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A representative from Harbor Freight contacted us today and has confirmed our thoughts: the advertisement that we found on the Harbor Freight website (which was, conveniently, the lower priced ad) is incorrect. The correct and accurate advertisement was the one we originally posted on Monday, which you can see on the Harbor Freight Black Friday advertisement page.

Original post is below:

Well, it wouldn't be a Black Friday without one conflicting ad. Might as well get it out of the way early. Four days ago we posted the Harbor Freight Black Friday advertisement; today we get word that Harbor Freight has a lower priced Black Friday ad on their website. We've highlighted the differences between the two advertisements in the images below:

Harbor Freight Black Friday 2010 Page 1 Differences Harbor Freight Black Friday 2010 Page 2 Differences

Despite the two above images looking like a Highlight's magazine "Hidden Pictures" page, there are thirteen price discrepancies between the ads and one completely new/missing item (a racing jack). This is one of the few times where we have a physical copy of the Harbor Freight ad and can confirm that our version (found in Southern California) matches the one posted on Monday.

Our scanned advertisement was obtained by a customer in a Harbor Freight store (they're giving them out at the register), so if anyone else has a Harbor Freight ad, we'd love to hear which version of the ad you have! You can contact us here.

Most of the price differences are minimal ($5-$10 difference) and we're assuming that the images on Harbor Freight's site represent earlier versions of the ad. You can still see both page one and page two on the Harbor Freight website, but we are guessing they will soon be removed and replaced with the current ad being given away in stores.

We'll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more! Thanks to avalon from SD for the tip!

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