Wow Wee Miposaur Robotics

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The future of prehistoric is here with Wow Wee Miposaur Robotics. Meet MiPosaur - the highly intelligent robotic dinosaur equipped with GestureSense Technology. Just swipe your hands to activate its many sensors. Cover its muzzle for a playful reaction or experience its mischievous side by yanking on its tail. MiPosaur comes with a trackball that allows it to follow, chase, guard and react differently to it depending on its mood. The TrackBall has 6 different game modes: each time you turn the knob, a new game is activated. Take it for a walk, feed it a snack, or watch Miposaur beat box and break it down. Download the free app to uncover loads of free games. Control it with drive mode, watch it take on other MiPosaurs or MiP or feed different foods that will alter its personality. Throw it a steak and you'll have a fun loving dino, but fling a sock, and approach at your own risk. Fun for all ages.

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