The Good Dinosaur Assorted Plush


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Have some dinosaur fun with The Good Dinosaur plush toys. Arlo, the hero of The Good Dinosaur, may be a big Apatosaurus, but he has a big heart to match! When you squeeze his belly, 10" Arlo Talking Plush says 5 sounds and phrases such as "Good boy, Spot!" and "I sure appreciate you looking out for me." Spot is so wild and crazy! Just look at that hair! Ferocious Spot is usually chomping on something but this 6.5" Spot Talking Plush is as cuddly as can be. When you squeeze his belly, Spot Talking Plush makes 8 sounds like growls and barks. Butch is normally a rough and tough T-Rex that nobody would ever want to mess with! But even this 7.5" Butch Talking Plush can be cute and cuddly if he tries. When you squeeze his belly, Butch Talking Plush says 6 sounds and phrases such as, "Rustlers... We gotta move. Hee-ya!" and "At first light, we ride."Squeeze belly to hear sounds and phrases.Sounds and phrases as heard in the movie.Cute and cuddly plush.Collect them all!

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