A Guide to Price Matching

Price Matching Guidelines

1. Be Prepared
Be prepared with your ads and ready to wait for the manager. Many stores do not price match Black Friday items at all, and if they do, the manager on duty that day may not see things your way. Being persistent but polite will help you much more than getting angry, so stay calm if they say no. To get the deal honored, you will need to have the circular for the other store with the item circled, and frequently they will take the circular from you.

2. Check SKU and Model Numbers
Sometimes the stores anticipate price matching and will change their items' SKU numbers or have a slightly different model in stock. Moreover, places like Walmart and Best Buy sometimes purchase items with unique model numbers exclusive to their store to prevent price matching. However, since many circulars don't list a SKU, you may still be able to match a very similar model.

3. Watch Out for Holiday Exemption Clauses
Many price matching stores will have specific "holiday" or "Black Friday" exemption clauses in their holiday circulars. Make sure you read the fine print. Also, make sure you have an original copy of the circular and and make sure it's for a local competitor. Managers are unlikely to be impressed by a photocopy and frequently will only match local prices. Also, many stores will only price match other stores within a certain number of miles, such as 25 or 50 miles.


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November 14, 2011
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