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Top Ten Target Black Friday 2013 Deals

Often overlooked in favor of Walmart and Best Buy, the Target Black Friday ad has traditionally been one of the best. And with the top Black Friday HDTV and Apple iPad deals, Target's Black Friday 2013 is no slouch.

Without further ado, below are BFAds Top 10 deals from the Target Black Friday ad.

1. Element 50" 1080p LED HDTV - $229

The absolute bar-none best HDTV deal this Black Friday and in the running for the best overall deal for Black Friday 2013.

The closest any other retailer comes to matching this deal is Walmart's Emerson 50" HDTV for $290!

Using the completely unscientific cost per square-inch metric, the Element 50" costs less per square-inch than even the Funai 32" for $100.

2. Apple iPad Air 16GB Tablet - $479 w/ $100 Gift Card

The best deal this Black Friday on the most recent addition to the Apple iPad line.

Meijer is also offering the iPad Air with $100 gift card, but Meijer might list the iPad Air at $499 (MSRP), rather than Target's already discounted price of $479.

Comparatively, Best Buy is also selling the 16GB iPad Air for $450 with no gift card.

3. Nintendo 3DS XL Console - $149

This is the only discounted Nintendo 3DS XL this Black Friday, yet is still $20 less than the lowest we've ever seen the console on sale for.

Toys R Us also has the 3DS in their Black Friday ad, but for the normal sales price of $200.

4. Nook 7" HD 8GB Snow Tablet - $79

Again, another item that we've only seen discounted in Target's Black Friday ad. Regardless, the $80 Black Friday price represents a $50 savings from its normal retail price.

Given that the refurbished version has recently sold for $70, getting a new version for $10 more is a great deal.

5. Beats by Dre Solo HD Headphones - $119

The seldom discounted Beats by Dre headphone line is especially crowded this Black Friday, as this $200 pair of headphones is featured in ten different Black Friday ads this year.

Rakuten has the lowest price of $110, with Walmart not too far behind at $115.

Even at the third-lowest price, an $80 discount is nothing to shrug at and if you're already at Target, it's probably not worth the effort to try to get these elsewhere.

6. Westinghouse 40" 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV - $199.99

While probably the fourth best option in the 39-40" HDTV size range, this Westinghouse model is priced only a bit more than the top three options.

The next cheapest 40" HDTVs start at $250, so there is quite a gap between the top four and the rest of the field.

7. Apple iPad Mini 16GB Tablet - $299 w/ $75 Gift Card

Your second best option for the Apple iPad Mini this Black Friday. Walmart is offering the same deal, except with a $100 gift card.

If gift cards aren't your thing, the Mini 16GB is selling for $240 at eBay and $250 at Rakuten, hhgregg and Fred Meyer.

8. RCA 9" Dual-Screen Portable DVD Player - $69

The dual screen title is a bit of misnomer because this is really a pair of portable DVD players.

At $30 less than the lowest price we've ever seen this model at (and about half off its current retail price), this might be one of the more underrated deals this Black Friday.

Comparatively, Walmart is selling the smaller 7" version for $50 this Black Friday/

9. Blu-ray Titles (Select Variety) - $6

Sale includes recent blockbuster titles such as Pacific Rim, The Dark Knight Rises, Zero Dark Thirty and, weirdly enough, 007: Goldfinger, a blockbuster from way back in 1964.

10. Xbox Live 3-month Gold Membership - $10

Normally we'd opt for a year-long subscription, but with none on sale this Black Friday, the three month membership gives you ample time to wait for the year-long membership card to go on sale (usually for $40).

BONUS: 20% Off Your Next Target Purchase Coupon

We've already talked at length about the 20% off coupon Target will be giving customers who spend $75 or more during the Target Black Friday sale.

But, because this coupon cannot be used on Black Friday, we thought it would be a bit disingenuous to include it as a top Black Friday sale.

Let us know in the comments if you think we missed anything.

If you can make a case for an item not mentioned in this Top 10 list, we'll send you a free BFAds t-shirt (limit one shirt per item recommendation).

November 19, 2013
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