The BFAds Golden T-Shirt Contest

BFAds 2010 Golden T-Shirt

I'm not entirely sure how we came up with this idea, all I know is it happened while on our way to McDonalds to get the McRib (yes, it's back) and some Monopoly pieces. We were kicking around ideas for new contests and got to thinking about successful contest ideas we could mirror, when someone brought up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We all know the premise: there are five Wonka bars that contain a golden ticket for a tour of the Chocolate Factory. Unfortunately, we don't have a Chocolate Factory... and we don't think many would enjoy a tour of a living room filled with banquet tables, BFAds t-shirts and computers. Luckily, we do have gift cards!

When we start shipping out the shirts later today, we're going to be including a few Golden BFAds 2010 t-shirts with random orders. If you are lucky enough to receive a Golden shirt, all you need to do is take a picture of yourself wearing the t-shirt in front of your favorite store and email the photo to us. In return, we'll send you a $100 gift-card to the store of your choice!

We're looking at revising the BFADS.NET presents portion of the Golden t-shirt, so the first few Golden shirts awarded may be slightly different than future Golden shirts (and thus worth thousands of dollars on eBay). Winners will receive both their original order and a golden t-shirt.

Anyone who purchased/purchases a BFAds t-shirt is automatically entered into the Golden T-shirt contest and the only way to enter the contest is to purchase a BFAds 2010 t-shirt (remember all profits go to charity).

We're still working on finalizing all the prizes for the November Give-Away Contest, but we hope you all enjoy this tiny contest in the interim!

Thanks for Visiting and Tell Your Friends!

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