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Praise or Complain about your prior Black Friday Experiences

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Postby queentween » Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:52 pm

I'm going out even if there were nothing I wanted- because its so much fun!

Honestly, though, there have been a TON of sales in our area (VT) with many places have 60-85% off- and things that you would actually use. I know they are hurting and want to get whatever $ they can get before BF and I understand that- but I have done a great deal of shopping for Christmas gifts early- $25 items for $4, etc....

I am still trying to figure out if my tech savvy, music loving 9 year old who dreams of an ipod will be ok with an mp3, or if I should bite the bullet and get the 149 ipod at radio shack.....

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Postby nikol0304 » Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:57 am

reygato wrote:Niko, I am sorry that you can only get the $198 laptop. I am getting the IPAD and it is costing me almost $900. THEY DON'T HAVE ANY BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS ON THAT !!!!! But I am glad you are getting what you want.

Wow is all I can say.

I'm getting the laptop for my mom. Hers is a hunk of junk and this one HAS to be better. I don't need your insincere "sorrys." And really? What was the purpose of going on to tell me about you spending $900 on an iPad? What - are you in middle school?

Please spare me. I have a nice laptop, a nice TV, and a great family. I don't need to spend a ridiculous $900 on a brand - even if I did have it to spend frivolously as you seem to...

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