Some Newspapers May Charge Extra For Black Friday 2014 Ads

Some Newspapers May Charge Extra For Black Friday 2014 Ads As we strive to deliver better and better deals and tools to optimize your Black Friday 2014 (and beyond!) shopping experience, it would seem newspapers are taking a step backwards.

Popular journalist and journalism blogger Jim Romenesko was alerted last month that certain newspapers were planning to charge loyal subscribers for "premium" issues, including the Thanksgiving Edition. In the case of the Chicago Tribune, getting your Black Friday 2014 ads on Thanksgiving will cost subscribers an extra two dollars. The Detroit Free Press delivered to your doorstep on 11/27/14 will cost an extra dollar.

TIME picked up the story, and opined that this seems like backward thinking on the part of newspapers. This isn't some special edition - the "premium" content provided the day before Black Friday is almost exclusively made up of ads that stores already pay the newspaper to deliver to you. Poor sport, double dipping. TIME also points out that most people put up with ads to lower the price of their subscription, and here they are being used to justify an extra cost to subscribers. At two dollars per subscriber, the extra profit to the Tribune would be somewhere in the neighborhood of a half million dollars. One must also wonder how the company can provide a free daily newspaper for twenty-somethings, but wants to bilk subscribers on the eve of the most important shopping day of the year.

Mix108, a radio station in Duluth, MN, reports that at least one local paper there is doing the same thing. We can't find an exhaustive list, but if your local paper or a national paper that you subscribe to is doing this, we would love for you to send us a message and let us know!

The good news is that, according to Jim Romenesko, if you call and complain to the Tribune and the Freepress they will refund the premium charge. The better news is you can see all the ad scans for Black Friday 2014 for free right on our Adscans Page, usually long before the newspapers over charge you for them.

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