What You Need to Know About the SNES Classic

Video games always seem to be a holiday favorite and last year was no different with Nintendo announcing the release of a NES Classic Edition. This sent gamers and enthusiasts into a frenzy as pre-orders quickly sold out. Stores could never keep the system in stock and excitement quickly grew into anger as prices on eBay skyrocketed and the coveted system was discontinued with no warning.

Fast forward a year and Nintendo announces that they will be releasing a SNES Classic Edition on September 29. Walmart is the first to put up a pre-order on July 21, only to crush everyone’s dreams the following week by cancelling orders and announcing that it was a glitch in the system and the pre-order went up early. Here comes the anger and frustration again and the console hasn’t even been released! We've seen our fair share of angry comments towards Nintendo on our Facebook page, but the system is still considered a hot item appearing on Toy Lists and many kids (actually adults but we’ll say kids) holiday wish lists. So, after all of that we’ll introduce to you the SNES Classic Edition with the pro’s, con's and what we're most excited for!

The SNES Classic Edition is the miniature version of the original ‘90s system. It includes two controllers and comes preloaded with 21 games including the never before released Star Fox 2 Game. Some of the included games that we are excited for are Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past, Secret of Mana and Mega Man X. You might have played these games as a kid and are thinking that they might be fun but what's with the hype, or the best one I've heard, "I have my old system why would I need this one?" Well, most of the games included on the system now sell for $25 - $300 so getting your hands on one is not only spendy but also difficult. Plus, Star Fox 2 was never released even though it was created so it's been hanging over the heads of Star Fox fans for 22 years.

A feature that they’ve added is the ability to rewind in a game. You can actually choose to go back to "suspend" points and each game features four of them. This is way better than having to press pause and risk mom turning off the console when it’s dinner time. They’ve also added two controllers this time whereas with the previous system you only received one. They look just like the original and are wired like it too but wait a few weeks and you’ll be able to buy longer cords or wireless controllers after the release from various companies. One of the major complaints that we saw about the NES Classic was that the cords were too short and Nintendo must have been paying attention because they made them longer this time. The game manual features a poster on the back so feel free to put it on your bedroom wall, we won’t judge.

The system releases on September 29 and we’ve seen a few pre-orders pop-up since the Walmart fiasco but if you’re hoping to have one under your tree this holiday season you should probably get in line now. Just kidding, but really you should plan on being to your local Walmart, Toys R Us, Target or Gamestop on the night of the 28th with a sleeping bag to guarantee that you’ll be first in line. Nintendo recently announced that they don't want people to pay ridiculous prices on eBay and that they will have more SNES Classic consoles available on launch day than all of the NES Classic consoles previously sold. Some of our sources said that Gamestop will not only sell the regular console but they'll have it available in bundles as well. We've seen the ridiculous NES Classic Bundles that ThinkGeek has offered so I wouldn't count on the SNES Classic Bundles being much different.

As always we'll be your eyes and ears this holiday season as we watch for the SNES Classics to be in stock. We generally post first on Facebook but if stock remains available we also add them to our Hot Deals page! We’ll be ready to play Super Mario World on September 29, what game are you excited for?

UPDATE: Nintendo has announced that they will be bringing back the NES Classic Edition next summer! They haven't announced a launch date yet but we'll be sure to update with any new information we find!

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September 19, 2017
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