Mario Kart 7 (3DS)


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<ul><li>The Mario Kart franchise continues to evolve. New kart abilities add to the wild fun that the games are known for. On big jumps, a kart deploys a wing to let it glide over the track shortcut. When underwater, a propeller pops out to help the kart cruise across the sea floor.</li><li>Players can show their own style by customizing their vehicles with accessories that give them a competitive advantage. For instance, giant tires help a kart drive off-road, while smaller tires accelerate quickly on paved courses.</li><li>People can choose to race as one of their favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters or even as their Mii character.</li><li>New courses take players on wild rides over mountains, on city streets and through a dusty desert. Nintendo fans will recognize new courses on Wuhu Island and in the jungles from Donkey Kong Country Returns.</li><li>The game supports both SpotPass and StreetPass features. Players can compete in local wireless matches or online over a broadband Internet connection.</li><li>ESRB Rating: EVERYONE with Comic Mischief</li></ul>


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