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Postby HauteChocolot » Tue Oct 26, 2010 11:20 am

fireflii wrote:I was surprised to hear that above about Savannah GA. I lived in Savannah GA for 3 years, did all my shopping there and never had any problem with theft. It's just something that happens in every city which is a shame.

Now I am in Indiana, but I still love love love Black Friday. With the websites to search and early ads, I always have my morning planned out before Thanksgiving so that I can rest up and just enjoy that day with family. I actually prefer to do Black Friday alone so that I don't have to worry about someone else having other plans. I would know what I wanted, get in and get out.

This year is going to be a lot different though. Lost my job and my family seems to have fractured. My only grandson is now living 3000 mi away from me since my son and DIL separated. I doubt very much if I will be able to get all my kids in the same house since my daughter and other DIL are mad at my son for separating from his wife. I always loved Christmas ... not going to be Christmas at all at my house this year. Will probably get out on BF for just one item or two items though. Just for the thrill of it.

You should go out and enjoy the festivities! Even if you don't buy. BF is like my Christmas morning.

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Postby shanyo76 » Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:31 pm

I usually pretty much have my lists made and my plan mapped out before Thanksgiving but that morning, after I pop the turkey in the oven, I dash over to the store to buy the paper (in my pajamas and slippers) and go over the ads with my morning coffee, basically just double checking. I have went to Kmart a few times on Thanksgiving Day but usually only for one or two things. Thanksgiving night, I *try* to get to bed early but am usually too excited and don't get to sleep until well after midnight. Sigh. Get up around 3 and am in line at Target by 3:30. I have two good friends that I shop *with* which means they are out in line at two other stores and we are frantically blowing up eachothers cell phones, racing around in our mini vans and picking up things for eachother. We try to meet for breakfast at some point and go over receipts and who owes who how much, etc. Total chaos and I love it. I get home around 1 or 2 pm, have leftovers and take a nap. Hubby gets off work around 5 and that evening we put up the Christmas tree and decorations with our 3 kids. I wrap presents sometime that weekend after I've recovered. Lol.

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Postby joesbabe » Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:10 pm

I don't have a tradition. This year will actually be the closest. First year I did it, I was with my sister and long ago ex, then joined the Navy and got out of the game for a few years. Finally when I got out and went back to NC, my sisters and I had an awesome time!! We went down to Concord to the huge mall at like 11:30 pm and started rocking it out, then headed back to our town hitting stores as they opened. I looove southern weather. I have since moved to Colorado and last year was my first year out here. It was freezing!!!!!! My husband, step daughter, and cousin-in-law went along for the ride- all newbies!! We all had so much fun, but almost froze to death. This year should be much of the same except I WILL have like 8 layers of clothing on that is shedable. One thing remains the same every year- I scour bfads and make and remake my list according to my budget! Hoping I can get my mother-in-law on board with me this year. She loves bf too!!

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Postby theos_on_the_go » Tue Oct 26, 2010 4:44 pm

My BF tradition starts Wednesday night. I get the ads together and go over my final lists while waiting for my pies to bake. Then on Thanksgiving after dinner my sister-in-laws and nieces sit down and go over the ads one last time discussing our shopping strategies for BF. We have a great time discussing what has happened in the years past BFs. There are some crazy stories. Good times :lol:

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Postby b.f.shopper » Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:24 pm

My tradition starts with the very first ad I receive, I have a book with pockets in it, as soon as the ads start coming in I begin making the lists, every store gets their very own pocket, and list. If there are any coupons or anything like that those go in there too, and the book is arranged in the order of the stores I will be going to.

On Thanksgiving night I go to my shopping buddies house (Susan) and we look over the ads again and plan our strategy, like who's gonna go to the electronics department, and who's hitting the toy section, etc. We eat dessert then its off to shower and try to sleep. We usually get to the first store around 2 a.m. (WalMart) and wait, during that time we will go to JC Penneys and get our snow globe. Then its off to Sam's Club (free breakfast and coffee), Kohls, Target, Best Buy, etc. Lunch is at 11 a.m. at P.F. Changs. Then we hit the mall, we are there most of the afternoon. Before leaving the mall we treat ourselves to pedicures, mostly for the foot massages, then its back to WalMart to see whats left. We usually get home around 6 p.m.

It has become my favorite "holiday" of the whole year.

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Postby TitansFan » Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:40 pm

My BF tradition just started about 4 years ago. We had just eaten Thanksgiving dinner at my mother-in-law's house when I noticed the THICK newspaper sitting there chocked full of all the ads. I began to look at them and was interested in a few items. At the same time, my brother-in-law noticed some good deals as well. We agreed to get up about 4am and head to Circuit City to get Gameboys for our kids that were on sale. It was a lot of fun so we decided to go every year. This year, my wife will be joining in on the fun as well.

Formula for Black Friday: Coffee + coffee + good deals = FUN!

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Postby RSFish1 » Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:54 am

Our tradition now goes back 9 years and has changed a little. It used to be that my dad and I would go to Best Buy around midnight, maybe 10 PM on Thanksgiving night and brave the elements all night for the store to open at 6 AM sitting in lawn chairs.

Now I get there at 7-8 AM Thanksgiving morning. Setup the tent, heaters, inflatible couch and assorted power supplies and entertainment. Dad will come over after Thanksgiving lunch with my turkey and food. Getting older now he cannot tolerate the temps and cold like he used to. So her will sit with me in the tent or outside until 10-11 PM that night. Around 7-8 my mom will stop by with coffee and pumpkin pie and we will sit there and enjoy it. Sometimes in the snow, sometimes sitting under the stars. But now it is always 78 degrees and sunny in the tent. LOL
Around 10-11 one of my friends will come over and my dad will head out. We will sit up all night people watching, playing card games and general BS'ing around.

Around 3 it is time to start watching for line jumpers and running them off. I am always so fascinated by the excuses they give and the sd stories they give to try to be first in line. That's why you always make friends with those around you. There are powers in numbers and these people will back off when they are against a crowd.

Around 4 it's time to dismantle the tent and set the heater on the sidewalk. Take everything except the heater to the truck. Everyone you have made friends with in line will be happy to huddle around the heat.

It's all so worth it. People see us as nuts for doing it. I think it is getting to the point where even if they did not have anything we wanted, we might still do it for watching the crazy people all night long. LOL

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Postby TheCount » Wed Nov 03, 2010 1:28 am

After weeks of reviewing ads, I finalize a game plan with the newspaper ads. I circle items and determine the order of stores and items to grab. On Friday morning, my sister, my boyfriend, and I head to the first store as the end of the line enters. It's nice having company, open hands, and loved ones to put those in the wrong in place. We hit a few more stores in the area before driving a half hour away to a huge mall. Here my bf passes out in the freezing car--aka 'watching our new possessions'-- while my sister and I shop. We hit the previous stores but in the new town for leftovers. Afterward we arrive close to home for lunch.

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Our tradition

Postby Price52009 » Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:41 pm

We do Thanksgiving day shopping online...then we finish dinner--finalize the list in order of where I will go first thanks to BFADS! Up by 2--1 wawa hot chocolate, shopping all done by 9--back home and start Christmas Decorations...normally all up and everything wrapped by Sunday! :)

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Postby DramaticAnnie » Thu Nov 04, 2010 1:42 am

Holy cow, you're home by 9am??

I dunno about anyone else.. but when we get up at like 1-2am and are out in line someplace at 230ish.. I mean.. we don't stop until about 6-7pm.. and that is just because we have to crash we cannot take it anymore lol.. usually grab a pizza from Papa John's cause we're too tired for anything else and go back to our hotel rooms and pass out. If I COULD, I would stay out on Friday til the stores closed.. but the frigging body just won't do more then like 18 hours of shopping, lmao :oops:
I love my dogs more then I like most people.

There is nothing else in this world I get as excited for as I do for Black Friday. :D

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Postby coloradoshopper » Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:11 am

I'm thankful Hubby and I get to share in our tradition. We give the kids to MIL after T'day dinner. Up to last year, we'd head out around 4am to Toys R Us usually. Last year we added the Lego store at the mall to the mix, which required being there before midnight. Then we killed some time and hit up TRU at 5am with added trips to WalMart and Target.

I think this year we will still do the Lego store at midnight (they offer a scratch off coupon and you get from 10% to 50% off and there are NEVER deals there) so it is totally worth it. Then, we'll probably do Target this year unless there is something really beckoning us from TRU or WalMart. Last year the midnight sale at TRU kind of screwed us because we only wanted stuff from the 5am sale, but the store was cleaned out by the time we got there around 3:30 am. If TRU doesn't open at midnight again, we may do TRU in lieu of Target first. We always seem to find the stuff at Target we need, even one or two hours after they open. I plan on topping off my seasons of Friends this year!

Anyway, it's practically a holy day for hubby and me. After we're exhausted to the core, we come home and sleep for a few hours before getting the kids from MIL. We usually managed to do 90% of our shopping on Black Friday. One year we had to miss BF and I felt lonely and empty inside. :(

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Starting a BF Tradition

Postby redparkme » Thu Nov 04, 2010 1:21 pm

I am so excited. :D ! I am so new at BF and I can not wait to start my own tradition. I'll go through the stores all alone while my husband has the kids. Oh. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :arrow: CAN NOT WAIT! Did I mention I am excited. :P

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Postby sharemadison » Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:27 pm

I note down what I'm getting on Black Friday from the leaked ads/scans
My Thanksgiving consists of my family & my moms best friends family
we all bring different dishes - deciding on who brings what that year
eat dinner & dessert for a very long time - many servings - many :oops:
and then we all just roll around the house talking & playing games/watching movies
finally ~ I meet up with a friend/s around 2am to go to Target & other stores
bring some snacks and a beach chair - review our game plan & the map :roll:
get home at like 10am, throw all the purchases on the living room floor
drag myself to my bedroom and sleep until like 5pm and eat some leftovers lolll

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Year we got engaged the tradition began - he's now a maniac!

Postby RMLabonte » Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:11 am

I have always loved BF, but with my family on the opposite coast and friends that require tow trucks and coffee IV's to get up that early, I usually ventured the crowds on my own. Don't feel bad for me - its actually an advantage going solo. You don't have to hit stores not on your list, you can easily dart between and under racks to get to the goodies faster (without having to play Marco Polo over the loudspeaker, trying to find the rest of your party) and there is no need for creative gift hiding while trying to pay. The year I got engaged, being silly full of sweet nothings, I asked him to go with. I started him out with the basics - YOU are to go HERE once we are in the store and get THIS and then come find me - there is no straying from the plan - this is not a drill - trust no one, unless they are wearing a name tag. This will be our 4th BF and I must confess - I have created a monster. He is just shy of mapping out battle plans on whiteboards and putting Christmas colored camo paint on his face! Not to mention the fact he's in Law Enforcement and just to make sure we are both on the same page, I often remind him that he is NOT to bring his sidearm. We create a top 10 wish list, obviously with number 1 & 2 being my primary goal and the rest would be nice, but not a 911. He takes on that list like its a matter of life or death, driving and dealing with people, giving himself little "you can do it, don't give up now" talks... I think he sometimes looks in the rearview mirror while he does it. I am DRAINED after hitting several stores, but there is NO WAY IN HECK I can show him that... He'd never let me live it down. So now I have to go, and go, and GOOOOO - till the list is complete or we hit all the stores in our guidelines. YES, GUIDELINES. After last year, I had to create some rules for the game that we both had to agree to, and one of them was distance and how we are NOT driving 45 miles so we can try just one more location. He has taken a day that is typically fun, but often VERY stressing and has made it one of my most favorite parts of the holiday season. I know if I were to make us team t-shirts, with a manly logo across the chest, he'd be wearing it proudly while standing in a mile long line next to me!

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Postby queentween » Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:13 pm

I have LOVED reading your traditions!

I used to go BF shopping by myself- not a small feat! (We are a military family, and my husband was stationed in another state for the first 7 years of our marriage- I am a loyal VTer, so he came home once a month) Despite that, we managed to have 2 kids and on BF, my darling would take care of the two while I went and did 100% of the shopping for Christmas.

When my daughter turned 5, she woke up and wanted to go with me. How did you turn down a little girl with blue eyes filling with tears because she can't go shopping with Mommy?? I said, Come on, and its been the best thing ever!

We buy boxes of chocolates for the store clerks- and avoid the mega stores. Heading to our small mall, I get awesome service, and she and I have a wonderful day. Its nearly impossible to get her things on this day, but she assures me she has a bad memory on BF! (Untrue, her mind is like a trap!) After shopping, we go bowling, have breakfast at a diner, goof around and wear as much glitter as possible- but this year, unbeknownst to her, she will be wearing a BFADS T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, I can surprise that kid!

The day before, on Thanksgiving day, we scour the ads, and make the lists, and of course, ignore those lists on Friday!

Happy SHopping folks! Retail people, I appreciate your help!!!!

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