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cheap digital camera

Postby mooseboy84 » Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:27 pm

I am looking to buy a cheap digital point and shoot camera.

My main qualification is it be around $50

I dont need 10mp, I dont need every high tech option, just a solid Point and shoot camera.

All the black friday stuff ive seen so far has cameras in the 150 range. I saw one for 79, but im looking for something around $50.

Any suggestions or ideas?


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Postby bigdog6374 » Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:30 pm

Suggestion is don't look at the big retailers because that's their bread and butter look in places like your CVS , Rite Aid, Walgreens, ect... places you wouldn't think of because more times than not they have the best mid level electronic prices.

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Postby mooseboy84 » Sun Nov 16, 2008 11:26 pm

Thats a good idea, thanks.

I just need a modest camera to take simple pictures.

I know there has to be something in my price range for people who want something on the lower end, or a camera thats a gen or two old.

I had a canon from 03 or 04 that was only 3mp and worked fine for my basic photo needs until it stoped working last year.

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Postby Shopper X » Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:57 am

From a quick scan (using the search feature on the home page), below are the digital camera Black Friday deals $50 or less. However, my suggestion is to raise your price threshold to at least $80 or so. The value of the cameras that you can get for just a little bit more money are worth paying the extra amount, in my opinion.

Ace Hardware - Updated - 2008
Vivitar Digital 10 x 25 Camera Binocular, $19.99

Kmart - Thursday - 2008
Disney Electronics Disney Pix Micro Digital Camera, Princess, $9.99

Kohl's - 2008
Little Shots digital Camera for kids, $29.99

Meijer - Friday - 2008
GFM Digital Camera, $49.99
VTech Kidzoom Digital Camera, $37.99

Rite Aid - 2008
Polaroid 5.0MP Digital Camera, $40 MIR, $49.99

Sears - 2008
Disney Pix Micro Digital Cameras, $9.99

Target - 2008
Little Tykes My Real Digital Camera, $20.00

Toys R Us Big Book - 2008
Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Waterproof Camera, $49.99
Totally Me! Scrapbook Kit with Digital Camera, $24.99

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Postby tdpats » Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:37 pm

There are many deals out there. I don't know if you know of They are pretty good in searching for deals. You have to be careful sometimes because sometimes the information can be outdated though. and beechcamera. com have good deals. Ritz camera has a pre black Friday sale online every Friday, just go to Just an FYI Curcuit City had a camera I wanted to buy for my daughter for Christmas it was the Canon A590. Just about everyplace wanted 149.99 Curcuit City had it on sale for 129.99. I went to Best Buy and showed them the ad and they gave me the camera for the 129.99 and then took an additional 10% off. Needless to say the camera cost me 116.00.

Point I am getting to most department stores do price match with an additional 10% off the difference. Surf your ads make sure the camera isn't on sale at both stores and take the ad to the store who doesn't have it on sale. You can make your own sale and get the item cheaper. You can end up with a better camera for your price range if you do the foot work. I have a kodak easy share and is a simple point and shoot. Kodak sell refurbished cameras on their website.

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