & mortar stores. I'm also hopeful that a new trend will spread to vote out all incumbents including Obama. This is NOT a poltiical ad for republicans! This is a reaction to the economy and those who hold public office have to pay for the upheval of the jobs market! This is really aimed at those congress people who have held office the longest, they have got to go!!! Get organized and get anti-incumbent voting this & next year! Vote your wallet & anti-incumbent, not FOR a party!

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Postby tlwg04 » Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:28 pm

uh.........................??? tangent, much?

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Postby elle_fleur » Mon Oct 24, 2011 6:17 am

I'm no fan of Obama. I was against him from the start. I knew he was going to be an out of control spender who cares about nothing except increasing the size of the federal government. But in terms of not voting for him... I certainly am not... however... what is the alternative? Voting for Romney who will undoubtedly be the republican nominee and who also crafted Romneycare which was the blueprint for Obama's disaster of a heathcare bill. Romney is a big time RINO who will spend, borrow and print money almost as fast as Obama.

We have a massive spending problem in this country and the economy is not going to improve until we have a president willing to make huge, massive, painful budget cuts. Romeny and Obama are not those guys. I think we're just circling the bowl at this point.

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Postby tlwg04 » Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:24 am

This is why I hate political discourse.

A) You say Romney set the blueprint for Obamacare.....the same people *itching and moaning about Obama would vote for the same thing in another candidate as long as they have the right REPUB affiliation. Makes no sense to me.

B) Many of the items that would have been beneficial under Obama have been vetoed by the repubs en masse simply because they dont want to see him do well. Its ALLLLLLLLLL about power and getting it back. And this is why I cant vote for them because they have made it clear that they would rather sink us than to let someone not in THEIR party do well.

"TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK".....indeed. Back from what? And give it to the likes if Bachman and Palin? I've never sene bigger idiots in my life.

And before you guys try to flame me, I'm independent. I see pros and cons on BOTH sides. No politician is 100% correct on everything.

Less voting partylines, more voting for what actually means the most to YOU! And in the end, it STILL wont matter, because politicians do what they want, and arent being really held accountable anyway. ..

I thought this was a Black Friday site....not Huffington Post.... I'm outta this thread. :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:

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