Big Robot Data Rate & Tenderizer Remote Control Fighting Robots

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Buy Big Robot Data Rate and Tenderizer Remote Control Fighting Robots - The ultimate Big Robots Fighting Package! Get two of the Biggest Fighting Robots to hit shelves! You're ready to battle with Tenderizer 1019, Data Rate, and Dr. Ninebrain. Two sets of controllers allow you to duke it out with any challenging opponent! Big Robots are fighting robot toys that actually mimic your fighting movements! The wireless Big Punch Controllers allow you to control your robot's every move! When you throw a left punch, your robot throws a left punch When you dodge, he dodges. Your Big Robot does exactly what you do until he gets punched in the face, that is! Big Robots are the ultimate fighting robot toys! Knock your opponents out with crushing blows that can really make an impact! The Cepia Big Robot Data Rate and Tenderizer Remote Control Fighting Robots Features:Big Punch Controllers: Motion controlled hand grips give you the power! Your fighting robots punch when you punch! Health Tracker: Keep an eye out on your power indicator! Once it goes from blue to red, you're not far from getting knocked out! There's always round two!Big Robots: Look out because these are some of the biggest robots on shelves! No more dinky slap punches When you've got a laser claw, you know it's the real deal! Trash Talk: What happens in the ring, stays in the ring! These bots really love to psyche out their opponents!Strategy Wheels: Big Robots have the freedom to drive around the ring! We tried bolting them to the floor, but they didn't stay long! Use your movement as strategy during fights!

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