OfficeMax Black Friday Ad Posted

OfficeMax Black Friday Ad PostedWe just posted the 132-item OfficeMax Black Friday sales information along with its 24-page Black Friday advertisement scans.

If you saw the first OfficeMax Black Friday advertisement we posted back in mid-October, you may have noticed that this advertisement is drastically different. Gone are the $150 netbook and $5 snuggie (although they still have the breathalyzer) and in their place are a $380 HP laptop and a $100 22" LCD monitor.

Why the discrepancy? There are currently two theories:

  1. That the first 4-page OfficeMax Black Friday advertisement was just a proof of concept. As noted in our original posting of the advertisement, the first advertisement was riddled with spelling and grammatical errors and contained some questionable items (snuggie, slap chop and breathalyzer) that aren't normally associated with an OfficeMax sale.
  2. That the first 4-page OfficeMax Black Friday advertisement is their door-buster deals sale. On the top of page 15 of the new OfficeMax Black Friday advertisement, it states, "Get 4 More Pages of Black Friday Savings" when you enter your email address at Because the new 24-page advertisement only features two-day sale items, it is possible that the original advertisement represents just their door-buster sale.

We're unsure about either theory, but think that there is a much higher chance of the original advertisement being a proof of concept rather than just the door-buster deals. The new OfficeMax advertisement has been confirmed by multiple sources, so it is definitely the real thing. Unfortunately, none of those sources mentioned anything regarding a 4-page door-buster advertisement.

UPDATE :: We've seen, albeit almost unreadable, scans of the "4 More Pages of Black Friday Savings" advertisement and it further confirms that the original OfficeMax advertisement released is not valid and was probably just a proof of concept. This is terribly disappointing because the new (and valid) advertisement isn't nearly as good as the invalid one.

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