WowWee Pink & Purple Lumi Gaming Drone

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Buy WowWee Lumi Gaming Drone - Pink and Purple - This exclusive pink and purple edition of the Lumi gaming drone is available only at Toys R Us. Lumi gaming drone allows kids (and kids at heart) to play fun, interactive games with this unique flying quad copter, while avoiding objects in your home. The downloadable app turns your smart phone or tablet into a remote control, with easy-flight technology putting emphasis on fun, games and music rather than struggling to keep the drone airborne. You can perform basic and advanced aerial maneuvers with the touch of a button, including take-off and landing, as well as flips. You can also select your favorite song from your music library and choreograph an air show to the beat of your music. Simply drag and drop aerial moves and color changes to your time line and then save and play back your routine whenever you like. The beacon also acts as a virtual leash, so you can clip it to your mobile device or hold it in your hand, and Lumi will magically follow you around. Lumi is also equipped with obstacle avoidance sensors. Great for avoiding objects walls and furniture, these sensors also help Lumi avoid people. You can use these sensors to magically ping-pong Lumi back and forth in the air without actually touching the drone. Lumi offers other game modes as well. Match the color flashing on Lumi to the color on your screen in a game called Lumi-to-the-Beat.Take a look at how to use LumiThe WowWee Lumi Gaming Drone - Pink and Purple Features:Pink, purple and white Lumi drone follows you and puts the fun in flight with games and musicEasy to fly with one touch take-off, landing, and aerial stuntsCreate an air show to your music with drag and drop choreography.Play games in the air such as Lumi-to-the-Beat

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