So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

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So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby azerigold » Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:39 am

Have one yet? Which stores are you going too? High priority? Times? etc.

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Re: So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby Kento87 » Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:57 am

Work till 12:30 eat dinner around 1:30 then head to Walmart as a family around 1:35. scout and then send wife and kids home until like 5. grab what we can and be home fore the kids bedtime @ 7

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Re: So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby BeachGirlShops » Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:36 pm

Wait in line, spend money and repeat. :lol: I don't know yet. Still working on a game plan.

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Re: So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby teknoge3k » Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:03 pm

My day is already in my spreadsheet, ready to go!

I plan to wake up around 9am (PLEASE son, let me sleep until 9am)
I will drop my boys off at my in-laws around noon'ish and come home and sit on bfads until about 1:30. Then I will take a shower and get ready.
At 2, I will head to Sheetz to grab a burger and fries for my lunch and dinner.
At 2:15 I will arrive at Walmart and scope out where things are.
At 4:30'ish I will start loading my buggy with a bunch of stuff that I don't really need.
At 5:00'ish I will check out of Walmart and load my car. (Our Walmart doesn't adhere to the "official" start time. They let us go early)
After I leave Walmart, I will head to Dollar General to grab some sodas.
On my way home I will stop at Walgreens to stock up on dishwasher geltabs.
I will get home, unload my car, and shut my eyes for a couple of hours
I will wake back up and head to JCP to get my snowglobe
Then I will run over to Sears to get my sound bar, and a leaf blower.
After Sears, I will head to Target to get some sleepwear for kids, legos, and some other toys. If none are left, oh well.
Then we will go to Kmart to get some of the BOGO sleep shoes for kids.
Then we will go to Home Depot to get the duct tape gift pack. My son is OBSESSED with duct tape.
After Home Depot, we will run across the street to Lowe's to get the fire pit.
Once we finish there, we'll head to Radio Shack to get the scanner they have.
After Radio Shack, we'll head to Cracker Barrell to eat breakfast, and swing by Ace on the way back to grab the workbench.
Then we will head back to our town, and go to Walmart again just to see what's left, and maybe grab some more junk we don't need.
Then we will come home, unload, and go to sleep for a few hours before picking up our boys.
Then I'll wake up and spend the rest of the weekend on Amazon getting more stuff I don't need.
The End.
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Re: So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby steffj89 » Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:11 pm

going to start sometime wed trying to get the stuff i want online....really hopeful about most of i can just plan target @ opening to get pajamas!
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Re: So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby pandagirl » Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:42 pm

We will do all of our kohls shopping online on wed. Whatever time it starts, maybe 12am? Then on wed, we will head to Walmart during the late afternoon/early evening hours to scope out any placement/stock in the garden center. Although they have gotten better at hiding it in the last couple years. Then I will stay up til midnight to get what I can on Thu am I may head to some of the drug stores to get cheap detergent, etc. Then we will probably go scope Walmart again. We will head to my grandma's at 12, father in law's at 2, other grandma's at 4. I will leave my kids with my husband And head out with my cousins probably by 5 to Walmart. We will do the 6 and 8 pm sales. Then we are going to head to TRU and target if I didn't get what I needed online. After that, we will probably head to old navy and maybe hhgregg, depending on sales. May need to do sears or Home Depot at some point for appliances. I plan on being done by midnight if all goes well. We will probably go back out in the morning to place like 5 below and Macy's. just regular shopping.

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Re: So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby Debs1973 » Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:49 pm

Dinner should be done by 2 or 3 then its off to walmart by 5:30 luckily the items i want are on the 1hour guarentee so i am not worried about getting there too early although i will probably be there for awile as i need to wait for the 8 pm sale, then its off to the outlets, Coach, Nike, Under Armor and Ralph Lauren for my sons fav polo, Still hoping to find a Pre-Lit tree that I hope to find so maybe hitting a home depot or lowes and definitely a stop at the mall for Bath and Body Works

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Re: So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby bfaddict » Wed Nov 13, 2013 3:41 pm

my plane arrives around 2ish i think. so i will get to my parents around 4. maybe find a snack. get ready to head out.
probably swing by TRU after they open. maybe get some dinner between TRU and the 8 pm stores. or maybe swing by walmart.
will hit up a lot of the 8 pm stores shortly after they open.
i don't envision being out later than midnight this year.

HOPEFULLY be up to be at some of the 7 am stores. i have never woken back up after staying out late so we'll see how that goes. i'd like to get to petsmart (and petco? didn't check their hours...)

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Re: So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby PokeMeg » Wed Nov 13, 2013 3:59 pm

I'm not sure yet! I know my MIL only has a few places she wants to go--and several of our must hits are stores that open 6am on Friday.

I know for sure we won't be out at until at least 10-11pm that night. Anything I want from earlier opening stores I am just going attempt to order online.
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Re: So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby bfaddict » Wed Nov 13, 2013 4:50 pm

add the outlet mall to my list! perhaps around midnight since it looks like most stores will be open by then.

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Re: So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby mechimpaired » Wed Nov 13, 2013 6:44 pm

Wednesday 11-Midnight- I will order online with Koh'ls and Lowes.
Wake up and cook with MIL
Have dinner at 12-1230
Visit and rest until 345
Head out with husband to Walmart (kids stay with family)
Once at Walmart we take turns waiting in line for our big item while the other scopes. Our Walmart isn't like tek's this one is super strict about not opening NOTHING until exactly 6. They even kick people out they catch! Cops are EVERYWHERE.
Once we are done I drop him off and pick up girl friend to head to TRU or Target (it's her call) whichever place she picks the other will be next.
Usually the mall is next but unsure of the opening time this year
We shop until we drop this year it sounds like we will be out til 12.
Come home sleep.
Go back out to places like JCPenney, Big Lots, and Hastings.

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Re: So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby azerigold » Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:11 pm

Tek that is a major shopping trip I'd see why you have to plan it weeks <months> in advance lol :lol: :wink:

I'm still debating. Probably eat dinner about 1-2pm. Head to Walmart about 3:30-4pm. Hit up Kmart as soon as we're done at Walmart. I need to look through the ads and decide on anywhere else we will go Friday morning.
I'm not sure if my husband is going with us or not. I'm taking my 2 oldest kids <12 & 14> since they are buying some stuff with $$ they earned from selling a 4-H project.
My husband is NOT a shopper, haha...he's never truly been out on BF before.

I want to have the rest of Thurs night at home to enjoy with hubby/kids.
We used to put up our Christmas tree on Tday night, but with BF crazy times now, we'll most likely do that Friday afternoon.

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Re: So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby pdavis » Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:10 pm

well my original plan was:

get to walmart when it opens at 6 am to wait for the 6 pm sale for the 40" tv, plus some smaller stuff at both the 6 pm and 8 pm sale.
go to target to pick up a few small things
go to toys r us
maybe kmart
home to sleep a few hours
then to the mall for bath & body works

But now I'm trying to come up with extra $$ to hit the 50" tv at target. if I can, then i'll go get in line at target early in the morning Thursday, get the tv and a couple other things, then go to walmart
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Re: So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby nikkigirl01 » Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:15 pm

Kmart Thanksgiving morning then Walgreens. Breakfast at the diner. (Tradition)

Home to watch Macy's Parade and take a nap.

Walmart at 3PM to wait for Xbox @6PM. Also try to get a wristband for an 8PM camera.
Several other small things from WM, and a few TRU and Target price matches. Hopefully get camera at 8.

Head to Kmart for the Boost phone and B1G1 Imaginext

Home for a few hours.

Back to Kmart for some clothes deals in their BF morning sale and a few more toy deals.

Old Navy
Radio Shack
Walmart to scavenge DVD's and games.


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Re: So...what's your tday <BF> game plan?

Postby candycanegirl » Fri Nov 15, 2013 3:32 pm

We'll probably eat around 12:30-1. Think my mom & I are planning on JCP at 8pm, maybe Goodys at 7pm. I will go to Gamestop & BBW at midnight. Don't plan on going anywhere else. I'm done with my daughter's gifts, and need to pick up 2 things at Gamestop for my son. The rest of my gifts are homemade, so I've been picking up ingredients here & there if I see them on sale at the grocery store.

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