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Postby carmenslackey » Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:15 pm

This will be a long post since I'm now pretty much broke, lol...

$298 HP Laptop
$89 TomTom (x2)
Portable Pyrex (x2)
$2 DVDs (x12)
$5 DVDs (x9)
$9 DVDs (x7)
"Up" for $13 (PM'd Target's ad)
Mr. Coffee
Shop Vac
Collage Picture Frame
Jammies for hubby and me (x6)
$3 jammies for my son (x3)
$3 hoodies (x4)
$9 jeans/shirt (x5)
$15 jackets (x3)
$7 boots (x3)
Littlest Pet Shop Get Well Center
Littlest Pet Shop Online plush
Bakugan tin
Guiness Book 2010
$5 football
Hot Wheels Colossal Trick Track
Hot Wheels 10 pack
WD 1TB Hard Drive
Stanley Thermos (x2)
$29 Mp3/Video player
Asst'd Holiday Items that we needed (gift boxes, tags, wrapping paper, etc.)

$10 PJ Set (x2)
Boy's jeans (x4)
$5 kids' PJs (x2)
$3 kids' shirts (x4)
Up DVD (again... gotta love those 5am phone calls, lol)
Proposal DVD
Fred Claus DVD
$15 Nintendo DS games (x2)
Sunbeam stand mixer
$3 coffee pot
Bakugan battle pack (x2)
Mad Gab game
Scene It! Movies 2nd Edition

Kmart (over the course of 4 days):
$29.99 Roaster
Play Doh sets (x2)
Snuggie (x2)
Complete Bed-in-a-Bag
$7.49 Bed sheets
88-cent socks (x6... love these!)
animal/socks set (x2)
Tons of clothes
Bakugan buy2get1
2-pk NDS games (x2)

Best Buy:
Xbox 360 Elite Bundle with 6 games
$299 Emachines desktop package
Watchmen DVD
$10 NDS games
$15 NDS/Wii games
True Blood Season 1 for $19.99
NDS Scribblenauts for $16.99

I went to a lot of other stores (Michaels, 5 Below, Petsmart, JCP, Radioshack, Big Lots, BB&B, B&BW, etc.) but my post here is long enough and I didn't pick up a lot at those places. One deal worth mentioning though is the $249 Wii bundle I picked up this morning on for Cyber Monday. It was the only thing big left on my list and I was so disappointed when I missed it on BF.

Happy Holidays all!

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Postby angel_of_oz » Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:27 pm

MAN!!! I feel so cheap....or I failed miserably lol

Walmart -

$198 laptop
$3 Jammies (2 pair)
$3 t-shirts (2)

Kmart Thanksgiving
$119 17inch TV (Couldn't do Walmart BF 19inch cuz I heard they would be ticketed and both husband and I sat for the Laptops..they were gone when I checked)


(I had to work that day otherwise I would have been in total BF mode.)

I wandered through Walmart trying to find the other items on my list and not knowing where they were, I grabbed the ones I passed on my way out and said forget the rest. I was too busy watching my watch saying "Ok I'm cut back to only 5 hours of sleep...ok 4 hours ...OK GOTTA GO! lol

I wasn't prepared at all. The family decided to do a poker tournament so I only got 1 1/2 of sleep before getting up to head to Walmart and wait after being up since 6am to cook. I had been all ready for everyone to be gone by 6pm at the latest.....then they pulled out the poker idea.

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Postby hpnyr » Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:51 pm

good stuff people, keep it going. Maybe sticky this so people use it?

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Postby heirwalker » Mon Nov 30, 2009 4:16 pm

Kodak from walmart 69$
case and rechargable batteries for Kodak 10$
smarter than a 5th grader 5$
game of life extreme edition 5$
remote heli remote plane together 20$
mem card 4 gig "2 of these" 8$
need for speed ps3 10$
Radiata Stories ps2 7$
blood diamond 2$
Tales of Despereaux 5$

Michael Jackson ultimate box set collection 25 $
Lonesome dove blu ray- 9$
Robocop Blu ray- 9$
Buck rodgers complete set- 10$
Seinfield season 1&2 15$
Seinfield season 3 15$
Quantum Leap season 5 12$
Back to the future trilogy 10$
Okami wii 12$
Ilive speakers for Ipod 38$
Femisapien Huminoid Robot 38$

I did not think about making wal-mart price match anyone.

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Postby LHaro » Mon Nov 30, 2009 4:30 pm


$3 Pj's - 4 pairs
Men's PJ's
$3 hoodies - 2
$9 jeans and t-shirts - 3
all the $5 games
the Battleship connect 4 2 pack
2 v-smile games
doodle-pro - (pricematched targets price)
$3 track suit
1 $5 dvd and 1 $2 dvd
fleece jacket


$24 Interactive Doll Set
$2.99 pie in the city movie


Tale of Desperoux (sp)
Call of Duty World at War

That is pretty much it - between that and what I bought pre black friday I am pretty much done - unless of course there is a deal that I can't resist.

I am regretting that I didn't by the $29.00 MP3 player at Walmart..

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Postby TheCount » Mon Nov 30, 2009 5:40 pm

-1 snuggie w/ reading light
-1 hand mixer
-1 waffle maker
-1 deep fryer (gift)
-1 fondue pot (gift)
-1 blender
-1 character towel

-10 bath towels
-1 bed sheet bundle
-15 plus DVDs
-Family Guy DVD
-4 toys (gifts)
-$2 glass pie holder
-1 Carnival Games for Wii

-1 Gossip Girl Season 2 DVD

Best Buy
-1 Garmin GPS (gift)
-2 Blue Ray movies
-6 DVDs
-2 Nintendo Ds games

-3 candles (2 gingerbread!!)

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Postby delwood » Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:22 pm

32" tv $378
laptop $398
safe $25
Blu ray's Harry potter, etc $8 ea got 7
Ds starter packs $10 got 3

Casio keyboard $49
Blu ray player sony $129
ironing board $15
Cheap vac $22
Sweat shirts 3
bag, $10 gf card, $20 card all free

Cake dec stuff
Cricut stuff

office 2007

AC Moore:
More cricut stuff
Rubber stamp stuff

Pet Smart
3 pet throws $2.50 ea
And a big cart of dog toys 50% off every kind you can think of

K Mart
Toys and Christmas ornaments

very little of this was for me (safe, viruscide), and I said this wasn't going to be a big christmas this year.

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Postby tinkerbell4726 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 9:03 pm


Xbox Tower- $48
Flannel Shirt- $8
Band Tees- $8 x2


Alternative Down Comforter- $20 (worth $69.99 and the softest, warmest one I've ever had!)
Disney Hardcover books- $6 x2


Sherpa lined hoodie- $10
Vest- $7.50 x2
Dvd's- $3.99 x3


Colby Digital Frame- $20
Element 2gb mp3 player- $9.99
Flannel Shirts- $5.99 x2

Breakfast at my favorite hole in the wall cafe- $2.95

Going home without having to cuss someone out or punch someone in the face- Priceless


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Postby fentrio » Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:28 pm

Walmart -
Night at the Museum 2 $10

Amazon -
Bolt ds game 9.99
Ice Age 3 ds game 9.99

Toys r Us -
Imaginarium marble race 35
2gb video mp3 player 17.50
Nerf wii bundle 15
Ben10 omnitrix 8
Dino Dice game (2) $5 each
Creepy Crawler Oven $8 something
10 pk hot wheels $5
Army set $10
play doh mat sets (2) $2 each
my little pony w/dvd set $2.70

walking doll 9
pie plates (2) $2 each

The Clothes Closet =D
bag of play dishes 25cents
bag of play food 50 cents
Thomas train tool box w/tools $1
motorized spider 50cents
Cup stacking set 50 cents
dinosaur puppets 25 cents
10 dinosaurs 50 cents

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Postby chiqtears » Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:44 pm


32inch tv~$248
Kodak wireless printer~$99
Toddlers pjs~$3(x12)
Boys pjs~$3(x4)
Mens Pjs~$7(x2)
Mega Blocks~$9
Tinker bell dress up chest~$19
$2 dvds (x10)
$9 dvds (x4)
4 in 1 jacket~$15(x3)
Toddler track suit~$3(x4)
Barbie doll~$5(x6)
Bratz doll~$5(x6)
Nintendo ds~$98(x3)
xbox games~$10(x3)
xbox games~$25(x4)
Nintendo ds starter kit~$10(x3)
Digital photo frame~$29(x7)
Tv wall mount~$69(x2)

Hp desktop~$498
Family game night xbox 360~$19.99
Left 4 Dead 2 xbox 360~$34.99(x4)
Sony headphones~$9.99(x5)

LPS vip toys~$2.98(x10)
Dora sleepy dreams doll$14.99(x2)

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Postby Marcia3641 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:47 pm

Office Depot
HP Wireless Printer $40
320 GB Portable Drive $60
Computer Speakers $7

Radio Shack
2 VIOP Headsets $10 EA
Bluetooth $20

Ace Hardware
Sharper Image 7x50 Binoculars $10
Quick Fabric Steamer $10
Heavy Duty Staple Gun $5 w/rebate
2 2-Way Radio $5 EA w/rebate
Light Staple Gun FREE w/rebate
38-Piece Screwdriver Set FREE w/rebate
Glue Gun Free w/rebate

Home Depot
Ridgid Wet/Dry Vac $20

Panini Grill $20
Black & Decker Toaster Oven $20


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Postby bjbarrick » Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:03 pm

Office Clue - $29.80
Chi Hair Straightner - $69.50 (this is the one that Kohl's and Target had for $89.99!)

Lots of DVD's - $2, $5
600ct Sheet sets (3) - $24
Girls' 20 inch bike - $29
Bratz doll - $5
Jammies (2) - $3
Crock Pot - $4

DVD's - $3 & $4
Office DVD's - $12.99
Crock Pot $19
Target Gift Card - free!
Digital Key Chain - $10

Sweater for me (regularly $48 - I got it for $14)

JC Penny
Two sweaters total of $$26.87

Children's Place
Two pair corduroy pants
Rugby sweater
Micro fleece top
Stuffed penguin for a total of $37

Bath and Body Works
1-8 oz perfume
6 bottles of body lotion
polar bear anti bacterial soap dispenser
aromatherapy gift set
VIP bag stuffed w/$107 worth of products
total bill = $65

Sweater boots - $15

Now I need hot deals on gift wrap! lol

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Postby Tony » Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:32 pm

HP ProBook 4510s $299

4 DVDs $33

Tomtom 325 XL-SE $98

250GB internal notebook HD $53

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Postby gibsontrio » Tue Dec 01, 2009 9:57 pm

Fureal pony
mr potato head
kitchen food
playdough set

3 dollar pj's
princess comforter set
brats doll
2 sets of track suits

barbie gutair
skate board
nerf gun

boys shoes
bubble gum machine
sport shirt

disney store
belle tea cart/set
prince phillipe doll
stuffed mermaid doll

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Postby jammrj » Tue Dec 01, 2009 10:19 pm

ds lite
carnival wiigame
gta IV

paid with gc got from the xbox arcade a few weeks prior
compaq netbook
tomtom gps 340s

$3 pjs x8
$29 mp3
$10 video games x3
ds starter kit $10
imaginex trex $19
600ct sheets
heated blanket
collage pic frame
tomtom $59

22pc Hard anodized cookware $70
toddler coat $14

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