Spin Master Games Quick Cups

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Buy Spin Master Games - Quick Cups - It's the fast-and-furiously fun game of matching cups & stacking them up! Each player gets a set of five cups in five different colors. When a picture card is flipped over, everyone races to stack or line up their cups in the same color order as the items in the picture. Fastest player to stack their cups in the correct order and ring the bell first wins the round! QUICK CUPS is match 'em up, stack 'em up family fun!How fast can you stack your cups to match a picture? Find out with Quick Cups!Flip a card and stack or line up your five colored cups to match the picture. Ring the bell first to win!Includes six sets of cups, so six players can play at the same timeQuick Cups is for two to six players, ages 6 and upIncludes: 24 Picture Cards, 30 Cups, 1 Bell, Instructions

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