Edu Science Experimentation Station

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Buy Edu Science Experimentation Station - Now your budding scientist can start to explore, experiment and discover the world around them with our new Edu Science Experimentation Station. Use the 25 different pieces of lab grade equipment to mimic processes we don't usually see first hand. Learn the dynamics of fluids, conduct chemical reactions, see the effects of air pressure, and more! With 20 different experiments to stimulate developing minds, this kit will leave kids wanting to do more. The Edu Science Experimentation Station Features:20 Experiments Teach these Science Concepts:Atmospheric PressureFluid DynamicsAcids and BasesIndicatorsChemical ReactionsRespiration and Carbon DioxideEndothermic ReactionsExothermic ReactionsEquipment:25 Piece Experimentation Station1 Erlenmeyer Flask1 Tall Beaker1 Pipette1 Petri Dish (2parts)1 Vac-Formed Tray for spill containment3 BooksChemicals:Calcium chloride 10 grams (road salt)Liquid Phenol red 2 Ounce (indicator) (exothermic reaction)Calcium Hydroxide 20 gramsLitmus Strips 20 pieces 1 gram4 Polybags for Chemicals

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