An Introduction to the Wii U


The Nintendo Wii was born out of Nintendo’s desire to no longer compete in a crowded video game market. With the Wii, the fabled gaming brand aimed to expand their audience and attract new players that previously had no interest in gaming, or gamers who had become disenchanted with the complicated nature of modern games. To do that, they ditched the traditional idea of a controller in favor of a simple, one handed remote that used motion and only a few buttons.

It was a gamble – ultimately one that paid off big – and the Nintendo Wii became nothing short of a phenomenon, with worldwide shortages happening up to two years after the console’s 2006 launch. Nintendo had succeeded in capturing a new audience, as the Wii’s simplicity and charm attracted new gamers of both genders as well as wide-ranging age groups. The Wii was so popular that both Sony and Microsoft found themselves playing catch up, and after being easily outsold by the Wii, each released their own form of motion gaming add-ons for the Ps3 and Xbox 360. Predictably, neither add-on ever found the mass appeal that the Wii enjoyed.

This holiday season, Nintendo is ready to unleash the follow up to their revolutionary console with the Wii-U. But with motion gaming no longer being a novel new idea, what will Nintendo do to recapture the audience they had created with the Wii? Read on and find out more about Nintendo’s new revolution.


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November 15, 2012
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