Video Game Buying Guide for 2015

Online Shooter

Splatoon - Wii U
$54.99 at Walmart

It's no surprise that the hottest console shooter of the year so far is a fast paced, post-apocalyptic, online multiplayer game set in a world wildly different from our own. What is surprising is that this remarkably non-violent summer hit comes from Nintendo, who has managed to catch lightning in a bottle in their first ever online shooter.

Only Nintendo could take this premise and produce Splatoon, a frantic, family friendly shooter with style and charm to spare. Rather than soldiers spraying bullets, players take the role of teenage squids in 4v4 matches where they race to cover the stages in their team's ink color, splatting opposing squids in the process.

Weapons include a variety of super-soaker inspired ink shooters that are unlocked or purchased by players as they level their character. In addition to weapons, players can buy fresh gear like sneakers, shirts, and head wear that offer performance boosts in addition to unique new looks.

Nintendo is also turning the profit-hungry world of DLC on its ear by offering a slew of downloadable content including new maps, weapons, increased level caps, and new game types absolutely free. Splatoon is an must buy for Wii U owners and shooter fans looking to take a break from the year after year monotony of Halo or Call of Duty.


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September 1, 2015
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