Worst Black Friday 2019 Deals

Worst Black Friday 2019 Deals

For many, Black Friday kicks off the entire holiday season, bolstered by a hot Thanksgiving Dinner and even hotter doorbuster deals. The road to successful Black Friday, however, does have a few potholes. Among the thousands of great deals found in ads from retailers nationwide, there always bad deals that are sprinkled throughout the ads, waiting to trip you up like an icy driveway on a cold Black Friday morning.

To help steer clear of these bad buys, BFAds.net takes the time every year to bring you our list of worst Black Friday deals. These are not bad products, and are quite the opposite! They are some of the most popular and beloved items on store shelves that we only wish had genuine doorbuster deals, but instead are just advertised at everyday prices or are not present at all. Let’s take a look at which items made our naughty list this year.

Nintendo Switch

Having been on the market since 2017, expectations were high about what Black Friday could hold for the Nintendo Switch. After all, the console has just seen its first hardware refresh, bringing with it a substantial increase in battery life, along with a smaller, portable-only revision in the Nintendo Switch Lite, so the time seemed right for gamers everywhere to be finally treated to a great Black Friday doorbuster. Instead, the only deal to be found was the same Mario Kart 8 bundle that was featured in Black Friday ads last year. Still, a free game is a free game, and discounts on first party Nintendo titles are rare, and even made our Worst Deals list last year because of the lack of Black Friday price drops. But when shoppers dug deeper, it was discovered that this deal was the same as last year’s in every way, including the original 2017 hardware rather than the new, updated 2019 model. Instead of a doorbuster bargain, Black Friday appears to be only a vehicle to clear out old stock of the Nintendo Switch.

As for the 2019 Switch, which can be recognized by its mostly red box and device serial number beginning with “XKW”, there is only a single deal that has shown up for Black Friday, a bundle deal that includes Crash Team Racing and 12 months of Switch Online service for $305 from Google Shopping of all places. While this is a pretty good deal, as shoppers have learned in the past from Dell Home deals, store exclusives that are only available online tend to sell out in an instant. Combine this with no known starting date or time and the fact that Google Shopping is a relative newcomer to Black Friday that is better known as a price scraper than an actual store, the scenario is ripe for a lot of disappointed shoppers.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Speaking of a newer, portable only version of the Nintendo Switch, the Switch Lite is the first complete revision of Nintendo’s hit console. Dropping the ability to Switch, and instead going all-in on portability, the Switch Lite is sure to be one of the hottest holiday sellers this year.It seemed like the chances were good that we may see a holiday bundle with a special Pokémon Sword/Shield version already popping up on store shelves that would include some kind of pack-in game, or maybe even stores offering gift card or other bonuses. Yet, after nearly all the ads have been revealed and deals combed over, there is no holiday bundle and only a single deal to be found.

That deal, once again, is Google Shopping, which features a $175 price for the Switch Lite. While any price cut is great, because of the aforementioned uncertainty surrounding both Google Shopping and the ad itself, there is a very real chance that this one price break could be a bust.

Airpods Pro

It’s been a banner year for Apple deals on Black Friday, with bonafide doorbusters on even the latest iPhones, which saw massive gift card offers and trade in bonuses this year from both Wal-Mart and Target. In fact, even the iPad Pro, which made our naughty list last year, had its own doorbuster, discounted all the way down to $599 at Wal-Mart. That’s why it’s both surprising and disappointing that a doorbuster on the first ever major hardware refresh to the most popular wireless buds on the market, the Airpods Pro, is nowhere to be found this Black Friday. To add insult to injury, the Airpods Pro are the worst kind of “worst” deal, the kind that are advertised but not discounted, showing up in ads from both Best Buy and Target at the full retail price of $249.99.


It truly pains us here at BFads.net to bring OLED UHDTVs back for the second year running on our Worst Deal list, but not nearly as painful as it was to flip through page after page of Black Friday circulars hoping for a deal and coming up empty. Like last year, there are no Sony OLED deals at all, and the few advertised deals on LG OLED UHDTVs that are discounted from their everyday price, have Black Friday prices equal to or higher than deals that have shown up at other times of the year.

In fact, many of the Pre-Black Friday sales that have popped up this month have better prices than what are advertised for Black Friday. So, while we love everything about OLED UHDTV, until we get some real doorbuster bargains, it’ll have a home on our worst deals list.

UHDTV Cables and Accessories

Our annual Worst Deals list could actually be renamed “The BFAds.net Bad AV Cables and Accessories Deals Awards.” We mention this each and every year both here and in any of our annual TV buying guides, but it simply cannot be overstated. While Black Friday is the best time of year to buy almost anything advertised including UHDTVs, laptops, smart phones, video games, personal electronics, appliances, tools, and the like, the biggest trap one can fall into when out shopping is on the purchase of cables and accessories for your new TV.

The worst part about it is that most of these accessories are actually marked down, but since they are absurdly overpriced to begin with, even a doorbuster doesn’t make it a good deal. For example, this year, Best Buy has a single HDMI cable advertised, a 4-foot in-wall rated HDMI cable from Rocketfish on page 23 of their ad for $9.99 after $20 price reduction. Not only is 4 feet too short to run into any wall, but for $7.99 Amazon has the Amazon Basics 10-foot HDMI cable, their everyday low price. This cable is also CL3 rated, so it’s suitable for in-wall applications, and long enough for simple behind the wall cable management.

Another example is the variety of TV wall mounting kits found on page 22 of the Best Buy ad, with the lowest price being the fixed position Sanus wall mount which supports up to a 64” television for $39.99, a $50 savings from the everyday price. Yet, back at Amazon, you can pick up a Mounting Dream Tilt Wall Mounting Kit which can support up to a 70” television and includes a level and 6-foot HDMI cable for $24.19.

These are just two examples of one of the biggest lumps of coal in the Black Friday stocking. If you’re shopping for any kind of electronics that needs cabling and accessories, plan ahead and buy the necessary cabling from sites like Amazon or Monoprice if you don’t want to overspend.

Final Thoughts

Did you spot a bad deal you’d like to warn our readers about, or is there a yearly stinker that you think should be included on our list? Let us know in the comments section what deals you’ll be avoiding this year.

If you want to hear more about all the good deals Black Friday has to offer, make sure and check back with BFAds.net throughout the holiday, where we’ll be posting leaked ads and early Black Friday sales while also hosting exclusive giveaways! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and check out our handy BFAds app for Android and iOS.

November 21, 2019
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