LOWES In Stores Only Most Pet (Dog & Cat) Items On Clearance

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LOWES In Stores Only Most Pet (Dog & Cat) Items On Clearance

Postby BF364 » Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:21 pm

Hi everyone

For those of you going to Lowes and have dogs / cats to buy for you might want to hit up Lowes's pet section while they still have one...it looks like they will continue to carry things like cat flaps and dog houses (stuff that you either attach to your house or stuff that you handy-types build as DIY projects) but items like toys, treats, collars, leashes, grooming tools (i.e. brushes & nail clippers) and products (i.e. shampoos & some low end flea/tick treatments), catnip, cat litter & litter boxes, food & water bowls & dispensers, cat scratching posts, pet beds and wire crates are all being discounted to make space for something else in Lowes.

You may have to hit up several Lowes in your area to find everything available (and there seems to be some variance between stores as to what's on sale and how big the discounts are so it may be a manager's discretion thing on what is discounted and how big the discount is) but it's probably worth it. And if you are either active duty military or a military retiree, take along your valid military ID card so you can get an extra 10% off at the register when you check out.

I picked up several things for my cats (brushes, nail clippers, those soft grooming mitts with flexible plastic teeth on the palm side, litter mats that go under a litter box to stop the cats from tracking litter around the house, a couple scratching posts, and medium size collapsible wire pet crates) and a few goodies for the neighbors dogs (dog treats and toys).

Happy hunting!

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