Netbook vs. Notebook Differences Explained

An Introduction and Key Differences

Black Friday deals on laptops are usually among the best values a shopper is likely to find. If you're in the market for a laptop this year, you'll probably see a lot of great offers on netbooks in particular. Not to be confused with a notebook, which is just another name for full-sized laptops, a netbook is basically the compact car of the laptop world. It's smaller, it's lighter, and it can get you where you want to go for a lot less money. The trade off is that netbooks generally pack less power and fewer features than their full-sized counterparts.

Here's a list of big differences between netbooks and notebooks that can help you decide which one is right for you:

Most netbooks do not have a CD/DVD drive
This is a very important feature to check for if you have a lot of important files, movies, music, etc. saved on disks. This also means that if you want to install new programs or listen to your favorite CD, you're going to have to have to purchase/use an external CD drive or figure out an alternative method such as downloading the material online.

Some netbooks come with non-Windows operating systems
To save on costs and offer a lower price to consumers, some netbooks have a freeware Linux-based operating system installed instead of the more common and more costly Windows XP or Windows 7. There's nothing wrong with these Linux operating systems, but if you aren't already familiar with them they might be more trouble than they're worth to learn.

Be sure to check for this, because it can be difficult to switch from a Windows operating system to a Linux one. There are a lot of programs, especially older ones, which are only designed to work with Windows.


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November 9, 2009

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